Terrorism Is A Big Deal, President Jonathan

January 04, 2011


We strongly condemn the terrorist activities in our country. And we condemn, with equal vigor, the tepid, indecisive response of President Jonathan to them.

Nigerians have a right to expect to hear promptly, decisively and authoritatively from their rulers during periods of crises. And they have a right to responses devoid of platitudes and empty rhetoric. In 2010 alone, Nigeria witnessed horrendous massacres and bomb blasts in Jos, Abuja, Bayelsa, Warri and Maiduguri that were eerie reminders of the high-profile assassinations in the country.

Despite routine pledges by the government following each event, no one has ever been held accountable. We know, however, that they were not committed by ghosts. The killers and plotters are among us, and unless the government begins to prosecute these ruthless perpetrators, it would be held to be incompetent, an accomplice, or both.

We believe that if the security agencies are failing, they should be reorganized, beginning at the very top. They should then be given a time-limit to identify the forces and intent behind these terrorist activities.

Terrorism is a big deal. The President should treat it as such.


The StandPoint is the consensual position of the NVS editorial board.