Folasayo Dele-Ogunrinde intimately captures the colors, complexities and contradictory sounds of love and life in her poetry. Her words flow like unhindered waters, stirring the heart...feathers fiddling in secret spaces. The author of The Woman With A Past, a 1989 British Council Award winning play, She put aside her MA degree in Animal Nutrition to act, model, write, make art and create visual stories as a fimmaker. She is a singer, a song and the author of Conversations With The Soul At 3.00am, a first collection of love poems currently available online at

I was prayed into being.
The Almighty was at my conception
His mark, on my entity
before I was yolk-ed

"Ona" sent me here with a burden to bear
not a curse, but a sword that spits the fire of knowing
seeing things unmet with mortal eyes
becoming one with the elements that transform thoughts into the sublime

I, an instrument in the hands of "Olodumare"
breaking mind barriers into creative energy.

"Ona" has sent me here,
I submit to his whims in gratitude for the burden I bear
tasting the ashes of my primordial soul
because I can't help myself.

("Ona" - The muse in Yoruba language.
"Olodumare" - The Almighty)

~ folasayo


YOU, are the Poet's song
The Sages' words...
O perfect beauty, ebony soul
Purity in a world where paupers are kings,
and royalty are born to serve

Lost in my own wonder of your ethereal beauty,
I come searching for you
To suckle on your eternal wisdom
Kindled in the grace you bear...

O African Woman of Sheba's race

You are Loved!
YOU are loved!

~ folasayo



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Re: .Moon Chaser
Emj posted on 04-02-2006, 18:27:57 PM
Some peotry as food for the soul. Indeed eledumare created us all men and women in his own image, if only we can also imbibe and dwell in the wisdom of God
Re: .Moon Chaser
Anike posted on 04-03-2006, 02:18:10 AM
I am particularly feeling the AFRICAN WOMAN. The Artists' way? Food for thought. [B][/B]
Re: The Artists' Way; African Woman
Emj posted on 02-12-2008, 00:35:23 AM
Hmmmm.......AP, Afro-Poet, Folasayo omo Dele-Ogunrinde na wia u dey?
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