Ilobi Austin


Austin is a Business graduate with Accountancy as his core from the University of Nigeria. He is however, rainbow-like and chameleonic in his choice of research interest with focus mainly on Politics, Computer Engineering; self motivation and casually, sports. Very expressive and therefore, writes a lot of free-pay articles.An introvert;then an extrovert.Interested in the things of God.


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08/16/2011 14:34:10For A Single Tenure Without Dictatorship / 0
03/24/2011 17:45:59Gadafi's War Against Libyans: Fight Of A Fading Star / 0
02/19/2011 18:36:02Sales Strategies Of Auditing Firms In Nigeria / 0
01/09/2011 00:44:09Delta Re-run: Re-run Truly It Was / 0
01/04/2011 19:07:33Fifth Columnists As Supporters / 0
Ilobi Austin
Ilobi Austin