AGAIN - Terrorism Is A Big Deal, President Jonathan

August 28, 2011 (Originally published January 04, 2011)


We strongly condemn the terrorist activities in our country. And we condemn, with equal vigor, the tepid, indecisive response of President Jonathan to them.

Nigerians have a right to expect to hear promptly, decisively and authoritatively from their rulers during periods of crises. And they have a right to responses devoid of platitudes and empty rhetoric. In 2010 alone, Nigeria witnessed horrendous massacres and bomb blasts in Jos, Abuja, Bayelsa, Warri and Maiduguri that were eerie reminders of the high-profile assassinations in the country.

Despite routine pledges by the government following each event, no one has ever been held accountable. We know, however, that they were not committed by ghosts. The killers and plotters are among us, and unless the government begins to prosecute these ruthless perpetrators, it would be held to be incompetent, an accomplice, or both.

We believe that if the security agencies are failing, they should be reorganized, beginning at the very top. They should then be given a time-limit to identify the forces and intent behind these terrorist activities.

Terrorism is a big deal. The President should treat it as such.


The StandPoint is the consensual position of the NVS editorial board.


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Re: AGAIN - Terrorism Is A Big Deal, President Jonathan
Nezie posted on 08-28-2011, 18:07:11 PM
Yeah, the Boko people sought to bring their acts to global limelight with the UN House bombing in Abuja.
But we must not forget Boko's previous heinous bombing acts.
The lives lost in the Abuja Police headquarters' bombing, as well as other bombings and sporadic killings, including the murder of our corps members still make us bitter.

Dateline Baghdad, August 28, 2011:
28 dead and 39 injured from the act of a suicide bomber in a mosque in Baghdad today.
Please can someone explain whatever is there in a faith which motivates some of its adherents to be this barbaric?

Between, Patcho's first and number one response to this NVS Standpoint speaks volumes.
Re: AGAIN - Terrorism Is A Big Deal, President Jonathan
DaBishop posted on 08-28-2011, 18:50:02 PM

Boko Haram Kills Former LGA Chair In Maiduguri; Bombs Home of Former Police Affairs Minister In Bauchi
Posted: August 28, 2011 - 23:22

Police and Soldiers putting out a bomb fire
By SaharaReporters, New York
Unknown gunmen invaded the Bauchi home of a former minister of Police Affairs, Dr. Ibrahim Lame, leaving the structure partially damaged. The attack was carried near the Bauchi club area, it is not known if the attack affected the elite club.

No loss of life was reported according to eyewitnesses. Saharareporters learns that Boko Haram elements that attacked Dr. Lame's residence said they were exerting revenge on the minister over the killing of their charismatic leader, Muhammad Yusuf. Dr. Lame was the police affairs minister during the Umaru Yar'adua regime when police officers arrested and later extra-judicially killed the leader of the islamist group.

Dr. Lame is reportedly attending the lesser hajj in Saudi Arabia.

In Maiduguri suspected members of the militant islamist movement also shot and killed the former chairman of Kukawa local government area at his residence in Bulabulin Ngarannam area of Maiduguri on Sunday.
Re: AGAIN - Terrorism Is A Big Deal, President Jonathan
Emj posted on 08-28-2011, 21:34:01 PM
We join the government and people of Nigeria in condemning the bombing of the United Nations Building in Abuja last Friday. We also sympathize with the bereaved families of the deceased and others who were injured in the dastardly attack.
It is a national shame that some of the injured survivors have to be flown abroad for treatment since the National Hospital in Abuja is ill equipped to treat them . After 12 years in power the peoples democratic party led federal government should explain what has happened to all the funds allocated for the refurbishment of the National Hospital that it has no pint of blood in its bank.

However, beyond condemnations Nigerians should take the bomb blast as a challenge to protect themselves since President Goodluck Jonathan has confessed that he himself is not safe! Since Nigerians have become cheap targets in the hands of assassins,kidnappers,armed robbers and terrorists the National Assembly should as a matter of urgency comply with section 220 of the Constitution which states that \"The Federation shall establish and maintain adequate facilities for carrying into effect any Act of the National Assembly providing for compulsory military training or military service for citizens of Nigeria\".
-Femi Falana
Re: AGAIN - Terrorism Is A Big Deal, President Jonathan
Dunamis posted on 08-29-2011, 16:04:24 PM
As it happens, Boko Haram has not been able to state categorically what their grouse is. So what they think western education should be forbiden, did no one tell them the quest for education is a personal thing?

What is worse is that these crimes carried out in the name of religion has not been conndemned in strong terms by the said religion. have have Islamic leaders not excommunicated these rogue factions? To send the message that they are not in support? Instead they feed us platitudes and public officials with responsibilities to act and bring the criminals to book are paralysed for fear of being picked upon by the mullahs to whom they owe first allegiance.

