Words cannot express our grief at the news of the passing away of our Governor, Sir Patrick Yakowa, his Aid, Dauda Tosho, and others. The historic epoch of Yakowa’s governance in Kaduna, will be recorded in stories and history and told to generations to come. His election was historic, a symbol of justice and fairness in Kaduna State. His philosophy of ethnic, sectional, and religious transcendence of being na kowa Governor, should save as an exemplar for all politicians, particularly his successor administration. If there is any legacy that our dear Yakowa left behind, it is that he was not a Muslim Governor, nor a Christian governor. He was the people’s Governor: the marginalized, the poor, the rich, the Christians, the Muslims, and all. His contribution to the unity of Kaduna State is and shall always be a source of inspiration to the struggle of the oppressed and marginalized people against injustice and ethnocentrism.

Southern Kaduna in the Diaspora (SOKAD) share with the people of Kaduna State, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the Federal and Kaduna State Governments, the Southern Kaduna people, and the Governor’s family- in particular, this moment of sorrow and grief for the loss of the People’s Governor. May the Lord be with our good Lady, Mrs. Amina Elizabeth Yakowa, and her children, in this trying time!

Certainly, the people of Kaduna State as in past will be able to transform grief into a force of strength, thus contributing better for unity, peace, security, and development of Kaduna State.

It is twilight, but there shall be dawn in Kaduna State.

Ave et vale, Sir Knight Governor Patrick Yakowa!

May you rest in the Lord Jesus Christ!


Dr. Likita Aminu (President, SOKAD-USA)

Dr. Freeman Kamuru (Secretary General, SOKAD-USA)

Mr. Ibrahim Maikori (Treasurer/Financial Secretary, SOKAD-USA)

Mr. Filmon Raman (Chairman, SOKAD-Canada)

Mrs. Esther Simon (SOKAD-Canada)

Ms. Magang Sule (SOKAD-Canada)

Dr. Patrick Yat ( SOKAD-Canada)

Mrs. Rhoda Sule ( SOKAD-Canada

Professor Tunga Lergo (outgoing President, SOKAD-USA)


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