The ultimate Nigerian Love song Playlist 2011 version.

I cannot believe that it has been a year since I first compiled this

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playlist, the first Nigerian love song playlist (at least on NVS). A lot has happened since then, but we thank GOD for everything abi? LOL! The Nigerian music industry keeps growing in leaps and bounds, and I cannot help but applaud an industry that is taking things to the very next level! Every time I hear a song that takes my breath away, it does not take too long before I hear another composition that tops it. The Nigerian music industry is some serious business now. Very serious!! And the output is just world class. Even more impressive is the quality of the accompanying videos. As a result, the audience has grown more sophisticated and now demand higher quality output from our artistes, and the industry is delivering some exciting stuff. Therefore to celebrate the audio and visual excellence of the output of our artistes, this year's playlist will be a youtube playlist. You will be very impressed by what our artistes are doing. Please support them by buying the music ÔÇô don't just download for free! Nigerian artistes are beginning to have their music available on online retailers like Amazon, itunes and cdbaby, and even our very own And if you cannot find what you want from those retailers, add a cd request next time somebody is bringing you stockfish from Naija! LOL!

One last thing: With the good comes the not so good. A lot of the music coming out of Nigeria now are oversexualized club bangers that in my opinion objectify women and promote materialism. I do not promote that kind of music. In the spirit of Valentine's day, I am pointing you in the direction of music that speaks about love and commitment and devotion ÔÇô beautiful uplifting things. Use these songs to make somebody feel special this valentine's day.

Alright, Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to present to you the 2011 edition of the valentine's day music playlist:

Adol(m) and Fragrance (f)
Two up and coming artistes with some serious singing chops. Apparently they collaborate a lot. But check out these songs and tell me you will not fall in love with their singing abilities and creativity.:
I know:

Ife re:

Airis: More about her here
The Nigerian Egyptian beauty is very truly talented. What a beautiful singer, and song!! You don't want to be without your love this val's day? Tell them:
Without you:

Banky W:
He collaborated with Nigeria's hottest rapper at the moment (MI) for this song. I cannot front, I love these two guys pa!! And they both killed it, brilliant song. I am feeling it ooooo!
Feeling it:

Just when you think you've heard it all, and the Nigerian music scene cannot get any better, then this new aspiring diva shows up. Ladies, have u met Mr Right? This is the song to let him know he is the one. Damn!! What a voice!!

The lady with the voice smooth as silk that sang with lagbaja all those years. She has finally gone solo, and while I was surprised by the genre she chose, I really like it. It's a beautiful song. It's a plaintive plea for love. Video is really cute too!
Fall in love:

GT the guitarman:
One of the most unique and beautiful singers I have ever heard out of Naija. His best songs are not in the love genre though, his socially conscious songs are truly a work of art ÔÇô see
hustle. Just tremendous. For the purposes of Val's day though, Tell her how much u love her truly.

I am a big fan of the music of this sultry R&B and Soul singer. In this song, she asks the question every girl asks of her man "Can you love me?" Mgbo, can you love me, take me as I am? Will you always be here for me? I am loving it!!
Can you love me?

Iyanya is a product of Nigeria's thriving reality show industry. He won the first edition of project fame west Africa in 2008. His debut album, "My Story" was released in 2010 and now he is gearing to release another album this year. Let him help you tell your madam how much you TRULY love her.
Love truly:

Jeremiah Gyang:

Jeremiah Gyang also made the list last year. I think he was putting together a cd of love music at some time inspired by that fact that he was just about to get married. Sorry ladies, dude is taken! I am not sure whether it has been released though. But no matter, I am loving this tune so much. Tell your girl how you are in love with her:
In love with you

Joe El

New up and coming artist. Apparently, this is his debut single. And while he is a Tuface lookalike, with offerings like this, I would not call him a wannabe. I think his prospects are pretty bright. Nice song to serenade your babe with:
I no mind:

I have never been a rap fan, but even I had to respect JJC's
We are Africans, one of my favorite songs ever, rap or no rap. I just thought it was brilliant. Well, this artist keeps surprising me. Now he wants me to say yes. YES JJC, YES!!
Say yes:

Mr Incredible himself. That name is not as boastful as it sounds o. Dude can put some fabulous music together. This song is just ÔÇŽ.. Just listen to it. This song is just about "no matter what" commitment. And the beautiful Waje. Aaaaah. I love it. Album available for purchase
Enjoy the song ÔÇô its so beautiful. MI is an unparalled lyricist. I tell u!!
One naira:

Onome Ovwori:
Prolific US based pianist. Some of his older music is available for purchase
here: I really, really like this song. Serenade your madam with it and remind her that she is your beloved iyawo:
Iyawo mi:

Paul (Play) IK Dairo :
Paul Play made the list last year, and I suppose he will anytime he releases an album. He is a love song crooner and is very good at what he does. His latest album is entitled Hero and I have only found it
here. One more thing though, if he ever reads it, dude needs to pick a consistent stage name : Paul Play, Paul IK Dairo, Paul Dairo ÔÇô which ones na? Anyways, I think Paul Play's music is totally delish! So this val's day, let your madam know how delicious she is ÔÇô get some goooood chocolate lovin'. Mmmmmmmm!

I tell you , the future of the Nigerian music industry is very bright. Listen to this girl's voice ÔÇô nothing short of just beautiful. I am kolo for her talent.
Tell your dude how you feel with this kolo song:
Kolo for you:

Another very gifted up and coming singer. What a gorgeous lady and voice. This one is for those relationships in trouble. Use this song to foster reconciliation this Valentine's day:

I don't know much about this artist. Word on the street is that he started from AJ city! But it's a great video, great message, great song, and made huge waves when it first came out. Use it to tell your madam that she is one in a million.
One in a million:

Timi Dakolo:
Timi won the first edition of Idols West Africa. Brilliant singer with a smoky, rich, flavorful voice. He has been teasing us with singles here and there, but I am yet to see an album. I guess the Idols organization promised him one and then did not deliver ÔÇô or some funky story like that. But whatever this reason, let him help you say I love you with this brilliantly crafted video.
I love you:

Tosin Martins:
He created a wedding anthem with the song "
Olo mi" which featured in last year's entry and I have nothing but love for his amazing version of
silent night. Well he has done it again with this beautiful song. Tell your madam say "Na you" with this great piece:
Na you:

And then there is this lovely duet with Ego (Lagbaja's former lead singer). Video is a little cheesy, but song is just beautiful. I love Tosin Martins. Dude can do no wrong in my ears:

Wale is apparently an American rapper with Nigerian roots. Usually not my thing. But his remix of the Nigerian classic, I am not gonna lie, made me a fan. I still won't listen to his hardcore rap stuff, but I cannot help but groove to this number for sure. It's pretty danceable and I know madam can get down to this with you on Val's day.
My sweetie:

My initial impression of Zara was that of a hiphop wannabee. I did not doubt her talent, but I had no interest in her kind of music. Well, she is starting to win me over with offerings like this. It is dance music, but a great love song nonetheless. I like the video concept too ÔÇô very creative.
Ladies, tell your man say rain or shine, you dey for am oooo!
Aboko ku:
The list is by no means exhaustive. There is a lot of really good music out there. If you know any really good ones I missed, please bring it to my attention. I will note the artist and ensure that they are included in any future versions of this list. Have a wonderful Valentine's season. May true love always be your portion.


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