Coming at night to wreck havoc
He smiles, chuckles and giggles at his luck
Plucking away her maidenhead
He feels satiated, having fed under her skirt

She wakes after the ordeal
Feeling sad, she threatens to kill
With an armed mind, she sleeps tight
Ready for an overnight fight

Here he comes again to steal from her
The most precious thing that she cares
Fast asleep, she feels the sensation
She groans, moans, and yawns in satisfaction Waking up to see the sticky wetness between her thighs
She cries like a baby, speechless, she sighs
Who could this strange intruder be?
Stealing into her against her will Who does she have to tell about this secret lover?
I know this will soon be over
She says to herself, after each day's experience
Yet, the evil lover never returned to his nest


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