The Democratic Alternative, The Party of the oppressed Nigerian masses congratulates Nigerians and especially the Nigerian Judiciary for the conviction of the former Chairman of the Nigerian Ports Authority who was also the former Deputy National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP, Olabode George. 

Olabode George, Aminu Dabo, Olusegun Abioye, Abdullahi Tafida Zanna Maidaribe and Sule Aliyu were sentenced on Monday 26 October 2009 to two and half years imprisonment without an option of fine by an Ikeja High Court for contract splitting at the NPA, abuse of office and disobedience of lawful order issued by constituted authority contrary to section 203 of the Criminal Code Cap 32 Volume 2, Laws of Lagos State of Nigeria 1994. The conviction, we believe will serve as a real lesson and hopefully deterrent to other corrupt leaders who deprive Nigerians of basic social amenities by stealing the national funds, inflating contracts for private derivations, money laundering and cornering our available national resources into personal pockets. We hope that President Umaru Yar'Adua will continue to support the total independence of the Nation's anti-corruption agencies and also stand on his promise to allow the rule of law to operate without interference. We however call on him to call his party officials to order in respect of the statement of the PDP South West Vice Chairman that the PDP would appeal the judgment. Is the PDP a party to these heinous offences against the people of Nigeria? 

The conviction of Olabode George is a judicial confirmation of the lengthening roll of right wing politicians and their executive personnel agents who have made it their religion to loot the national coffers and deny development to the national economy and thus keep millions of our people in perpetual poverty.

The charges by which they were convicted in the court are well known tricks of the fraudsters that dominate the polity even during the long and ignoble rule of military dictators. Contract splitting, costs inflation, pre arranged review of agreed costs, contract sales are criminal methods that such scum of society have used over the decades to pocket large volumes of the national wealth. Similar dishonest characters have demonstrated their unenviable skills in the electoral process. The entire polity is dominated by these characters. National development will never occur with his likes in power. They are the same characters that have infused murder, kidnapping and similar capital crimes into political practice. 

The prison uniform must be made to go round the circle of all the corrupt leaders and individuals in Nigeria. Their pictures in prison uniforms must be published in news papers to show the younger generation that this nation is at the brink of no longer tolerating thieves in public offices. By this, we can start to work towards the new Nigeria of our dream. 

We also urge the EFCC, ICPC and other law enforcement agents to reopen the case file of James Ibori the former Governor of Delta State, Peter Odili of Rivers State, other indictable ex-governors. These cases must be treated to their logical conclusions.

The Democratic Alternative through its internal programme of political education is determined to bring forth a new quality and type of politicians who will seek political offices purely for the rapid economic development of Nigeria by giving accountable and honest governance on the basis of a programme agreed with the people. 


National Administrative Secretary

For: The Democratic Alternative


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