Folasayo Dele-Ogunrinde intimately captures the colors, complexities and contradictory sounds of love and life in her poetry. Her words flow like unhindered waters, stirring the heart...feathers fiddling in secret spaces. The author of The Woman With A Past, a 1989 British Council Award winning play, She put aside her MA degree in Animal Nutrition to act, model, write, make art and create visual stories as a fimmaker. She is a singer, a song and the author of Conversations With The Soul At 3.00am, a first collection of love poems currently available online at

my soul was a barren desert filled with mirages of love
never reaching, always searching...unfulfilled promises...
till you came, spreading like dew laden foliage
quenching an age old thirst...
...becoming my oasis.

~ folasayo


Should this prologue have been an epilogue to a story never told?
Should the paparazzi have gone home long before the ink that was never used had dried?

Or should they continue to camp at my place or yours in the event there is some break in the storyÔÇŽa sudden inspiration that jerks the nerves at the very root of medusa's hair. Or maybe I should file this away now quietly among those forgotten memoirs of unknowns who yearned to write their own stories of love... True, yet unbelievable saga of mere mortals who walk among us.

Should I burn it?, save the ashes in an urn in my creative sanctuary that I may turn to in my moments. Find poetry in an untold love story. No, an unfinished one. Or more appropriately, an indefinable one: It just morphs along uncertain terrain. Maybe this is the road of love less traveled. Maybe it has some edifying gems along the way, or pearls of wisdom to offer. Does the non-story just end here or is there an alternate ending?.

~ folasayo


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Emj posted on 04-02-2006, 16:50:00 PM
I wan read these article, he no gree open, Admin if na play make u stop am o!!! april fool don pass!!!!! i don try 3 times already--- i go sue somebody oooo
Emj posted on 04-02-2006, 18:20:10 PM
Folasayo, if you no gree publish that story, i will send my team to break into the vault oo

I wan see am line by line, precept by precept----enough of this teasers
SNB posted on 04-04-2006, 01:21:42 AM
If one more person has to real way for you Afro Poet......I wan read Oasis ..Iw wan read African woman...and dis one u post.......but always saying u are not auhtorized...u mus first log in..I don't understand........helep me out hia!!!!!!!!
Afro-poet posted on 04-04-2006, 06:22:41 AM
Emj; Serious NaijaBabe,

Thanks for checking out my poems...the links for some reason are not authorized from the homepage....must be a glitch. I've contacted Admin, since they posted the poems on my behalf....however, they can be opened when you click on "inkpot", the art category listed on the left side panel on the homepage.


Nobiorah posted on 04-04-2006, 08:52:23 AM
i also can't read of the articles wheda oasis or moonwalk.

admin, which one u dey?
Admin posted on 04-04-2006, 14:00:21 PM
Issue with displays now fixed.
Nobiorah posted on 04-04-2006, 15:48:20 PM

I tried again and here's the result when I click on the link -

'You are not authorized to view this resource.
You need to login'

How am I able to post if I am not logged in?
SNB posted on 04-04-2006, 15:59:19 PM
I don read am...Nobiorah..try again. try it from the menu of the left handside.........leads you to Inkpot as Afro-Poet said
SNB posted on 04-04-2006, 16:06:12 PM
Admin..can we have a section where villagers can express their creative be only Afro-Poet dey write sef I be Africo-Poet...Whatchya say?
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