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Eko Atlantic city

Discussion Started by Ajibs, on Saturday, 19 May 2012 09:26

I will never forget the slogan... DIS IS LAGOS...

This development IMHO is one of the most important developments taking place in Nigeria today and in a long time. Possibly since the decision to relocate the capital from Lagos to Abuja. I sincerely hope that the project continues as this is going to exceed the duration of the Fashola Administration and we need to pray that whoever takes over from him in 2015 stays the course. These are videos and pictures on the project.

Villagers you all need to be ready to go and invest in this place. I would say in about 5-7 yearsÔÇÖ time, possibly as soon as 3 years. This is going to become Nigeria's new first class business hub. make sure you get a piece of it. Victoria Island, and all those areas will be like childÔÇÖs play compared to this.

Sorry somehow I cannot simply add pictures and videos here. Seem rather cumbersome.

I'm very late to this thread Ajibs. But riddle me this:

Do you think that Lagos, who has not been able to even manage flooding during the rainy season has any business trying to copy Dubai by building luxury residential islands out on the waters?
Saturday, 20 October 2012 14:40