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Friday, 20 June 2008 08:20
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2 years ago
  • oluomo replied to Trey's party..................

    Holy cow! Ceedeee, what have they turned you into in America? Chai, dem don spoil you finish. Nice 1 sha. Carry go, nuffin do you

  • oluomo replied to Love cycles.

    RFLMAO... una no go kill man pikin for this village. Which ones be sexual cycles again. CB, you sure no be hormonal imbalance dey worry you so?

  • oluomo replied to Trey's party..................

    Yeeepa! See groove for here. I have missing in action big time. Nice 1 CB. 8/10 so far. No dull yourself from here on. Good luck man. Olu

  • oluomo Ôם NVS SINGLES' CLUB

    Thanks SC. Nice and interesting topics going on here. I am currently held up for time but hopefully will be free in a few days' time to fully participate. Keep the flag flying.

    anwulika I am praying for you dear. You have already succeeded. Amen
    4 years ago