Aero's attention has been drawn to a scare SMS circulating about the airworthiness of its commercial aircraft. The text message may be the handiwork of disgruntled competitors who are threatened by the success of the airline over the last few months.

For the record, Aero is Nigeria's oldest aviation company with an excellent safety record and rich history recognized beyond the shores of Nigeria.

On Tuesday evening, an Aero Boeing 737 had a technical fault before take off at Port Harcourt and the Captain elected to return to the ramp before the aircraft took off following the stringent safety procedure which Aero adhere to.

There has also been maliciously reporting of an incident which occurred over a week ago which concerned water vapour in the cabin. The crew followed the internationally accepted safety procedures and safely disembarked the passengers. Following the incident the NCAA has given Aero a clean bill on that aircraft following a check by its engineers and a test flight

Over the years Aero had imbibed a culture of safety in its operation as all its major multinational clients insisted on a yearly audit of its crew, aircrafts and operations, using aviation experts from Europe and the US. It is on this basis that the airline is able to serve the vast array of its customers. That culture has remained and will ever remain the mantra of Aero's operations.

It is a globally accepted rule in airline operations that no flight operation can be conducted when a warning signal is detected. That is what Aero has done and therefore will not be deterred by any blackmail from any source about its fleet airworthiness.

We have contacted NCAA to report this incident and investigate the source of the SMS. We shall always remain loyal to our principle of flying a safe and secure aircraft.

NCAA has confirmed that Aero meets all safety requirements and regulatory laws, and operate at the highest international safety standards.

Aero remains proud of being the carrier of first choice of the travelling public in Nigeria and have innovated our pricing structure while maintaining the highest on time departure and arrival punctuality. Our e-innovative is second to none in this part of the word. All these have caused a lot of worries in some camps; but we chose to move ahead, knowing that very soon the chaff will be separated from the grain.


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