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FRISKY LARR is a German-based Radio/Television Journalist with several years of working experience as a radio journalist serving radio stations in different regions of Germany. Four years of Radio/TelevisionJournalism studies at the University of Ankara, Turkey was followed by a Master degree program in the combined studies of Communication Science (Major), Political Science (Minor) and Social Psychology (Minor) at the Ruhr University of Bochum, Germany. In addition to the English language, Frisky Larr has a good command of written and spoken German and Turkish languages.


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04/17/2017 16:26:31Buhari’s Civilian Presidency: Was it a Serious Misunderstanding? / 0
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04/28/2015 16:03:44Buhari’s Contradictions versus the Helpless Frustrations and Jabs of Jonathan’s Apologists! / 0
04/27/2015 09:02:05The Shame of Africa’s Political Inferiority / 0
04/07/2015 14:06:36President-elect Muhammadu Buhari: The Troubles ahead! / 0
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03/10/2015 07:04:35When a President and a Nation become the Laughing stock of the Neighborhood! / 0
02/22/2015 08:56:42President Goodluck Jonathan: Nearing the End of the Road? / 0
02/03/2015 06:39:46Desperate President Jonathan weighing suicidal options? / 0
01/26/2015 02:34:56The Serious Mistake that Nigeria cannot afford to make NOW! / 0
01/12/2015 22:07:55The Presidential Joke called Jonathan! / 0
12/28/2014 05:46:28Many Reasons to hate Buhari! But many more to crucify Jonathan! / 0
12/13/2014 02:57:56The Obasanjo that I know / 0
Frisky Larr
Frisky Larr