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My name is Reginald Efiom Bassey. I am from the South Eastern part of Nigeria, from a place called Cross River State, where God lives…ha ha ha! (ok…just a joke, but true anyways…lol). I am Efik by ethnic identity and speak the Efik language (google it and stop wondering!). Back home in Calabar, I am called Etete, which means ‘Grand Father’ (literally – Fathers’ Father). However my uncle warned me to stop answering to that name before the negative spiritual forces of Calabar attach themselves to me…lol. But up in Lagos, some of my friends call me ‘Papa Reg’; wherever they got that from – maybe because I have little rotund mid-section caused by always sleeping after a hot bowl of noodles and not youthful indulgence as some claim. However, I am usually called Reggie.

I live in New Jersey with my Angel (without wings…lol). I agreed to follow her there so that she will agree to follow me wherever later. Don’t tell her I said that please!… Else it may sound like blackmail. But she’s the better side of me and yes I have someone to brag about ;)

I have a background in International Relations, and currently trying to get a Masters in Public Affairs, Policy Analysis, and Administration somewhere in the city of New York. I still have a PhD to contend with, at least for prestige sake. It’s nice to be called a Doctor you know. I am tired of school already and all the deadlines you always have to meet, and I really do think school sucks; or maybe just the way it is carried out. I also think that I have been more educated out of school than in school. In all, getting the required mental tools to equip me for my journey ahead is paramount.

I am a product of two great towns in Nigeria: Calabar and Lagos. So, one encounter with me will provide you with the two extreme characterization of the Nigerian life. On one extreme, I am calm and assertive and like good things, while enjoying every bit of the opportunities life presents me. On the other end, I am a hustler and can be annoyingly over confident. I can thrive in chaos and function creatively under the most adverse circumstances. Have your take on which each city represents.

Something wakes me up every morning and gives me a reason for continuous living not existing. I have an undying passion to add value to people where ever I meet them. I am totally awed at the variety in human existence and love to explore new identities and lines of thought. Passing on the virus of my passion to help people is what I live for everyday. In this light, I am on a mission to contribute one building block to remodel my country, continent, and the world. Perhaps, if I am faithful to this one thing, I may then contribute several blocks.

Finally, I am a seriously excited person. The reason is I am in live contact with my maker and I’m very crazy about Him. For this also I am too sure of where I am heading because I hear Him and He instructs me. He corrects, chastises, and encourages me all the way. I wonder when people claim He doesn’t exist. All they need is an experience with Him. So He defines my life and gives meaning to my journey on the earth.

So I invite you to come into my little domain and read some of the stuff I write about. If you like what you read, leave a comment to expand the discourse. If you don’t display your displeasure as well, or best, slap me when next you see me. In all, work with me and let’s make this world a better place.

Cheers All!

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Reginald Bassey
Reginald Bassey