I have no senatorial ambition - Kwam 1

Fuji icon, Wasiu Ayinde, otherwise known as KWAM 1, believes he has done well for himself, hence his resolve to relocate to his place of birth, Ijebu Ode. TADE MAKINDE engaged K1, as he is fondly called by his fans, and the singer cleared the air on rumour doing the rounds about the reason behind his relocation and his new lease of life. Excerpts:

Talk in town is that you have come back to position yourself for either a political or a royal post. Why exactly had you decide to build a country home?

I am a son of the soil and the prayer of everybody is to go back to base to retire after one’s sojourn outside home. I am not any different, though ,as you rightly said, it has taken a long time for me to put up a befitting structure in my hometown. I am a true son of Ijebu; this is the best time for me to do this. They say it is better late than never. I went on a sojourn and chose Lagos as my base. By the special grace of God, I deemed it fit that it was time to come back home and rest.

Are you saying you have come here to rest  and not to pursue a senatorial ambition?
I don’t have such ambition at all. As we speak, there is a senator representing my constituency and by the special grace of God, I want my Kabiyesi to live long. So, there is no iota of truth in what some people have been saying. I am here to enjoy my rest and to be with my people; a people that I am so much proud of. I live my everyday life like a good citizen of his country who likes to hide his head after much work outside his home. I don’t have any royal or political ambition at all.

Then, why has it been difficult for people to believe you are not nursing a political ambition or otherwise? You have always denied it, but your several denials don’t seem to be working as the rumour has failed to fade away?
The truth of the matter is that those who really know me can testify to the fact that I don’t lie. I have stopped trying to convince people that I have no interest in politics or obaship but, as you have also noticed, many still don’t believe me. Those who doubt me are themselves ambitious. I am not. I am happy with what I have achieved in my years on earth. Once an opinion has been formed by people, it is always hard to erase it. Until next year, that is when people will believe, if only till 2019, that I, Wasiu Ayinde, will not contest any election. Maybe then, I will have a rest of mind. I don’t know why it is hard for some to believe me.

How did it feel giving your daughter out in marriage? Unlike many fathers, you did not display any emotion. Won’t you miss her?
I am not one to betray my emotion on an ocassion that is supposed to be joyous. I have not lost someone dear to me, I only gave a lovely daughter of mine out in marriage. I was happy such happened in my life. So, why should I cry? I hate seeing people cry when they are actually supposed to be happy and full of smiles. A parent should only cry over a loss, not a gain. I will only cry when I lose my mum.

You have lost one of the Arabambi members in Pasuma. What do you have to say to the departure of your once-anointed fuji son?
I am not going to dignify anybody with a response, not even you. I am not going to talk about it.

Will you talk about the next fuji star?
The next fuji star is the sole responsibility of fuji practitioners in line with the principle of establishing an association. When we were just coming up, the fuji talent hunt was used to discover someone like me. It was as a result of the coming together of the players of then to choose people like us. So, if anybody wants to do anything as far as fuji is concerned, the responsibilty of selecting the best lies on us. Any organisation might wants to add value to it, but you have to carry the fuji practitioners along fully. We have our leaders who know the qualities that mark one  out a as good fuji singer.

If a promoter has come, does that not mean that your association itself or FUMAN should be carried along?
Listen, we believe in talent. Let anybody who has talent come out, by the special grace of God.

And also on the crisis now rocking Oyo State branch of FUMAN?
Truly, I am not aware of it and there is no way I can comment on it if truly there is a crisis in the state. Until I know what is happening in Ibadan, I can’t say anything. But be sure that if what you just raised is true, we shall look into it and take necessary action.

You are above 50 years now and you look fit. How do you do it?
When I am in Ijebu, I walk around a lot. There is no pressure bearing on me whenever I am here. I am very restful, I am not restless. I have a small gym in my house here and I use it everyday. I also watch what goes into my mouth regularly.

I hear that you are a good cook and that you cooked for all your guests during the last Ileya.
Yes, that is correct. I am a very good cook. I have been a cook for a very long time. I had gone to do cooking competition on Olobe lo loko Sokoyoto. I have featured onLTV 8 and I thank my mother for making me a very good cook. I can cook any food, local and international dishes.

Would you consider opening a restaurant?
Yes, why not? I used to have Kwam’s Kitchen in London when I was living in England. I am also running the same thing here too. In fact, I will do the official inauguration of our new stand at the Elegushi Beach next year. We are running a restaurant here in Ijebu too. The same thing will be replicated at Surulere very soon.
Why do you love animals so much?
I am enjoying life. I also want them to enjoy life. I have lots of animals around me. Animals are good creatures to have around you