The streets are empty

the birds soar


angels plunder the sky


the earths want them no more

so they send out smoke

smoking them.

Holiday is here

no one should doubt

school kids wear bikinis

and teach adults the value

these bikinis

and then the teachers rest their chalk

blackboards are not clean.

Search your souls

boys of worms

or the earth worm

will take back its warmth

not even winter

nor spring,

nor autumn,

and summer

will shovel this boys of worm.

The sky gets its marks


its broken

but not by the smoke

set to scare the birds away

its simply put "the mark of heavens."

Boys gather their sticks

stoke a fire

bring the girls

lay the sticks


"oh!, my god",

its polluted

and the girls wont go away!

A small tin

the sand is ash

the food boils

its for eating

but who will eat?

Patrick Nwadike is a member, Writers Cave, Tokyo.


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