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  • Ph3y
    Submission: To what level or extent...
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    Hhmm, Lateesha said it correctly somewhere in one of her posts and i refer to her as an expert because it seems she has a happy and successful marriage... when it comes to making a choice between being right and saving your marriage/relationship, sometimes the best thing is to save your marriage and act dumb,seriously. <br /> <br /> see, sometimes pride is what kills relationships more than anything else... <b>it must be my way or else mentality</b>, i've had my share of that and the relationship went sour and both of us were too proud to admit we were wrong, both too strong headed, both wanted to be right at the same time and both claiming to be the boss, and we broke up and from that i learned several lesson, cos we were engaged to be married, but pride made us lose both ways. <br />sometimes what we're fighting for is not worth the price, cos if you make a man lose his pride, its almnost akin to lossing his dignity and manhood, and no man wants that. <br /> <br /> He will love and respect you, but may not want to be seen as a pushover, so he will do gra-gra to show he's the boss, but you should know your man well enough to understand that he's just putting up a show to appear tough. <br /> <br /> <b>never, ever dare your man, never point a finger at him, never give him an ultimatum <br /> <br /></b>. <br /> <br />Learn to pick your fights and you will come up the winner, but its never a competition between you two, its a partnership, remember.
    Last replied by shinycoin on Wednesday, 29 April 2009
  • Myne Whitman
    Planning a wedding...
    You know there is a show on TV about Bridezillas and it is great TV.The way the brides almost lose their marbles and just basically become terrors because they were getting married.I pray yours goes smoothly.<br />My gown still dey storage,lol.(<font color="Wheat">wetin be CBM</font>)
    Last replied by Alexa on Tuesday, 30 December 2008
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