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I am a budding political economist and political scientist with a keen interest in Current Affairs: Nigerian,African and International affairs. I am very passionate about making a positive difference – no, I am definitely not under the illusion that I alone can eradicate world poverty or hunger, bring about world peace or even eradicate illiteracy or Malaria in Nigeria, but my passion is to make a positive difference in my immediate environment especially Nigeria, or wherever I find myself, in whatever little way I can. I love travelling, though I haven’t been to that many places and I love making new discoveries about interesting things.

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07/28/2012 14:17:18Managing the "Youth Bulge" in Nigeria (II) / 0
07/20/2012 12:39:12Managing the "Youth Bulge" in Nigeria (I) / 1
02/24/2012 20:10:10African Leaders and Free Lunches / 0
02/21/2012 22:18:01A People in Terminal Decline / 0
Zainab Usman
Zainab Usman