Calling on Anwulika: A Special Appeal!

Discussion Started by shinycoin, on Thursday, 29 December 2011 21:46
I remember when i was in school. From Secondary school and even University.

I noticed that certain group of girls always cluttered and moved together. The very fine babes in class always seemed to seek out each other and hung out together. Same went for babes whose parents were rich and well to do. The ones whose parents always bring to school or had a driver drop off in school in their family car. They tended to bond and move around as a group.

Bottom line: Fine girls always have fine babes as friends, or sisters, or cousins or neighbors or just acquaintances.

I bring this up because i have noticed that our very own Anwulika seem to have caught the eyes, attention, admiration, interest, fire and passion of a good number of male villagers.

By my last count, the beautiful and fair damsel Anwulika, has had at least three (3) solid and credible(?) marriage proposals, and two Ogbonge villagers almost came to blows on her behalf, both professing undying love for the sweet and delectable Anwulika. As a matter of fact, only recently, the false alarm of an impending wedding between the highly seductive and curvacious Anwulika, and another villager on the pages of the NVS, was received with incredulity and frenzy...sending some villagers to a near early grave and catatonia, and some ready to go on a shopping spree for wedding garments....

No be small thing o, my people!!!

May i therefore recommend and make a special appeal to the lovely but oh, not-so-attainable Anwulika:

There are several very desirable, very appealing and very responsible young men that are bachelors on this site. Do you have any sisters (younger or older), cousins, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, colleagues or pen pals that are single and available, you could introduce to this group?

We all know that there can never be two Anwulika. No one else can have your exact same awesome personality, delightful sense of humor, mercurial intelligence, spectacular penmanship, or tendency to have several villagers profess love for her at the same time ( the number increases by the wa o).

Unfortunately you cannot accept more than one suitor (the thing don vex many people, including you-know-who), Anwulika. Therefore you will be doing a lot of people a good turn when you accede to this special request and introduce some beautiful, similar minded, fun, easy going, single, available and desirable, young women to this group.

My people, na lie i talk?

I welcome comments, suggestions, opinions, additions and recommendations, to this appeal from everyone.

2012 is a year of abundant blessing and blossoming romance. The romance should start from close to home and there is nowhere closer than the NVS singles club.


We have a professional Miss Whiplash on NVS. However na BC you go ask for more
Ruv na bad soon as wahala enter playground luv go pick race!!!!

Monday, 02 January 2012 17:32
@cagedheart, " Anioma being a likely candidate is as probable as seeing a mermaid in real life."

u neva hear say people dey see mamiwata for real life? odikwa very possible....i mean u and Anioma.
Ruv na good tin o!

@ Anioma,
speaking of bossy, i no go mind being bossed around fa. Especially if the lady is wearing leather suit with koboko in her hand.
Monday, 02 January 2012 09:46
I am engaging my lawyers at present I will reply later. I have never been so humiliated..... lol
Monday, 02 January 2012 01:40
Shinycoin the match maker....I hear you but Anioma has his work cut out for him in convincing us that he is indeed not a woman hater and capable of the fuzzy emotion called 'love'. Wait till Anioma comes to sees your handiwork here!
Sunday, 01 January 2012 23:04
Hellofadude, Anioma doesn't hate women, he just hasn't met the one that will steal his heart and take his breath away.


Anioma is a restless spirit that needs to come home... he needs a warm heart and a stable hand, and you have both. He may appear cynical about love, romance and relationship, but he's still a man and every man needs a good woman and he's by no means an exception.

Don't forget no man likes or enjoys being scorned in love, so he will ensure you're the real deal before he makes his moves, but he will make the move, he just needs to convince himself its inevitable.

Anioma, FYI, cagedheart will not remain caged forever o... a girl can only remain available for so long.

No talk say i no tell you.

