Havens have holes

To walk the length and breadth of town
As one in search of a clown
To arrive at the place in a frown
Yet wanting to have the gown.

Am I really due for the aisle?
Or is it just the pressure of the while?
Should I have been conscious of the pile?
When the bride I was told is in the nile.

I must now talk about the drown
That meant no more groom around
And I may remain the talk of the crown
Until I lay me down.


From the depths I searched
Seeking to find the direction for the scorched
Hoping to see the deletion of the scorned.

Yesterday I could spend it all on this work
Till I make a hit of the rock
When I could show that I meant the talk.

Now I have all of it and more
To spend still searching for the just
Because I have been given wings
With which wars waged would win.


You change or I change not
Why would we wish
When would we win
Knowing that no change means rot.

I change if you change
We win when we will
Who wouldn't wax with worth
Doing such as brings great joy.

We won
We worked well, wooing when
Whining and whipping would not
Change confer.


Proud to be
I'm proud to be my Lord's being
I'm proud to be my parents' daughter
I'm proud to be my siblings' sister
I'm proud to be my husband's wife
I'm proud to be my children's mother
I'm proud to be my community's voice, hand, eye, ear...
I'm proud to be all of that which I'm created to be.
I'm a multi-faceted colour-cube; I'm a woman.
I'm not here to compete; I'm here to manifest.
I'm a woman and I choose to show up.


┬ę Jumoke Giwa ÔÇô jumokegiwa@igilandi.org


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Poet Laureate!
I Love Nigeria posted on 11-12-2006, 14:27:51 PM
Jumoke Giwa, Nigeria Village Square Poet Laureate!

Very Soothing
Very Enchanting
Very Enthralling!

Very Well Done!
Re: .Present yet absent ...
Emj posted on 11-12-2006, 18:20:54 PM
Jumi.....mohun gbo' e'. Ku ise'..........soothing, reflective and excellent. The closing was just right like dat........not here to compete, but here to manifest........................well done.
Re: .Present yet absent ...
Emj posted on 02-12-2008, 00:38:22 AM
Hmmm.......Jumi, why has thou forsaken us?
Re: Present yet absent ...
Bay k. posted on 03-06-2011, 04:38:46 AM
Peace! Respect!
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