Relationships and flowers

Discussion Started by cagedheart, on Sunday, 01 January 2012 19:14
Most women in relationships at some point expect to recieve flowers from their men. I wondered if there was a connection between flowers and relationships, so i found a book which gave meanings to popular flowers and from that this poem was born.

Language of the flowers.

Time have ceased to count now, for our love is withered away
The bouquet you sent: a bittersweet thoughtless deed
Needs no words to say to me, you chose her,
The cream lilac says you loved me, when we first met
As the pansy affirms you thought constantly of me
You sent me roses to proclaim your love
And wall flower to assure your fidelity
But the dandelions constantly reminded,
We were not meant to belong together
And the carnations proved our blighted love
Marigolds are for when your heart was lost to me
As the grief of a living death, stole my sanity away,
Yet, the rosemary brings remembrance of an almost perfect union
and the futility of my yearnings,
For you chose her, and forever must remain dead to me
And the beautiful bouquet, you sent to seek forgiveness, you said,
Speaks Its own language of an impossible love.

Thanks Equipper, I guess in the end it just goes to show that our intentions no matter how we disguise it, will somehow always leave tell tale signs, which someone will see. This is why in criminal law motive and action must always fuse to get a first degree conviction.
Saturday, 21 January 2012 09:02
Gosh!!! Only women are equipped with the intuition to discern the deceving pranks of a lover who presents a boquet of roses to the one from whom his heart has grown strangely cold. However the fact remains that llike women, flowers are beautiful, tender, and carry with them some fragrance. I guess that's why women shift into emotional over drive when they are presented with flowers. A touching, yet revealing poem of love and deceith via the flowers he sent.
Friday, 20 January 2012 05:46

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