This paper points out that Africans greatest problem is their lack of love for themselves and for one another. It says that this lack of love has long roots, including slavery times (those who love their people do not capture and sell them into slavery). It says that Africans contemporary economic and political problems can be explained by lack of love. Africans may postulate complex political, sociological and economic hypotheses to account for the lack of development in Africa, the continent’s inability to join the rest of the world in economic development and those hypotheses probably may have some merits but in the final analysis the primary reason why Africans do not seem able to get anything right, to do anything well is their inability to love one another. When Africans learn to love one another things would begin working out well for them, but until then Africa would remain the place of chaos it currently is. In this part of heaven, we do not know what absolute love is; whatever it is, however, to the extent that we approximate it we generate peace and joy in our lives and live in a harmonious society.

Love Will Heal Africans and their Societies

Africans have a dreadful past, a period during which they ran around and captured their brothers and sisters and sold them into slavery, sold them to Arabs and to Europeans and to Africans. They do not talk about that shameful past. Generally, they keep quiet about it except when they join the African American chorus in demanding reparation for slavery (an interesting demand for one would think that the seller is as responsible as the buyer of slaves; African Americans have legitimate demand for the sins done to them but Africans do not for they were part of the sin). Africans sweep their sin under the rug and would like it not mentioned.


As it were, Africans seem to say: why revisit the past, why not let sleeping dogs lay? They would seem to suggest that instead of talking about a past that is over and gone we should focus on the present, for it is only the present that we can do something about. We cannot change the past so it would seem a waste of time and energy talking about it. That line of reasoning seems logical.

The problem is that the past is always with us. The reason why we study history, not forget history, is that the mistakes of the past are repeated in the present so by understanding why we made those mistakes perhaps we can stop making them.

Africa has not studied its past mistakes, understood why it made them and in the present is still making them. The land of the blacks, Africa is today the land of incredible corruption. There is corruption everywhere in the world but in Africa most people engage incorruption.

In Nigeria, for example, nothing gets done unless you bribed somebody. Government offices are criminal nests where you must bribe someone to even pick up a form to apply for something and certainly must pay someone money to get anything done. The police demand bribery or else they arrest you. The courts are bribery havens. Indeed, some Nigerians have taken to kidnapping their people, holding them hostage for monetary ransom before they are released. Often they kill their victims. The country, if the lawless entity called Nigeria can be called country, is literally the land of criminals.

What exists in Nigeria, in different degrees exist elsewhere in Africa. So why do Africans do these dreadful things to themselves?

I believe that Africans do these criminal things because they do not know what love is; Africans do not love themselves; Africans only understand how toexploit each other. We must, therefore, revisit Africans past, a past bereft of love (is selling people loving them?) and teach Africans to love themselves instead of abusing themselves.

Keeping silent about Africa’s guilty past and not doing anything to change the situation amounts to colluding with Africans and allowing them to continue in their criminal behaviors. To do so mean that one is now a partner in their criminal behaviors. Those who condone evil are partly responsible for that evil.

Thus, whereas one understands why Africans do not want to talk about their guilty past (they shorn those who remind them of that past) we must be courageous and talk about that past. We must seek ways to prevent Africa’s dreadful past and present from repeating in the future.

When Africans accept their sinful past many of them would ask why their people did such incredibly dastardly things and perhaps feel bad about themselves. Sensitive Africans would probably feel depressed from their people’s evil past. Indeed, some of them may commit suicide or be ashamed of Africa (dissociate from Africa). To prevent this state of affairs from occurring it would seem better to keep quiet about Africa’s criminal past. But to do so only encourages Africans to not deal with their shameful reality.

Those who avoid depression by denying what leads to depression often become paranoid, for paranoia, among other things, is an effort to deny ones imperfect self and pretend to be perfect. We must, therefore, talk about Africa’s Imperfect past and not pretend that all was rosy and peachy in Africa. Africa was and is still hell on earth.

If given the opportunity the average African would flee from Africa and go live elsewhere. It is anywhere but Africa; that tells you that Africans recognize the hellish nature of their continent; Africans do not believe that their fellow Africans can rule them with public interest in their minds; they expect their rulers to be self-centered thieves. This is sad, very sad.

There is a secret that most people know of but dare not speak it lest they are disapproved of or rejected by other people. That secret is that Africans are a sick people!

To be sick is to not love one’s self and love other people. Conversely, to be mentally healthy is to love one’s self and love other people.

