This is the Nigerian Village Square, my name is Iwedi Ojinmah and I welcome you all to our December and early Xmas Podcast

Today we will be exploring Afro Beat - a sound that has refused to sit still and has reemerged as a major force across the globe

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PART 2 (Interview with Jerri Jheto):
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INTRO MIX {audio}{/audio}

Frankly speaking these are the best of times for the Afro Beat Fan.

From Broadway where the play Fela earned 11 Toney Nominations, to the Under ground Raves of Ibiza and even to the vanilla-esque Ivy League Campuses of the East Coast - Afrobeat is being played and imitated with almost fanatical zeal.

Today I have cooked up a healthy stew of these various acts that have continued in the tradition of the great Fela Anikulakpo Kuti and I shall serve you all a yummy extra large portion. So get ready!

Together we will criss cross Planet Earth. We will listen to Afro Beat with a little Makossa infused from Manu in the Cameroon. Then we will taste it the way Fela's own two sons Femi and Seun are currently serving it up it Nigeria and then we will also sample it with a Latin flavor as it is played by Antibalas and The Budos band in Brooklyn. It really is going to be delicious just as it will be diverse.

And if that is not enough to get you salivating, from Los Angeles we also have Jerri Jheto of Jeri Jheto and the Rubbermen band in the studio to talk Music.

But enough is enough and as they say "LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED" and I do that by dialing up Seun Kuti number and as we shall soon hear - Seun is angry O!

No make that very angry and to make matters worse he is angry at Africa. The song is "African Problems" and I'll let him tell you why he remains so pissed.

AFRICAN PROBLEMS {audio}{/audio}

Next we need not travel far from me because we arrive in Washington DC my adopted hometown and to the Music of Chopteeth.

A favourite at the 9.30 Club, The Rock and Roll Hotel on H Street as well as the rich Hippie Community in Takoma Park, the band delivers a tight set as well as a very acrobatic stage show. Here goes Dog Days.

DOG DAYS {audio}{/audio}

Now if there is a band in our Line Up that should get extra points for the originality or the sexiness of their name as well as its music - its the next one.

Their name is Ikebe Shakedown, which out of pidgin means Voluptuous Shaking Bottom.

This all white NY based band first exploded on the scene with the song "Hard Stepping" and have remained in hot demand especially on the College Circuit. Here they are live on stage in California doing "Kumasi Walk".

KUMASI WALK {audio}{/audio}

The next song really should need no introduction to the true Afro Beat fan because it comes of the Monster Album Red Hot and Riot dedicated to Fela and HIV awareness. I could easily have played anything from it because it is that good - but have settled for the remake of the classic " Water No Get Enemy" . Isn't there something intriguing about hearing D Angelo sing in Yoruba or Macy Gray in Pidgin? I certainly think so ! Ladies and Gentlemen....Water No get Enemy" as presented by Roy Hargrove, Macy Gray, D Angelo, Nile Rodgers of Chic and the Positive Force.

WATER NO GET ENEMY {audio}{/audio}

The next band is famous for arguably the most sampled horn riff in Hip Hop namely from the song "The Darkest Light" . They are called The Daktaris..

Though originally French they were formed in New York and are more celebrated outside of the US than within her own borders. Super Afro Beat is one of those infectious songs that can kick start any party or warm up even an Igloo. Check it out.

SUPER AFRO BEAT {audio}{/audio}

Now we move on to one of the bands that actually played on Broadway and helped spark the success of the play FELA. Named Beaten Metal in Spanish "Antibalas" to me is the epitome of everything good happening to Afrobeat.

Seriously? Who cares if white men cant jump if they can blow like this? "War is a Crime" belongs to the cadre of songs that you always remember what you were doing when you first heard them. You know like Bob Marley's "War" or U2's "One.". Enjoy.

WAR IS A CRIME {audio}{/audio}

PART 2 (Interview with Jerri Jheto):

MAGO MAGO {audio}{/audio}

We now return to our play list and just like I started Part 1 with a Kuti I will do so with Part 2 as well. As you can guess it is Femi but this time he has a friend with him. Its Mos Def and the collaboration Most Definitely rocks. Its called "Do Your Best" and again I am mesmerized by Mos Defs global Patois as he spits his verses at us. This is "Do your best." !

DO YOUR BEST {audio}{/audio}

Hello Planet Earth ? This is "Francophone Africa calling " and by that I mean it is now time to move to Yaounde where Manu Dibango has sprinkled some Makossa into his ode to Fela called "Lion Of Africa". Despite being in French and being held clueless as to what is being said the intermarrying of the Saxes reminds me of a silk scarf in the wind..its that fluid.

In others words? Mission Accomplished and Roar Lion Roar !

FELA LION OF AFRICA {audio}{/audio}

And now how about a little Rumba with your Afrobeat? Taking for granted that the answer is "yes" I take you back to New York where The Balto band has been doing that for know merging Africa and Cuba together. Here is African Havana.

THE BUDOS BAND {audio}{/audio}

The next act comes from San Francisco and they are the award winning band called Albino. Their high-energy grooves and explosive stage show thick with hypnotic percussion, a heavy horn section, African dance, outrageous costumes, and infectious group choreography have established the band as the West Coast's premier Afrobeat act. Here they are caught in the act doing Democracy.

DEMOCRACY {audio}!_Afrobeat.mp3{/audio}

Finally we end our podcast with a double barrel of from New York and the other from Chicago. Leading a new charge in Brooklyn's blossoming Afrobeat revival, is Underground System. The brain child of guitarist Peter Matson they play raw, uncut, 100% Afro beat in a very funky way as we shall hear on " Attention" ! Complimenting them from the "windy city" is the Chicago Afrobeat Project another band that I am sure is making Fela smile in his grave.

Here they are covering Colonial Waiting. In any case this has been fun, and again this Iwedi Ojinmah from the Studios of the Nigerian Village Square wishing you all the best and reminding you that you can listen to the full version of all the songs on our home page....take care ...till we meet again.

Ka Chi Fo

ATTENTION {audio}{/audio}

COLONIAL WAITING {audio}{/audio}


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