Sampson Iroabuchi Onwuka


Educated in Nigeria and the US. Spent the last 13 years in corperate intelingence on US markets, especially the niche markets of medicine and medical accessories.

I am a student of US federal reserve and follow markets very seriously. Retired at the age 35. Working on the relationship between Igbo and Hebrew languages

Much of my exposure to the world, from Ancient World history to Jewish history came in the years I spent as an understudy and investigative inquiry in R&D and with company's product and management. My traveling through years - covering over 750 thousand miles of driving through the Continent of USA - gave me very helpful insight American economic society.

My interest has always been sales and real estate, especially sales, delivery of products, R&D, and I hope to join others in cultivating African American business and connecting the two markets; African and American. I have a renewed interest in the Study of Black Business in Medline; drugs, product types (management), Bio technology, and in Redlining.


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Sampson Iroabuchi Onwuka
Sampson Iroabuchi Onwuka