All life forms always begin from a state of absolute innocence and purity, after which these attributes mutate into a nihilistic depreciation of life, resulting in the corruption of the best into the worst. The history of man’s transportation into earthly existence and physiological manifestation, which we label evolution, also followed the same trajectory, beginning with his birth into a paradisiacal environment over which he had total dominion. The Bible’s account of our ancestors’ sojourn in the garden of Eden lends further credence to the assertion that the atmosphere that prevailed in the genesis of the world was one of total bliss, natural purity and unmitigated innocence. And here, I must say, there is a meeting of minds between the creationists and the evolutionists as both schools of thought seem to share the view that in its infancy, the world was a totality of processes,connections and relations which,if not relatively harmonious, were also not totally violent as to plunge the young race into a premature state of attrition and extinction.

The atmosphere of Arcadian simplicity had its own knell sounded by the great evil, an incident which, within the rubric of chaos theory, could only be rationalized as a tendency by long established states of systems equilibrium to oscillate towards a critical bifurcation point out of which an entirely different social system emerges.

What is referred to as the great evil here was actually one of the greatest events in the history of mankind as it opened us to a vast vista of infinite possibilities which enabled our consciousness to transcend the limitations of space, location and time that we usually take for granted. It started with the ingesting of a certain hallucinogenic plant which was instrumental in inducing an altered state of consciousness. As an aside, it is pertinent to mention here that during this state, problems can be solved in an intuitive way, perception is heightened, some people look ahead to future events or experience a view of things far distant from their physical body. Although the merchants of obscurantism will have us gullible mortals to believe that it was an apple that our ancestors ate to attain that state of non-ordinary reality, we now know better, except for the fact that we still do not know if and when the multinational corporation known as Apple Inc. may develop a virtual apple for out-of-body explorations. It was during this epiphanic excursion that man gained knowledge of good and evil. Having seen all the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them, it became his fatal prerogative to use this newly-acquired knowledge to concoct ways and means of gaining dominion over these kingdoms and the people that dwelleth therein. But with his consciousness brimming to overflow with very definite images of evil, and with no definite image of good, he preferred the evil option to the good. And with this choice, ended man’s tentative sojourn in paradise.

After leaving paradise, men dwelled in small hordes, each under the hegemony of an alpha male who resorted to the appropriation of all the females, to the exclusion of his sons who were either killed, castrated or driven out if they should make the least amorous overtures to the women. It was at this point that man started living in the so-called Hobbesian state of nature. And even though there was a form of social order whose politics was strictly dominated and regulated by nexuses of sex, life was brutish, short and nasty.

The primeval alpha male was the archetypal politician: cunning, acquisitive, dishonest, greedy, power-drunk, power-hungry and despotic. One thing he never did, however, was to stoop low to throw golden words in advance of his deeds. He had no need for the hackneyed phrase “yes, we can.” He was the strongest man in the horde and the strongest man, not the dissembling orator, emerged the leader. With the passage of time, the form of social organization developed into a primitive-communal system in which people lived in clans, dominated by customs and tradition. The prestige, respect and authority of the elders and prophets were mythological and surrounded by a halo of divine consecration. Geron-theocracy, as a system of government whose aesthetics, ethics and politics were predicated on some divine commandments, gradually became entrenched and we saw the divine will being propagated by direct contact with randomly selected elderly individuals who were supposedly vouchsafed immutable laws that could then be passed on to those less favoured.

Under geron-theocracy, the political prophets and priests committed a great pious fraud on the people by manipulating them into believing that they were born into original sin and that they lived in a world in which the good were rewarded and the evil punished within their own lifetimes or, at most, in the persons of their children or grandchildren. Suffice it to say this rule of transgenerational punishment, or inter-generational moral anthropology coupled with the fear of going to hell after death, were not so much designed for the moral re-armament of the society, as for being a tool with which to inject the people with subservience and servility and to obtain unalloyed obedience from them.

