His Excellency, Governor Mukhtar Yero

Atlanta, U.S., December 28, 2012- Dear His Excellency, Governor Mukhtar Yero:

We the Southern Kaduna people in the Diaspora (SOKAD) congratulate you on your new position as the Governor of Kaduna State. While we are saddened at the passing away of Governor Yakowa, we are pleased that you have taken the mantle of leadership of Kaduna State government. Given your great wealth of wisdom, courage, experience and extraordinary strength, we are confident that you will steer the people of Kaduna state in the right direction. We believe and trust that you will continue the legacy that Governor Yakowa left behind. We trust that you will take the torch and light up the state unto a brighter future. May you find the strength to take and hold the baton unto the finish line.

In addition, we hope that with determination and objectivity you will tackle the social and economic issues facing the state. The challenges in education, health, agriculture, infrastructure, and in particular, security, are areas that should receive your immediate attention.

Furthermore, we hope that you will continue the philosophy of ethnic, sectional, and religious transcendence of being the Governor for all that your predecessor left behind, and that you will live up to the promise you made at his funeral: to protect everyone, including Christians.

SOKAD welcomes the appointment of Nuhu Bajoga as your Deputy, and hope you will benefit from his wisdom and civil service experience and work as a team for the unity, peace, security, and development of Kaduna State.

Once again, congratulation! It is our hope that you will move the state forward in the right direction.

We pledge our support, and prayers.


Dr. Likita Aminu (President, SOKAD-USA)

Dr. Freeman Kamuru (Secretary General, SOKAD-USA)

Mr. Ibrahim Maikori (Treasurer/Financial Secretary, SOKAD-USA)

Mr. Filmon Raman (Chairman, SOKAD-Canada)

Ms. Magang Sule (SOKAD-Canada)

Dr. Patrick Yat (SOKAD-Canada)

Mrs. Rhoda Sule (SOKAD-Canada

Contac t: Dr. Freeman Kamuru


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