So much for one nation one destiny
An epitaph of sorts
Mutti posted on 08-29-2011, 16:43:14 PM
I would like to introduce, albeit ineffectually, some of the people whose lives were cut short on Friday 26 August as a result of the rabid attack on the UN House by Boko Haram, self acclaimed warriors of Allah.
Rhaima – A young woman who started work less than a year ago as an associate in the mail room. Pleasant and exceedingly polite, she was well liked by colleagues, most of whom had become friends in the short time she worked in the UN house. She sent a message around that morning to remind everyone of the need to become closer to God and to wish them all the gains of the fast that was soon to end.
Ilyasu – Father of six and an ardent fan of Chelsea. He reminded a colleague only that morning that the new football season was about to start and was assured of certain victory for his team
Felicia – Mother of eight. She raised her children all by herself on her receptionist pay. She was looking forward to her retirement now that the children are on their feet. Her daughter only recently bought her an SUV – gradual payback for sacrifices made to ensure their success. Felicia had a partner, a younger woman who only recently joined the UN office. She also lost her life in the carnage.
CY – was responsible for maintaining the lift and to respond in event of emergency. He was never absent from his duty post and everyone who came into the UN house knew him just like they knew Ilyasu, their duty posts were mere meters from each other
Most UN staff called him Obama – His surname sounded similar and had since been lost to camaraderie, remembered only by those who met him before Obama became a household name. Quiet of demeanor, he was always ready to attend to staff complaints about ID cards and security clearances, which typically were never submitted on time. His staff took a cue from him and treated everybody with respect, never tiring of answering emergency calls and monitoring radio traffic.
Ndubuisi – He worked with the staff canteen and was responsible for servicing meetings and conferences held by the various UN agencies. This handsome and hardworking young man recently gained admission into Sheffield University and had completed plans to travel on the 2nd of September 2011. He would have had to work his way through school, but he was prepared to do it. He made all As in his SSCE examinations.
Elisha – The UNAIDS driver who everybody described as a portly man
The young lady who worked in the travel agency and helped consultants to make last minute bookings, even if it meant she had to travel into town to purchase tickets direct from the airline offices. It was never too much trouble.
There were more, programme staff, administrative staff, security guards, cleaners, visitors. The common denominator is that they all came to the UN house to seek a livelihood. Many of them had responsibilities that far outstrip the remuneration they got but they stuck with the job, hopeful for progress one way or another. None of them deserved to die, at least not for such an ignoble act.
Re: A epitaph of sorts
Auspicious posted on 08-29-2011, 17:39:09 PM

Inspired by Mutti's "epitaph" @ here.

It's truly sad.

In another clime, and in another place and time

Where good men and women abound as leaders

Where the Buharis and Babangidas and A. Atikus

Call themselves leaders,

Not only will they come out to rally and protest

That which is essentially acts of evil,

But they will reach out to the victims here;

They will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Abuja -

With Jonathan and his Administration

(Never mind the differences they have with him)

For it is not about Jonathan or any one person,

But for God and Country.

United for the progress and security of everyone.

Alas ours is a land defiled by selfish baastards

Strolling around like over-privileged hogs.

Men of little conscience and of little or no virtue

Impressing their follies upon our collective psyche

For them,

Their ego is the most important - hence why

They swore they'd make the country "ungovernable".

It is why,

At a time when a universal symbol of peace is

Violently pummeled by attention-seeking riff-raffs,

The best they can offer is muted condemnation.

No, they can't show any genuine anger;

No, they can't express any unequivocal rejection;

No, they can't take a convincing stand for peace!

For daring to hope someone good may bring us luck,

It appears, perhaps, they feel we deserve this.

When the fair and skinny General lost in April,

He was everywhere calling up hail and brimstone.

When the bald one from Adamawa lost the primaries,

His anger was evident to one and all.

And the gap-tooth one, as always, is still smiling,

Even as innocent citizens,

Muslims and Christians alike; Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba,

Continue to perish at the hands of the heartless.

These leaders are never angry about any of that

And why should they be, when they're

Insulated from it all?

Why should Buhari lead an angry protest,

Over Northerners cut down by Heartless Harams,

When he hasn't gotten the cake he already ate?

Why should Babangida quit smiling

When he doesn't ever have to face justice?

Why should Atiku ever give a damn

Except when his 'birthright' to power is denied him?

It is the way it is in Nigeria - a sad reality.

At least the Ota General gave an emotional rejection.

At least the EFCC guy released a passionate rejection.

And the Goodluck, battered already, came to the site.

And as always frustrated citizens are crying blue murder.

Even as the 'owners of Nigeria' cannot communicate

A genuine pain or anger at this latest brutality.

When the whirlwind of revolution comes along (if ever)

When people eventually find the anger to reject

What isn't there's anymore,

The ones who hold us to their antics

The ones who cheat us and use the proceeds

To manipulate us and undermine our freedoms.

Would be the first to face the Guillotine.

Such is the way it always ends.
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