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    Spiritual, Cerebral and Very introspective..though can be an unbridled fun loving extrovert at times. Am the grand-daughter of a warrior and the daughter of a WW II Veteran. I've stared death in the face several times. I adopt a different tactic when it comes to warfare. The sort that the enemy wont see coming.<br>__________<br>
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Thursday, 08 December 2005 13:33
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  • emj replied to Kids In Diaspora
  • emj

    Quitting is not an option.

  • emj replied to How we refer to seniors persons abroad

    Hmm body language is keep when addressing someone that is older than. Oyinbos prefer being called by their first name whilst mains won't take it,...

  • emj replied to Roots: Sending kids home to Naija

    I don't subscribe to sending children to relations back for anything. I only recommend long holidays. Things are not the way they use to be. My...

  • emj replied to Please visit and add your own pictures!!

    Hello nice environment


    Wats for breakfast.....

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  • emj

    Ewo tuni karma o, haa, eledumare, jah jehovah, i even get am for 2points.

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    Thanks for the update. He's come a long way

    Meeting Baby Andrew again

    I remember the first time I saw him and the emotions that went through my mind; he was a baby that his eyes asked for him. He was 14 months old then and nobody was sure he would live to celebrate his next birthday but Baby Andrew Duku touched the hearts of many people in this forum. The Nigeria Village Square raised over $6000 for him to have a corrective heart surgery way back in April 2008. I met Baby Andrew again two days ago and felt like crying again. When I asked him how are you, he replied with a smile.

  • emj

    Ahem, burps, hic.....still browsing