A musical call to the polls : VOTE!!

By Moviemadam (website: contraculturemag.com)

It has been an exciting week! The national assembly elections took place last weekend. It has been too much fun following the results – including the fall of a few mighty elephants, the battles by INEC to fight rigging, the process of disputing results, accusations here and there, no boring moments at all. Even more engaging has been the preparations for the presidential elections with all the political calculations, combinations, permutations and last minute campaigning with dramatic (even teary) results!

The events of the week have taught us one thing – Nigeria is slowly changing – our votes are important and can make all the difference. Young people are particularly involved in this election, recognizing their power and mobilizing for votes with their voices and with their music. Some of it is very powerful. I hope these songs inspire you to go out and vote this weekend. Let's all join hands to change the course of Nigeria!

The first song by Sammie Okposo to remind us of why we should care – we have a great country regardless of all the issues and we are all invested in it. We should be motivated to keep it together – because Naija dey bam!

In order to maintain this bamness, what do we need but one word and one voice – as Eric Arubayi reminds us?

Or as Onome Ovwori (Mr. O) puts it – Make we put our hands together to make our country better!

Even as our pledge and Nosa so beautifully remind us to be faithful loyal and honest!

Yes people, Listen to Omolara's call to us to Transform and change our land. Our votes can do that: (This song led to some PR problems for the Buhari campaign when one of their supporters used it for a campaign video which has since been deleted!)

We are also called to rep for Naija. Believe in this country and represent!! Nice collabo by the way!

And also Say YES to our beloved country!

As "Pita" tells us, only one man can make this change – and that is you and me!

Cute Sagay (yes that is his name!) reminds us that it is time to make that change! You can hear a better quality version of the song here http://www.notjustok.com/2010/10/04/cute-sagay-arise/

If we do all these things, and all the stars align (our votes count), then maybe, just maybe Nigeria can be Great Again!

Nobody will do it for us. Nobody will step aside for us. We have to fight for the country we want. We have to fight for the future we want. We are the future!

As TY says : This is our country! Yes o. We want it back!

You can see the motivation and behind the scenes for this fabulous song here http://contraculturemag.com/?p=282

There you have it folks! GO VOTE for the president and governors you want! Say Yes and VOTE!!



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