Within the structure of the old society based on nexuses of sex and religion, the productivity of labour began to undergo a significant development which led to the possibility of utilizing the labour power of others to create more wealth and thereby the foundation of class antagonisms. New social elements arose whose raison d’etre was to create a conducive environment and enabling conditions for the emergent society to blossom into its glorious apogee, until, finally, the incompatibility of the old society and the new led to a complete revolution. The old society based on sex groups burst asunder, and in its place a new society appeared, constituted in a state, and the social elements, the nouveau-riche which were spawned in the course of the revolution, conquered for itself exclusive political sway. They constituted themselves into the executive of the modern state charged with the distribution of the available commodities, and the management of the common affairs of the whole bourgeoisie. In the famous words of Karl Marx, bourgeois politicians have “...drowned the most heavenly ecstasies of religious fervour, of chivalrous enthusiasm, of philistine sentimentalism, in the icy water of egotistical calculation...In one word, for exploitation, veiled by religious and political illusions, they have substituted naked, shameless, direct, brutal exploitation.”

Is it not a testimony to the disdain and contempt in which politicians are held, that no great man of science, like Darwin; a great poet, like Shakespeare; a fine critical spirit, like Socrates; a supreme artist, like Michelangelo, ever graced the unhallowed corridors of power with their presence? Nostradamus, the greatest luminary in the field of astrology, the man who saw tomorrow today and could look into the seeds of time and announce with mathematical precision which of the grains would grow, was more interested in interpreting the influence of the heavenly bodies on human affairs than in getting involved in grandiose and ultimately suicidal adventures in secular messianism. Politics is the exclusive preserve of the insincere, the dishonest and the cunning, and to become successful at it, one needs no training in statecraft. Implicit faith in deception is the first article of the politician’s creed, and we do not need to see far enough into a hypocrite to see even his insincerity. The 43rd president of the United States typifies the above axiom. He was quoted as saying after his first meeting with Vladimir Putin: “I looked the man in the eyes and I was able to get a sense of his soul.” In a language that was replete with esoteric allusions, George Bush was simply stating the obvious. He peered into the darkest part of Putin’s in which dwell the vices that he does not display. If politicians can tell lies without batting their eyelids, the electorates should learn how to look into those eyes in order to get a good glimpse of their goddamn and hell-bound souls.

The politician within us is a toxic intruder of infinite plasticity whose evolution over time into a determinate form is catalysed by our archaic heritage, which, according to Sigmund Freud, covers what we bring with us from the past at birth. The archaic heritage of mankind includes memory traces of what our forefathers experienced. Thus, one may say that men have always known that once upon a time they had a primeval father who in order to exercise his power appropriated all the women and drove out his sons. This knowledge, this fundamental truth of who we are, where we came from, and what we are doing here, has been appropriated and hoarded by the global elites who, claiming the colossal license of the superman, have established a network of shady organizations which include the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the most influential of them, the Bilderberg Group, whose sole hidden agenda is to create a new world order consisting of a world government, army, central bank and currency, and a microchipped population. Under this dispensation, the whole of humanity is to be organized into a global herd in which commonsense will be kept as an esoteric item in the dark temple of culture. Those given the knowledge in the initiation ceremonies are said to be illuminated, and this gave birth to the name of a leading force within the conspiracy, the Illuminati.

Our present day bourgeois politician has succeeded in finally establishing a stranglehold and vice-like grip on both our archaic heritage and cultural heritage. With politics being seen through the intellectual prism of who gets what, when and how, this total domination of the process of acquiring all the knowledge and skill needed to control the forces of nature, and all the institutions that are required to govern the relations of human beings one to another and in particular the distribution of such goods as can be obtained, is reinforced through information management and advertising via the careful use of key words and phrases, sounds, colours, hypnosis and symbols, the latter of which fundamentally affect the psyche. The politicians, not content with invading the physical, have also gone beyond the threshold of consciousness in their bid to rule the world. People who desire to dominate the world and control the lives and thinking of billions are seriously imbalanced, and this imbalance manifests itself in their satanic manipulations of human consciousness by deliberately implanting thought forms into other people’s energy fields, causing them illness, pain, or mental and emotional distress. Such is the power of subliminal messages that whatever the politician utters is taken as the truth and stored for future reference.

