• Cough, Cold, Ibruprofen et al. My logic, I always remember being down with fever in Ife, Pandol et al no work nothing, and in sick bay, I sat for almost 4 hours with no attention. Then I found a Theraflu pack at the bottom of my box...:D long story short, I was back on my feet the next day. Whenever my old man came from the US, that was the one thing I hope he brought for me. Simple things work
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  • Ah this is the one group that might make me hopefully enjoy these circles. These kids are never far from my mind. As an update, I have decided to what I can in whatever small ways. Currently I am putting together a medical package to send to them. Sadly I ahd it ready but the on eperson I knew traveling back home was over laoded and could not take it. it is a simple package.
    3 years ago
    anwulika Thanks for joining us! Hehehehe....
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This is a group to support the efforts of Sam Ikpe-Itauma and the Child's Right and Rehabilitation Network. It is a group to support and assist in finding a lasting solution to stamping out the issue of Child witches in Nigeria and also to ensure that Sam's center is developed and supported.
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  • Ajibs
    A legal Defense fund for Sam
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    <span style="font-family: 'Book Antiqua'"><FONT-SIZE=3>NAR, please read your pm, I have sent you two pms regarding do we have anyone in Nigeria that can be the go between. </font></span>
    Last replied by Beam on Friday, 18 February 2011
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    CNN's Reports
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    CNN Interviews Governor Akpabio:<br /><br /><url>http://cnn.com/video/?/video/international/2010/08/30/ctw.akpabio.cnn</url><br /><br />I am happy that this issue is getting a lot of international attention and it has put the governor on the defensive, to give him credit he did enact the law, the question is how to implement the law. This is why we need to assist the government to make progress.
    Last replied by Ajibs on Tuesday, 31 August 2010
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    The BIG idea
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    Okay, so in a few words, this is my big idea. To build more facilities for the rehabilitation center. And the reason for this is simple. It is going to be a much harder battle to end the practice of the false accusation of these unfortunate kids. It may take quite a few years to change things around. As we know and see on the clips, this situation is largely driven by the poverty of the people, and being realistic we know their poverty is not about to disappear overnight. So my idea is to make sure that the center is properly equipped to handle the role it needs to play, accommodation, education and rehabilitation for these kids and even their parents. I have an idea of a Town Hall, where parents whom have cast of their kids, can come by regularly and see their same kids acting is plays, drama, song and dance, debates, and this may help convince them that their kids are indeed not witches and wizards. <br /> <br />The center needs to proper health clinic where the many ailments the kids have can be treated. it needs a physiological division to deal with the trauma they have endured and possibly provide education and counselling to their parents. <br /> <br />So the big idea call for the center to get a master plan for its development. How did Sam get the land? Does he have access to more? Then we need to find a way to develop temporary cheap structures that he can have to provide immediate accommodation so no kid gets turned away, and then we need to figure out how simple permanent structures can be built. I like to be realistic, I am not talking about air conditioned hostels for the kids now, I am more interested in a basic accommodation that provides a roof over their heads and safety from the elements and the "evil" world beyond. For example, how do we get the kind of 20, 30 , 40 person kind to tents that can be used for temporary accommodation? <br /> <br />Now that CNN has aired these programs, can we build a network of donors that will donate to this cause. You see, Sam already probably has his hands full dealing with those kids on a daily basis, I would like to step in as a partner to enhance the quality of life for these kids. <br /> <br />I intend to bring back a design idea I worked on a long time ago by turning shipping containers into accommodation and usable space. The idea is catching on a lot nowadays. Why? You can get a used 40' Container for about $1,500 - $2,000 a piece. my goal? To see if a container can be changed and developed into accommodation spaces for a maximum of $5,000 (N750,000 approx). I love the container idea, because once painted well they will stand up to the weather in a place like Akwa Ibom. my biggest headache is to deal with the heat generated by the steel body. But I have ideas to solve this. But these container spaces can be used for everything, hostels, offices, classrooms and even a clinic! One can even get empty containers right there in Nigeria, I forget the cost right now, but if I do some digging I will find out the cost. <br /> <br />Anyhow, if I can make this work, then these containers can be shipped and installed in a matter of hours on the site and will provide accommodating, classrooms, offices for the center as we seek for proper and better funding for more permanent structures over time. Would it not be nice to discover that the problem has been solved and a permanent campus if no longer required? Yes we can dream! <br /> <br />The container idea is not set in stone, if you have a better one, certainly talk about it.
    Last replied by Ajibs on Saturday, 28 August 2010
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    Why this group???
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    People,<br />Let me thank you in advance as you join this group. I would like to add this: <br /><br />This is not so much a discussion group but a solutions group. The main board is there for general discussions you may have on this issue like all others. Here, I am hoping we shall focus on the ideas and solutions and what we can do to help deal with this issue. So yes there will be discussions, but hopefully discussions on the various ideas and how to make those ideas go from discussion to reality. <br /><br />Thanks!!!
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