We Congratulate You Deputy Governor Nuhu Bajoga.

Atlanta, U.S., December 29, 2012- Dear His Excellency, Deputy Governor Nuhu Bajoga

We the Southern Kaduna people in the Diaspora (SOKAD) wish to congratulate you for your appointment as the Deputy Governor of Kaduna State

You have an enviable record of distinguished service as a public servant, including having served as Nigeria’s Ambassador to Poland. We are confident that you are well prepared from your vast experience in governance at the National and International levels to help improve the lives of the people of Kaduna State. Together with Governor Yero, we hope that you will advance the cause of good governance that will produce tangible results that positively affect the lives of all the people of the state.

We are mindful of the recent tragedy that was visited on our beloved state with the tragic death of the people’s Governor, Sir Patrick Yakowa. We are once again extending our condolence to you, the Executive Council and the people of Kaduna State. We ask that you honor his memory by continuing in the tradition of service to the people and striving to uphold the principles of equality, fairness and justice for all of the people of Kaduna State.

These are challenging times for our state, especially in the area of security. That and many other issues will make your task difficult. We thank you for accepting the challenge to serve. We will continue to pray for God’s wisdom, strength, and courage; and that He may continue to guide and guard you in the work that he has assigned to you. Please let us know if we can be of assistance in any other way.


Dr. Likita Aminu (President, SOKAD-USA)

Dr. Freeman Kamuru (Secretary General, SOKAD-USA)

Mr. Ibrahim Maikori (Treasurer/Financial Secretary, SOKAD-USA)

Mr. Filmon Raman (Chairman, SOKAD-Canada)

Ms. Magang Sule (SOKAD-Canada)

Dr. Patrick Yat (SOKAD-Canada)

Mrs. Rhoda Sule (SOKAD-Canada

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