Festus Iyayi’s Death-A Sad Reflection on the Nation’s Reckless Politics

TMG receives with shock the sudden and ill-timed death of Prof. Festus Iyayi last week. We are saddened by the loss. The wrongful death of any Nigerian and indeed any human saddens us but Iyayi’s death is especially painful to us and the entire labour and human rights community because of what he symbolises; Iyayi was not just an erudite scholar, writer and lecturer, but a radical and thoroughbred social crusader who stood for the Nigerian people.

His death however, is not just another death to be glossed over as his death triggered by the now known indiscriminate and uncouth driving of the Kogi State Governor, Idris Wada’s convoy reflects the reckless politics and power drunken nature of the Nigerian politicians. And while the nation is in a sober reflection mood at this time, we ask government at all levels to perform their mandate henceforth with restraint and maturity. Not only that, we call for investigations on his death and we urge the Nigerian people to stiffly resist these draconian attitudes to save our nation. On the last look really, this earthly life is merely an embryonic prelude to a new awakening, for life at its best is not just in longevity or earthly possessions, but living right and making peace with God and with man-that is what determines the legacy you live behind; Iyayi, we believe has done that because he left a committed life behind, and that is something that ought to burn the conscience of the nation and its political and religious leaders who look the other way in the face of injustice; that is what should bother them.

So, we ask the Nigerian people to take a moment today to say a prayer for Prof. Festus Iyayi; say a prayer for the family he has left behind, and more importantly, say a prayer for this nation which we all loved.

Comrade Ibrahim M. Zikirullahi


Chief Eddy Ezurike

Publicity Secretary