Terrorism Is A Big Deal, President Jonathan

January 04, 2011


We strongly condemn the terrorist activities in our country. And we condemn, with equal vigor, the tepid, indecisive response of President Jonathan to them.

Nigerians have a right to expect to hear promptly, decisively and authoritatively from their rulers during periods of crises. And they have a right to responses devoid of platitudes and empty rhetoric. In 2010 alone, Nigeria witnessed horrendous massacres and bomb blasts in Jos, Abuja, Bayelsa, Warri and Maiduguri that were eerie reminders of the high-profile assassinations in the country.

Despite routine pledges by the government following each event, no one has ever been held accountable. We know, however, that they were not committed by ghosts. The killers and plotters are among us, and unless the government begins to prosecute these ruthless perpetrators, it would be held to be incompetent, an accomplice, or both.

We believe that if the security agencies are failing, they should be reorganized, beginning at the very top. They should then be given a time-limit to identify the forces and intent behind these terrorist activities.

Terrorism is a big deal. The President should treat it as such.


The StandPoint is the consensual position of the NVS editorial board.


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Re: Terrorism Is A Big Deal, President Jonathan
Prof penkelemess posted on 01-05-2011, 07:45:10 AM

sorry but I forgot:

but I can't be behind it all: GASKIYA!

Re: Terrorism Is A Big Deal, President Jonathan
Iyke posted on 01-05-2011, 08:27:05 AM
Prof Penk, but i thought you said that you are a PACIFIST, i repeat PACIFIST

BTW i drooped a note to you on your abode but havt gotten any reply.
Re: Terrorism Is A Big Deal, President Jonathan
Prof penkelemess posted on 01-05-2011, 10:05:46 AM

pacifists are very careful about their targets...
you dropped at the correct place?

nuttin made a noise here.

can you repeat:




Valteena managed to call me a 'bad man' -
not whiteman... which is worse ?

or did she mean: a bad white man ???

my 'maison' is open to visitors, although I am not a free-mason: you get me???
Re: Terrorism Is A Big Deal, President Jonathan
Prof penkelemess posted on 01-05-2011, 10:09:25 AM

before I forget:

yesterday I DID some incessant noise, but found out it was a ...woodpecker.

Re: Terrorism Is A Big Deal
Emj posted on 01-05-2011, 11:06:35 AM
No mother who is sane will fold her arms as her children are being maimed just for the fun of it.
Terror is being visited on our people for political and religious reasons and just because the perpetrators can.
The dimension of terror visited on the citizenry, both physical and mental is very worrisome.
Bomb-blasts in Jos, Warri, terrorists activities also in Borno, Maiduguri, Abuja and some other places. It's becoming very alarming to note govt reaction to this incidents, something close to being lackadaisical..assuming it's the handy work of political opponents...hmmmmm, as if the incidents aint such a big deal.

The security agencies are most of the time not working together or well coordinated. What happened to security reports, or intelligence gathering? What happened to all the training given to the various counter-terriorism agents in the various security agencies? Are we saying that this men and women are not competent or ill prepared? What happened to our finest? Dont we have any? Or they've all been compromised?
Each time we go out to bring in foreign agents, we are sending out a signal that we dont have competent hands. We're more like a sitting duck; any of the crazies out there can take a shot at us. What with the invasion of the country by janjaweeds in the north. And u have some through our very porous borders into other parts of the country. A small nation like Chad could have a brain wave to overrun Nigeria.

We currently have a govt that treats it's citizenry as nothing.

I tire o.
Re: Terrorism Is A Big Deal
MrOneNaija posted on 01-05-2011, 12:08:31 PM

The current Jonathan regime, just like the one which gave birth to it, that is the previous Obasanjo tyranny, does behave like a terrorist entity. The Yar'Adua/Jonathan illegitimate government came about in 2007 as a product of the organized terrorist hijacking of the will of the Nigerian people by PDP brigands and usurpers led by the Chief Thief and Terrorist, Obasanjo. Under the kleptocratic and murderous Obasanjo dictatorship, hundreds of innocent civilians were massacred in places like Odi, Zaki-Biam and surrounding communities, on the orders of the vermin from Ota. This incest-perpetrating hedonist brazenly rigged the 2003 and 2007 elections with the help of agents of terror and coercion - the police, the SSS and the Nigerian army. Hundreds of citizens lost their lives in election-related violence that was mainly carried out by thugs of the PDP, Obasanjo's party.

