Moon Chaser

Folasayo Dele-Ogunrinde intimately captures the colors, complexities and contradictory sounds of love and life in her poetry. Her words flow like unhindered waters, stirring the heart...feathers fiddling in secret spaces. The author of The Woman With A Past, a 1989 British Council Award winning play, She put aside her MA degree in Animal Nutrition to act, model, write, make art and create visual stories as a fimmaker. She is a singer, a song and the author of Conversations With The Soul At 3.00am, a first collection of love poems currently available online at

I recognize you, I know where your eyes have been
and your footsteps trailed.

You are the moon-chaser
who followed your dreams and the trail of the sun till dusk
bleeding your heart of love
unbending your knees in prayer
for the beauty buried in your soul...

You are the moon-chaser
whose piety became her solitude
diminished radiance,
whose dance steps found their shadows

I recognize you...

You came to me in your dream
smiling seductively through your tears
begging for dawn to wait
until your heart returns to a place of no recollection

You embraced joy in welcome
only to turn around and flee
You are the moon-chaser
aren't you?
I recognize you...
I see myself in you.

~ folasayo