I will speak that secret. It is my role as the individual who looks into what is in people’s ego unconscious minds to speak the secrets they hide in their unconscious minds.

By bringing what they hid in their ego unconscious minds totheir ego conscious minds, Africans would be compelled to address it, and, eventually, heal it (and those not yet ready to live consciously would deny it and keep living as before: sinful, evil; doing the same thing that give them the same result while expecting different result).

To heal is to love one’s self and love other people. Love makes whole and complete hence to heal is to love and become whole. Love connects the loving person and the person he loves and makes them as one, unifies them; love makes separated selves seem one hence wholeand complete.

In love people feelpeace and joy. In love people feel less fearful. Indeed, where there is perfect love there is no fear and where there is fear there is no love. To the extent one is in love one experiences less fear; total absence of love leads to total fear, the type of debilitating fear we see in Africans.

(Nigerians, for example,are sofearful that they cannot rise up and fight the thieves calling themselves their leaders, thieves stealing all their moneys; theyare afraid that if theyrose up and challenged the criminals in governmentthat they would be killed. True, some would be killed but haven’t they learned from Thomas Paine and John Stuart Mill that the tree of liberty is watered with the blood of patriots? Whoever told them that there is such a thing as liberty without men fighting and dying for it! They probably already know that fact but expect other people to come fight for their liberty so that they may live their cowardly lives, live to steal but not do anything worthwhile. Who do they expect to fight for their freedom for them, the international community? Until these people overcome the fear that holdsthem down they would be ruled by dictator thieves. What Nigerians know how to do is talk, they talk ad nauseum about their criminal rulers but none of them is willing to stick out his neck and organize to fight the thieves of Abuja. The rulers of the empire of thieves understand their countrymen too well, as weaklings and idle talkers but not fighters hence ignore them and literally cart the country’s wealth to their personal pockets. Let Nigerians talk idly about their rulers being thieves, the thieves of Abuja seems to say, but as long as Nigerians would not fight them they would continue stealing from them. Nigerian leaders have total contempt for their countrymen, for they see them as cowards. Whoever heard of cowards being respected? Men respect courageous men, those who are willing to fight for what they believe is right and if necessary die fighting for it. The heroes of mankind are fighters for justice; the thieves of Nigeria are the detritus of humanity and know it; they do not have self-respect; do those who have self-respect steal, take bribes?)

Africans are sick because they arenot a loving people. What is love and how do I know that Africans are not a loving people? Good question.

Let me ask you to answer your own question: what is love? Is love capturing your people and selling them to Arabs and Europeans? Is love not working to develop your people but instead stealing from them? What do you say love means?

Before we proceed, I should advise you that I am an adult and not a child; as an adult I do not want to hear Africans eternal childish rationalizations, their infantile excuses. They do the wrong thing and then blame their partners in their wrong doing. It is always other peoples fault that they did what they did; do not blame them,blame other people for their fallen house. That way in their childish minds they think that they are innocent when, in fact, they are as guilty as any human being can be.

I should also tell you up front that I am not a white liberal. The white liberal feels guilty for his people’s crimes towards black folk and out of guilt treats Africans and black folks like children. He makes excuses for them. He acquiesces with them and sees them as innocent folk unto whom white folks do bad things to. This is condescending and patronizing behavior; it is done from the stance of white superiority and black inferiority.

Africans aware that the white liberals they run into at Western University campuses feel guilt and remorse for their people's sins manipulate that guilt by playing on it, stroking it and making white liberals feel guilt and out of guilt give them economic aid, aid they immediately redirect to their pockets.

White conservatives do not feel like they did any wrong to black people hence do not feel guilt; indeed, they believe that Africans were so backward that slavery was good for them, gave them civilization and Christianity.

The salient point is that Africans do not manipulate white conservatives with guilt; their prey is white liberals, who happen to not be the rulers of the white world since rulers tend to be conservatives. Thus, most of their appeal to white guilt is a waste of time!

I am an African and do not see white folk as superior to me. I see me as an adult who plays a role in my life. When I make a mistake I accept it and do not seek other folks to blame for them.

Psychology teaches us that when a person makes a mistake and accepts it he tends to feel bad about him. He tends to feel guilty. He needs to feel guilty from his mistakes for it is only when he feels guilty for his mistakes (the word sin means mistake) that he is able to workto stop making them.