In the Niger Delta, a great number of those planting bombs all over the place were recruited by the PDP for rigging purposes. It is hardly surprising today that neither Jonathan nor the mainly PDP state governors of the S-S can forcefully and convincingly impose repressive measures against elements claiming to be members of MEND or other terrorist outfits. In zones like Maiduguri and Bauchi, local authorities are said to have used elements belonging to the dreaded Boko Haram as a pro-government force against perceived political enemies. In much of the S-E, human dregs claiming allegiance to a mythical Biafra were hired by state governors as soi-disant vigilante members. The latter were actually used as bloody thugs against political foes. Today, much of the S-E is a crime-infested no-go area that is in the grip of vicious kidnaping gangs with suspected links to government houses in the zone.

Nowadays, as Jonathan stoops in prayer in the manner of his born-again fornicating mentor and ally, Obasanjo, his associates are busy inflicting deadly blows against the Nigerian democratic edifice. Sadly, Jonathan and his errand boys have turned the current PDP primaries into terror laboratories. Using the police and other so-called security forces, Jonathan and his allies are busy rigging the primaries in their favour. Already, scores of innocent citizens have lost their lives as a result of the terrorist activities by Mr. president and his mafia confederates.

Now, on account of his hypocrisy and anti-democratic tendencies, Jonathan has proved that he lacks the moral authority to go after terrorists who plant bombs in Abuja, P/Harcourt, Edo, Maiduguri and Jos. Himself a product of a terrorist and illegitimate imposition, he comes across as hollow, pathetic and, above all, as perniciously sectarian each time he tries to make a show of indignation against reprehensible acts of banditry, their provenance not withstanding.

Jonathan and his allies should ponder the following wise saying: Those who make peaceful change impossible invariably make violent change inevitable.

Nigerians should direct their justifiable ire against Mr. President and his fellow riggers who readily resort to violence and terror in a desperate bid to hang on to power. But more importantly, they must make sure that they register to vote and go on to protect their votes in the forthcoming elections of 2011.
Re: EDITORIAL: Terrorism Is A Big Deal, President Jonathan
Nezie posted on 01-05-2011, 14:57:56 PM

Is it possible a president can use terrorism to so destabilize his country? Tell your teeth the truth.

You hide behind your hatred for OBJ or behind OBJ's missteps to blame GEJ for politico-religious terrorism in Nigeria.
Your're way off the mark with your assertion: "Mr. President and his fellow riggers who readily resort to violence and terror in a desperate bid to hang on to power."

Terrorism is a big deal – use of "unconventional" means to effect mass murder/ destruction of property.
The difference between the present spate of killings under President GEJ and others before he became president: Sporadic use of Bombs?
Mass murder is terrorism be it achieved with bombs or by any other means.

For a hindsight, long before GEJ became president, perhaps long before GEJ was even born, some people had used politico-religious/ethnic-biased mass murders (terrorism) to terminate the lives of their co-nationals in Nigeria.

You pour invectives on, and vituperate a sitting PRESIDENT of "your" country; the president must apparently be as perplexed as saner Nigerians are regarding why some people had to blast their co-nationals into the air.

Nigerians instead, must direct their anger toward your sort, MrOneNaija.
From all indications, you just can't afford to have any one outside your "sort" to preside over Nigeria; if you are given the chance, you can't just afford to have it even for one day.

When others are searching for solutions, MrOneNaija seems to be digging for anarchy, he seems an exact opposite of what his pen name here literally implies.
Re: EDITORIAL: Terrorism Is A Big Deal, President Jonathan
Chinedu Nwobu posted on 01-05-2011, 14:58:57 PM

The more you crocodile nation wreckers try to justify the ideological acts of mass murder by blood thirsty religious zealots or try to compare it to anything else by blaming others, the more you sound hollow.

You keeo ranting about Obasanjo, if i may ask, who brought Obasanjo to power? Is it not the same north that unleashed monumental corruption and destroyed the nation that brought him to power?

Who created the system and status quo of corruption under which the politicians thrive? Is it not the same north?

Is there any of the social vices you listed that is not linked to decades of northern misrule and unquantifiable corruption that destroyed the nation?