The greatest pious fraud ever perpetrated in the history of political thought is democracy. This abracadabra draws its magical strength from the synergistic effect in human interactions. The more people who think or believe a certain way, the more who will find it easy to think or believe that way, and that is, that democracy is government of the people, by the people, and for the people. But the truth of the matter is that democracy leads to complacency. It softens the animosity of the electorate towards the politician for a period of at least 4 years, after which the herd who thrive on a measly diet of tapioca (which lacking in nutritive value is barely enough for the maintenance of merely physical efficiency) as opposed to the national cake, which is the staple diet of the thieves in the corridors of power, are intimidated into queueing up under the inclement weather to fulfill their electoral obligations. Democracy is the brainwashing of the people, by the global elite, for the enslavement of the people. The rule of law is the law of the ruler, the instruments of coercion and other instruments charged with brutalizing the people in order to obtain the highest possible compliance from them. Any politician who presents himself to the people as a servant-leader is indirectly telling them “my predecessor chastised you with whips, but I will chastise you with scorpions.” Of such politicians, the herd should especially beware. They come with temptingly seductive offers and irresistible manifestoes. Mark my words. These are all trojan horses whose riders not content with your station in life are more so determined to harness and saddle you like a beast of burden whose sufferings they wish to alleviate by all possible means, except by getting off your back. When asked to solve a simple political problem, they proceed, convinced yes we can, to take the controls of an airplane in a nose-dive, and they often end up falling like a capsized ship, crashing into the turnbuckle.

About the much hackneyed quotation “yes, we can,” something needs to be said. This is simply the act of a politician throwing golden words in advance of his deeds. A respondent should produce a number of utterances consisting of the same grammatical structure as the question directed to them. The information that directs the respondent to produce the right answer must, then, be given in such a way that it is unambiguous and cannot lead to more than one answer. Thus, when asked “do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?” , the right answer under most circumstances is “I do” or “I do not.” But the modus operandi of the politician is to holler “yes we can” when no question has been or is being asked. It is the declaration by those who consider themselves to be great that they can fly. We cannot be expected to have any regard for a great creature if he does not in any manner conform to our standards. For unless he passes our standard of greatness we cannot even call him great. In the presence of the truly great, the pretender always seem vain and petty. To use the metaphor of foundations, he is down to bedrock, but has no building materials. And while those who dwell in the savannah of the morally fallen are courageous enough to go mad for the love of sanity, politicians, however being political, reserve the right to remain sane from an insane dread of insanity.

One would look in vain for a greater example of cowardice if not from this thieving, dissembling, scheming, contriving, double-dealing monster whose extirpation through unnatural means has become an absolute necessity. The whole world was privy to how a much-hallowed man courageously opted to die proudly when it was no longer possible for him to live proudly. Before his final hour, he was said to have requested for two politicians to stand by his bedside, one on the right, and the other on the left. This was in order to replicate the crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ amid two thieves, who were probably politicians. The same universal audience saw how the family of a less-hallowed being who had vegetated for ages finally decided to place her under the care of the ultimate physician. And then it was the turn of a much-revered politician to die. Guess what! The proverbial will of the politician to defraud came up here, overcharged, but against a most formidable opponent on whose deaf ears his entreaties fell. A dying politician’s instinct for self preservation reeks of a morbid desire to vegetate.

Tons of tomes could be written on the evil posed and represented by the politician, but the greatest handbook on power politics was written by Niccolo Machiavelli. The Prince, as the handbook is infamously titled, is a master plan for seizing and holding power which even today remains a disturbingly realistic and prophetic work on what it takes to be a prince, a king, a president, a politician. Since politicians do not have time to read, that is if they can read at all, I very much doubt if they even know about the existence of this book. But what surprises me is that they all as a group act very much in accordance with the typifications set out in this book. As a parting shot, I will leave my readers with an excerpt which I enjoin you all to seriously reflect on and thereafter decide whether the gangrenous plague known as politician should or should not be extirpated with a hot iron.

Princes become great, doubtless, by overcoming opposition and by

removing obstacles that are set in their way. Therefore, when fortune

wants to bestow greatness on a new prince, who has more need of

fame than hereditary princes do, she creates enemies and urges them

on to attack him so that he may have cause to vanquish them; and thus

he scales the heights with ladders they themselves provide for him. For

this reason many believe that, when occasion serves, a wise prince will

cunningly provoke opposition and then, by routing it, increase his own



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