It is when the individual takes responsibility for his mistakes, sinsthat he works to change them. If the individual does not take ownership of his mistakes he is not going to do what it takes to stop making them.

One way to avoid the guilt that goes with taking responsibility for ones mistakes is to deny that one is responsible for them. Thus, Africans deny responsibility for their mistakes. They sold their people and deny responsibility for doing so; they have the nerves to blame other people for them (that is criminal thinking right there). In so doing they avert feeling guilty from their heinous crime against God and man.

And as long as they blame other persons for their mistakes they feel innocent, even good about themselves. This accounts for that infantile narcissistic trait seen in Africans, a people who did wrong yet seem to think that they are admirable people! It also accounts for their paranoid tendencies.

Paranoia, most psychotherapists would tell you, among other causal factors, is motivated by desire to avoid depression, which in turn is motivated by desire to avoid taking responsibility for onesmistakes. The paranoid denies hismistakes, denies his human imperfection to avoid feeling imperfect hence depressed and instead pretends to be perfect, hence his delusion of perfection when he is imperfect like the rest of us. (This paper is not meant for mental health professionals, but if you are interested in further reading on this matter see William Meisner, The Paranoid Process, also see David Swanson, The Paranoid; you can also see my own writings).

It is now time to start treating Africans as adults, not like children as white liberals treat them when they encouragethem to not take responsibility for their peoples criminal behaviors.

(You do not want to be blamed for your people’s crime, right? Okay; why then do you blame contemporary white men for their ancestors’ part in slavery and ask them to pay Africans reparation for slavery? If contemporary whites can pay for the mistakes of their fathers becausethey benefit from that mistake, contemporary Africans must pay for the mistakes of their ancestors in selling Africans to Arabs and Americans after all they too benefited from it; what is good for the goose must be good for the gander.)

White folks needed labor to develop America and bought African slaves to do so. In so far that they used Africans as slaves white folks were guilty in the iniquitous trade in human life.

I am, however, not interested in focusing on other peoples sins; I am interested in talking about my own personal sins, in African sins. By and by the sins of Arabs and Europeans in slavery will catch up with them…their evil empires would collapse and other folks take them over…the Chinese are already doing that.

I am interested in Africans mistakes, sins. Africans are sick (remember that to be mentally sick is to not know love) because for hundreds of years (perhaps for over 1000 years) they captured their brothers and sisters and sold them to whoever wantedto buy them, to Arabs and Europeans.

Africans sinned against God and man. They committed sacrilege. The African soil is desacralized; made sick, pathological.

This African sickness continues in Africans present tendency to not work for their peoples good and instead steal from their people. The politicians do not work their asses off to develop their people but exist to stealfrom them and pretend to be very important men (very important thieves).

Africans need to be re-sanctified, healed; since to heal is to love, Africans need to be made to love one another and work for one another.

Until Africans love one anotherthey are kidding themselves if they think that things would be well with them. They may blame the whiteman all they want for slavery, blame the West all they want for their economic backwardness, the fact is that at present Africans are a cursed people.

Africans are cursed by their higher selves (whole Spirit part of them, contracted to Holy Spirit) for their sin of selling their people.

Until the African social is healed, until Africans make amends for their one thousand year sin of selling their people nothing would work out well for them. (If you believe in the idea of reincarnation and karma you may say that ancient Africans who sold their people reincarnate to pay a price for their crime, to suffer in the present life time; they are paying off their negative samsara, their bad karma. Love is what pays off bad karma.)

No modern government would take root in Africa until Africans learn to love. If in doubt, just look at how Nigerian leaders are unabashed thieves, not even disguised ones. They steal from the public treasury and their village idiots instead of crucifying them make them chiefs. This is sickness!

Nigerians are actually no longer human beings; they are apes, literally. The ape has no idea that he is doing wrong and that is what Nigerians have become, baboons, animals without conscience of good and bad, right and wrong. They are contemptible and despicable.

When people degenerate to animal status they seek mere ego state of being. Nigerians want to be important egos and want you to see them as prestigious people. Prestigious from occupying empty political positions from which they do nothing to help the people.

It is when people love all people and work for social good that they become important. Thus, despite their egoism most Nigerians feel like they are shit! They are literally feces; they need to be removed to the sewage dump, for that is where they belong!

These people need to be healed.

What is healing? To be healed is to love your real self, love other people and love our creator, God.Love is not what you talk about, it is what you live. If you love you serve those around you and they know it. You do not just talk about love, you live love: you love people.

