Press Release for immediate release

Dear Barr. Solomon Musa,

President, Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU)

Congratulations on a successful election.

Congratulations on a successful election.

Cleveland, Ohio: December 21, 2015: On behalf of Southern Kaduna People in Diaspora

(SOKAD) we congratulate you on your election as the President of Southern Kaduna Peoples

Union (SOKAPU). Please, extend SOKAD’s congratulations to all the elected Executive

members. Democracy is a costly enterprise: there are winners and losers- elections are never 100

percent in consensus. For those who did not win, in the spirit of democracy, it is hoped you will

join forces with your union for the betterment of our people; to the winners, you have been

entrusted with the responsibility to serve all Southern Kaduna people, at home and in the

diaspora- you must do a good job.

Mr. President, your election came at a time of urgency when Southern Kaduna needs to assert its

rightful and constitutional place as part of Kaduna State. We can’t continue to be timid, and  accept and be satisfied with crumbs from any administration. With the new administration, we

see hope and opportunity, and hope to be treated as indigenes of Kaduna State, with rights,

respect, and dignity.

We pray that truth, fairness, transparency, determination, and boldness will guide your

Leadership. You are aware of the adage, “divided we fall, united we stand”. We pray that you

and your EXCO members, indeed, all SOKAPU, will work in unity in the service of our people.

Finally, on behalf of SOKAD, we pledge support for SOKAPU in whatever way possible. We

will support you in the struggle of our people to reduce the historical marginalization we have

experienced since British colonization.


Likita Aminu, MD, MPH-President

Freeman Kamuru, PhD, MD- Secretary General

Ibrahim A. Maikori, BA, M.ED.- Treasurer.


Dr. Likita Aminu

Southern Kaduna Diaspora (SOKAD)


3929 East Meadow Lane

Cleveland, Ohio 44122


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