My attention has been drawn to an article written on behalf of AKS LEADERS IN THE DIASPORA and forwarded to different fora by a group of AKS government loyalist.

Let it be known that at no time did I participate in any conference call where the decisions in the COMMUNIQUÉ were taken.

I received a call a couple of days ago from one of the signatories to the communiqué but missed that call because I was at work. When I later returned the call, I was advised by this person to read the information that was sent to me and give my input. Before I could get around to reading the email, I started receiving calls from some people enquiring what the communiqué (which purportedly had my name) was all about.

I was very upset to say the least, because these people never waited for my so called input before appending my name to a document for which I have serious reservations. Although I am not against the removal of fuel subsidy by the federal government, I would have preferred a different method of implementation. Secondly I do not support the activities of Boko Haram which I consider despicable however, I cannot be a party to those who have chosen to rubber-stamp all the activities of the Akwa Ibom state government. These people see no evil and hear no evil, I do, and for that reason, we are diametrically opposed.

How can I support a government that chose to starve state workers of their duly earned salary at Christmas time while throwing parties for themselves in total disregard for the hard working men and women of the state?

As an Akwa Ibom leader within the Eket Community, I am still very disappointed with the role the AkwaIbomState government played during the Amakpe Refinery saga. Many Akwa Ibomites, especially those from the Eket Senatorial district were deprived of gainful employment.

The communiqué with my name appended to it, is calculated to misrepresent my stance within Akwa Ibomites and the Eket community in particular. With all due respect to some of the signatories of the said communiqué, who may have good intentions, I will suggest that my name should not be used in any communiqué or document in future without my express permission.

Thank you.

Margaret Itauma.