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    Having fun......Meeting People etc!!
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Tuesday, 11 March 2008 20:22
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  • Ph3y replied to Culture, Customs and Habits

    Lala, Please mention it..... The funny thing is when I joined this group, I kept wondering about what historical 'facts' I could contribute since...

  • Ph3y replied to Determine to Eat healthy

    Something else I do when fruits get boring is my &quot;home made&quot; smoothie. Water melon, paw paw or pine apple. I add a bit of cranberry juice and other...

  • Ph3y replied to Determine to Eat healthy

    I started eating wheat bread sometime last year too. However, I am not a fan of bread as a meal so when I buy, it ends up wasting so I stopped...

  • Ph3y replied to Determine to Eat healthy

    Just peeping in for the first time today and am freaking already with the long &quot;not to eat&quot; list. What I consciously try to do is to avoid processed...

  • Ph3y replied to Exodus: Diasporeans moving back home to settle.

    A lot of people are relocating. I have come across a number of them this past year. Most of them stayed back but a few couldn't stand the change so...

  • Ph3y replied to Roots: Sending kids home to Naija

    I have come across kids sent home from abroad to school. I only know a few that it has worked well for. I recall 2 of them in my primary and...

  • Ph3y replied to Kids In Diaspora

    Its just not kids in diaspora who can't speak their ethnic languages nowadays. Even kids in Lagos cannot speak a sentence in Yoruba or igbo. But if...

  • Ph3y

    Are smileys activated here? I haven't been able to locate them. Pray teach a rookie how these things work on this side of the divide

    anwulika I don't think we have smileys here but we can still do this...
    4 years ago
  • Ph3y

    Naija Sistas Group is up and running. Its open to all ladies to share and care on all issues that may be on our minds. Lets connect and learn from each other's experiences. See you there

  • Ph3y

    This is me peeping in....Still trying to get a hang of this place......See you!