A ‘Land of the Free’ Where Black People Can’t Breathe/ A white cop kneeling on the neck of a black man

“Please. Please, I can’t breathe,” the cuffed black man is heard, begging the brute cop in the video recording of the chilling final moments of the black man’s life.

The white cop’s knee sat on the man’s neck, with the side of man’s face pinned to the tarmac along with the rest of his naked torso, like a lower animal meant for a routine slaughter in the yard.

“My stomach hurts,” he cried out.

“My neck hurts,” he pleaded.

“Everything hurts,” he begged.

But none of his cries mattered. It did not matter either that the black man’s hands were cuffed; it didn’t matter that he was restrained.

What mattered was that he was a black man like the one Amy Cooper encountered in New York's Central Park, undeserving of basic civil rights under law.

In the eyes of these people, the black man is to be viewed as a threat so deadly, so vicious, that the first rule of engagement is to cry murder and resort to the most brutal of tactics to subdue him, his very life be damned.

This is a common American reality. In matters big and small, in consequential and not so consequential situations, the black man is and has always been the biggest casuality.

Black bodies litter America's lands in peace time, in prosperous times and in times of war and anguish, because the people of African descent are the least respected of all the races of America.

The lives and circumstances of black people ain’t no damn joke. But their very lives, and their sad fortunes, have been treated like a joke for far too long — as have their easy votes, often delivered en-masse to one candidate, or one party, who barely work hard enough for these votes. So when a black person asks to have deeper conversation on the realities and expectations of Black America, the response should be thoughful, if not solemn.

It is why it offends so deeply when a presidential candidate, with a most solemn responsibility to help end the incumbent reign of naked ignominy, found the misbegotten temerity to “joke” about this much maligned, abused, tortured and cheated race of black people of African descent, saying on-air on a recent radio interview that whoever doesn’t vote for him amongst the African-American community “ain’t black.”

The insults and lack of regard for the concerns of Black America is of the nature of a metastatic ailment: It is widespread and it manifests every where you turn to look, including on an early morning radio show. The black people bear the brunt of any and every social imperfection you can find in America, including the latest scourge of coronavirus, which ravages the black population at more than double the rate that it affects others in America.

The truth is that America does not care about its population of people of African descent, who although are a significant population with significant contribution to the rise of the superpower that the USA is today, starting from the agricultural revolution where black bodies were whipped and tortured and raped into line on cotton and tobacco fields to produce the inter-generational wealth that jump-started America's initial economic might.

The notion that there has been ‘significant progress’ with the reality of the black person in America actually offends conscious black sensibilities, especially on days when America wakes up to the news of yet another instance of brutality meted on black bodies. A better way to put it is that America only found less obvious ways to maintain its brutal relationship with its black population, another way of saying that America never really changed.

The New Plantations of today are the offices and modern factories, along with the Big House on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, where black bodies are expected to toil multiple times as hard, and suffer multiple concentrations of any available indignities and naked insults, while still expected to yield the most bountiful of harvests for the "richest country of the history of the world."

And so,

Even as Black America begs,
“Please, I can’t breathe.”
Even as Black America starves,
“My stomach hurts.”
Even as Black America groans,
“My neck hurts.”
Even as Black America cries,
“Everything Hurts!”

Big, Bad America marches on
Trampling all in the path
Of its Economic Dominion

We’re gonna get back to work,
Dangers of covid be damned
We’re gonna make dumb jokes,
Amid the rise of an American Fascist
Amid the pain and anguish of blacks.

Away with those who “ain’t black”
We gonna march on like zombies
Because America Doesn’t Care.

Everybody is complicit
In the suffering of Black America.
Because America Doesn't Care.