Ok, now who's the next candidate for this beautiful thing called love and romance?
Sunday, 01 January 2012 22:07
@ Shinycoin

' Suitably match indeed'....If I did not know a thing or two about Anioma 777, I would have said you have been brought over but considering its Anioma we are talking about...not a chance of that happening...I agree that only the right man will uncage my heart but Anioma being a likely candidate is as probable as seeing a mermaid in real life. I also do not think Anioma's problem is meeting the right woman oh...but him realising what the 'heart' is used for ( Anioma will skin me alive when he sees this)

@ Anioma

No vex oh...I was just stretching my angel wings so it can fly when i need it( which will be very soon, before you strangle me). I am neither a feminist or bossy oh...I love to be treated like a lady and pampered, I do not believe that to be a bad thing. See yourself now...I am calm and you dey fear me...I wonder what you will do when you meet a gra-gra woman then.
Sunday, 01 January 2012 21:27
@ Shinycoin - Me too I have studied Anioma's moves and my own conclusion is that it seems like he hates women!
Sunday, 01 January 2012 19:47
''she will boss you with love...''

OMG! I cannot stop laughing at that quote. Shiny you are HILARIOUS!

I am not a feminist oooo...I like men opening doors for me and treating me like a baby. I don't mind it AT ALL! :-D
Sunday, 01 January 2012 18:00
Anioma my broda from anoda mama. Happy new year to you and yours.

I have studied your moves in this village for years now and have done the same for the beautiful cagedheart and from my vantage point... i say both of you are suitably matched.

Her calm, unhurried, reserved and soothing personality will match your gra-gra, your zest for life and your hurried take on issues.

The things you pointed out about her and Anwulika are just the qualities you need in a woman at this point of your journey. she will boss you with love and bring romance and laughter into your day.

You're almost exact opposites, you and cagedheart and she will enjoy your energy, enthusiasm, irreverence and flippant nature and personality.

Call, send her emails, text messages, visit, take time to know her, woo her like a lady, and allow her to open herself to you and you'll be amazed at how much you and she have in common.

Keep the blossoming romance off the pages of NVS though, and good luck to you two, you lucky, lucky folks!!!
Sunday, 01 January 2012 14:49

So it is me you guys dey use make experiment for this group. Thunder fire on all of you....LOL
Anyway I know you have my back so I excuse you. Una never even ask me my spec?

Cagedheart and Anwulika seem to be closet feminists and bossy women. They sound like the type that will get their man to wake up at 4am and demand breakfast in bed, iron their clothes etc. If the man does not do it right na frog jump punishment...LOL.

On a serious note Principled women not many around today. But I wonder do they have a dark side and naughty side to them...hmmmm.


Go and sit down who are you?...LOL. Your growing wings. You seem like the type wey fit suffocate man for night time with your calm disposition. I fear you o.
Sunday, 01 January 2012 13:33
My dear Cagedheart....Happy new year to you and yours.

Anioma is a hopeless case in matters of the heart because he hasn't met the right woman. I feel confident you have the emotional capacity to give him the stability he craves.

Every man needs a good woman and until we find her, we remain like babes in the wood. Anioma is a good man. He has a good heart. Mischievous yes, but that is only because he searches for that special one that will lighten up his days.

You're a rare breed of a woman. Gentle, reserved and foresighted. Only the right man will unlock the cage wherein lies your heart...

Anioma could be that man.
Sunday, 01 January 2012 06:29
@ Shinycoin
Haba Shiny, you know that Anioma is a hopeless case in matters of the heart...I am as passionate for love as he is against it so this connection will only be in 'neverland', also you know that intrigue is one thing and sustaining the intrigue is another...

Anyways, Happy New Year to everyone in the group.
Sunday, 01 January 2012 02:11
They're coming eh, Anwulika?

Now we're finally getting somewhere.

Come and see how this group will lighten up when more women register and make themselves available for friendship and relationship.

Where is our dear Cagedheart? she's the second lovely woman in this group, but has been missing for a while, though to be perfectly honest, am hoping she and my dear friend Anioma would connect soon and take it from there.

She has a certain class and reservation about her, that makes me confident Anioma will be intrigued.

Oh, wait.. i hear there's another female in da house?


I know i can trust your moves when you put your heart to

Lemme go check her out and give her a big brodaly welcome
Friday, 30 December 2011 23:17
Shinydacoin! Why are you calling me out like dis now...kai! Black girl blushing red...

Ok...they are being summoned and they are coming...
Friday, 30 December 2011 09:46

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