Would these vices and massive corruption had existed if the northern demonic vermins who held the nation to ransom for 38 years had ruled the nation with honesty and patriotism thus creating a functional, prosperous and harmonious nation?

The more you point fingers at obasanjo and jonathan the more your stupidity and hypocrisy becomes obvious. Obasanjo was quite simply a creation of the north.

In case you have not yet gotten it, get it into your thick skull today. Decades of northern misrule is responsible for every plague that haunts nigeria today. Leadership either builds or destroys a nation. Just like Somalia and all the vices that thrives there northern leaders have brought what could have been one of the richest nations on earth to utter destruction and the chaos around us is a consequence of that.

For more than 4 decades this terrorist mass murderers driven not by poverty or unemplyment but by hate and a religious entitlement to kill as many christians as possible have been regularly butchering and hacking innocent people to death under the nose, encouragement and support of northern leaders without having ever brought any of them to justice.

Not bringing such blood thirsty depraved animals who loot, rape and kill their victims at will had since entrenched such barbarity and lawlessness in nigeria by erstwhile northen leaders.

Today the lawlessness and butchery encouraged and tolerated by northern leaders has metarmorphosed into Al qaeda type of bombings and other social vices and rather than being objective in analysing the situation you are pointing fingers to obasanjo and jonathan who inherited the mess left by demonic northern misrulers.

You are not ashamed that your northern leaders made nigeria the most corrupt nation on earth, neither are you ashamed that nigeria in the 21st century lacks the most basic infrastructure to the extent of importing crude oil when we are the 6th largest producers of crude oil, neither are you ashamed that such an ordinarily very rich nation is one of the poorest on earth with millions of poverty stricken citizens and unemployed who go to bed hungry and wake-up hungry all courtesy of record northern misrule.

I wonder where you find the moral courage to keep coming to assault people here in the name of your so called north after the monumental crimes and destruction your north has unleashed on the nation, destroying the hopes and future of even generations yet unborn.

If i had my way, there is none of you who will be alive.

Aonduna go seek the face of God and pray for forgiveness!
Re: EDITORIAL: Terrorism Is A Big Deal, President Jonathan
Ikoyiesho1 posted on 01-05-2011, 18:24:28 PM
Chinedu Nwobu,

Who caused the underdevelopment of Eastern states? - Is it the North.

Why is it that your Eastern governors misbehave and embezzle development budget - It's the North

Why is Anambra politics in such a terrible state? - it's the North

Why is it that maternal mortality rates in the East is progressively on the rise? - it's the North

Why are there so much kidnappings in the East - It's the North.

Why is Ojukwu in hospital - It's the North

Why is Murder and Crime rates so much in the Eastern states? - It's the North.

This shows how weak some people's thoughts are and why we're going through many of our problems today. It's the same issue on the other thread, the gentle man called Chinedu going about pointing accusing fingers to the North. I wonder how long people will blame other people for their mistakes rather than find sensible solutions.

If it's not the North, it is political marginalization or Islamic militancy. What the heck? Can you put on your thinking cap and get out of the ethnic sentiment thoughts in which you have immersed yourself!

If you don't get the problem right how would you get the right solution. This is the Story of Nigeria. Anyway, thanks for dignifying us with your ignorance here Chinedu, at least you are a microcosm on this thread of what goes on in the states, federal and local governments in the whole of Nigeria.
Re: EDITORIAL: Terrorism Is A Big Deal, President Jonathan
Ozoodoo posted on 01-05-2011, 19:17:52 PM

The north control the Federal Government and hence the power structures such as the Police, the Judiciary, the Military, The Customs and Immigration, The Central Bank, the Treasury, the EFCC, the INEC, etc. They decide who rule your neck of the wood in Nigeria.

"Who caused the underdevelopment of Eastern states?"

The North use their hold over power structures at the center to decide who rule Eastern states.

They have the power to investigate and prosecute those that embezzle public fund.

Their arrowhead, Obasanjo, nearly starved Lagos State to extinction but for the fact that Lagos State has enormous sources of internally generated revenue, being the commercial capital of Nigeria.

"Why is it that your Eastern governors misbehave and embezzle development budget"

The power to call those governors to account, the federal might, is in the hands of the north.

All the questions you raised in your post are symptoms of the mess created by the inept leadership from the north.

I wish I have the time on my hand to better respond to your post.
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