The Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress of Nigeria has dismissed as mid day hallucination, the statement by the PDP that it can win Lagos State in the forthcoming gubernatorial election. The party said that the statement exposes the PDP as a party of lazy people who neither understand politic except stealing numbers.

In a release in Lagos, signed by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the ACN, Joe Igbokwe, the party said that the PDP would be in for the great shock of their lives on April 26, as it will not only lose the entire states in the South West but almost all the states in the North and many of the states in the South South and South East. It says that being a vote rigging machine, PDP would be forgiven for mistaking the sentimental polls of last Saturday and the heavy padding that attended it to mean that Nigerians are now at home with the party that has reduced the country to one living hell.

"We can understand the feeling of d├ęj├á vu that has hit the entrails of a dying party like the PDP with the Jonathan victory. We can understand why dry bones are now imagining themselves able bodied men just because of the expression of what would be a dangerous sentimental politics that reifies the differences between Nigerians more than serve as a unitive bond, which elections are supposed to be. We can understand the new rash of misconstrued high hopes that has hit a party notorious for inaction and poor performance. We know that at the back of these renewed hopes is that Nigerians have been sufficiently confused by the results of the presidential election that they won't mind imposing further the heavy burden the PDP has become to Nigerians in the respective states for the next four years. We promise them that a shocker awaits them in April 26.

"Particularly funny and awkward is PDP's new boast that it will capture Lagos and you dare ask, capture Lagos with what or for what purpose? As laughable as that dry dream is, one is not oblivious of the fact that the PDP has been day dreaming about capturing Lagos, even when their party structure is dead in Lagos and they have officials that are notorious for public stealing and candidates that do not even understand the nitty gritty of governing a complex state like Lagos. For a party that has been notorious for looting the resources that would have improved the lives of Nigerians and rendering Nigeria a wasteland wanting to take over Lagos, the only state that is acknowledged to have experienced result oriented governance these twelve years, is an infantile hallucination that would be proved for what it is on April 26. We want to let PDP know that they will suffer their heaviest ever defeat in the coming governorship election, not only in Lagos but across the length and breadth of the country.

"For PDP to interpret the results of last Saturday's presidential as sudden acceptance of their awful, poverty developing politics by Lagosians after the heavy defeat it suffered at the NASS polls shows them to be stark ignoramus in the art of politics and they will certainly pay for that in the most embarrassing manner. For it to now believe that it can take over Lagos because Lagosians voted for Jonathan shows them for the racketeers they are and Lagosians will not fail to treat them as such. For PDP to feel that Lagosians now are at home with them means a great insult to Lagosians as confused people that cannot differentiate between a performing party and a rouge party that excels in treasury looting and Lagosians will certainly show them that they still remain the most sophisticated voters on April 26.

"Lagos ACN wants to urge all Lagosians to put the presidential election behind them and collectively work to return Governor Fashola with overwhelming votes and ACN candidates in the House of Assembly on April 26. We are glad that even the blind and even members of the PDP all over the nation, including sitting PDP governors, acknowledge that Fashola remains an unmatched performer among governors in Nigeria and exchanging him for a brood of looters who see governance as fat treasury coves for free feasting. We know that PDP has no stake in Lagos and the entire South West and we urge Lagosians to put a final seal on this position by trooping out en mass to support the wonderful works of Governor Fashola and the ACN on April 26."

Joe Igbokwe.

Publicity Secretary,

Lagos ACN.


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