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    Friday, 20 June 2008
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This group is open to young Nigerians in and outside of Nigeria who are either about to get into the corporate world, trying to join the corporate world in a new environment, babies in the corporate world, entrepreneurs or those seeking to become entrepreneurs.

The group is also open to Nigerian professionals who do not fit into this category but feel like they have a well of knowledge they want younger people to draw from as regards to anything career related.

NOTE: I tried to send invitations to as many people as I could but I am aware I did not send out invitations to half the people I should. You are very welcome to join and join a discussion or start one.
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  • anwulika
    Exodus: Diasporeans moving back home to settle.
    Ph3y: ''And Anwuli those telling you to be on ground before they talk to you are trying to get out of paying you relocation '' Is that so? I did not even think that was the thinking behind it. Thanks Ph3y. tthewiz, I feel you...somehow I am rationalizing it in my head that BH has not yet/may never reached South and I have not heard of kidnapping in Lagos but security is foremost in my mind. It is the only thing that really worries me. Nigeria is beginning to show serious cracks latest now is the fuel hike. Hmmnnn...make we dey look...
    Last replied by anwulika on Sunday, 08 January 2012
  • Anike
    YoNiP- Young Nigerian Professionals
    Started by Anike 40 Replies
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <br /> <br />I have a question about the Nigerian market. I have a small plan to enter the Nigerian market with my company, but I need some feedback regarding the goods demanded on this market. Can you tell me what products are needed there and why you personally would like to have on your market? <br />Thank you very much, and please give me some responds... <br />Thank you once again
    Last replied by gogus on Wednesday, 03 March 2010
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