In a loving society there is peace and joy; love gives people security.

How Do You Translate Love to Politics and Economics?

The philosophy of love espoused in this paper can be easily translated to practical ends in politics and economics. How? Do whatever you do with love for the public. Whatever is your profession use it to serve the people. Your job must be devoted to serving social interests (public good).

Political leaders must see political office as a means for serving the community. Those pursuing economic activities must do so with an eye to what serves the community they are living in.

We do not need to propound new political and economic theories here. However, let me state that I accept mixed economy (capitalism and socialism). I accept democracy. My ideal political structure, with a little tweaking, is the United States of America. That is, having separation of powers: legislative, executive and judiciary. Elect politicians to serve five year terms in the legislature. Elect the president of the country, governors of states, administrators of the counties, mayors of the cities, county councils and city councils to severe five year terms. Establish an independent judicial commission to examine attorneys and select the best ones as judges and then let the judges work their way from the bottom (county court) to the apex court (Supreme Court) and serve until age of retirement (age 70).

We all like democracy but in practical terms what obtains in the real world are aristocratic democracy. That is, give all people equal opportunity to compete in the political economy and let the best competitors in any line of work rise to the top. Democracy does not mean mediocrity. (See the writings of Nicolo Machiavelli, Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Charles Montesquieu, Jean Jacquie Rousseau, John Stout Mill, Karl Marx, John Maynard Keynes and other luminaries in politics and economics.)

We can get lost talking about political and economic structures but that would not get us anywhere if the people do not use those structures to serve their people. Elsewhere I have written in detail on politics and economics and would not repeat myself here. Here I just want to emphasize our need to love one another and do so interpersonally and through our line of work.

It is very easy to withdraw from the world of political- economic action and in social isolation or the ivory tower talk about ideal politics and ideal economics. Such behavior is for defeatists and idle dreamers. Dreamers in isolation talk about impossible ideals and perfect human behavior. We are not interested in such idle talk (go read the politics of Plato, Aristotle etc.). We are interested in ordinary men and women who recognize that society is a community of individuals and that all of us must do our part to make our society work.

Enter politics and or economics and work to make our community work out well for all people. If you withdraw from action who do you want to make the community work well, other folks? Work with other people for society means interpersonal relationships, working with other people for the good of society. Whatever line of work you are in do it with love for all, use it to serve the community and that is good enough for all of us.

It is naïve to wish to change people for once peoples personalities are formed in their childhood they are set for life; they bring their personalities to whatever environment they enter, interact with it from their personalities and get the outcomes their personalities deserve and that is all there is to them; you cannot change them.

Personality is the individual’s habitual pattern of interacting with other people, his social and physical environment. It is usually formed inchildhood. As George Kelly pointed out, the factors that go into the formation of personality are the individual’s inherited biological constitution and his social experience. Each child uses his bodyand socialfactors as building blocks to construct a personality for himself. By the time he reaches adolescence,age thirteen his personality is set in rock and it would take heaven and earth to change it.

The term personality is derived from the word persona, mask won by Greek and Roman actors to cover their faces and disguise their true identity when they acted on the stage. This means that the individual’s personality is a social mask he wears, what he presents to other people to approve, a lifestyle he believes enables him to get along with other people, a manner of behavior that enables him adapt to his world. This suggests that he has a different self beneath the mask.

(Carl Jung thinks that at root people are spirits having social experience; in the individual’s collective unconscious mind are not only the irrational forces that Sigmund Freud and Alfred Adler pointed out but connection to other minds and to the universal mind folks call God.)

Where the personality is normal it is normal, where it is abnormal it is abnormal. Where it is disordered it isdisordered (such as paranoid, schizotypal, schizoid, narcissistic, anti-social, histrionic, borderline, avoidant, dependent, obsessive compulsive and passive aggressive personality disorders). Where it has psychoses such as schizophrenia, mania, delusion disorder,depression etc. it is set for life.

Psychotherapy and medications do seem to help but really do not change people’s personalities or mental disorders. What generally changes people is when they decide to love (which is what they call religious conversion, such as Saul felt on his way to Damascus and became a loving Paul).

Be that seemingpessimism as it may, we must keep on stressing the need for folks to love one another even as we know that they are not going to become angels.

I do not expect to change any one and make him or her perfect. However, I do hope that with constant refrain we can get most people to understand that the best lived life is one devoted to loving their selves and loving those around them.

Love makes people peaceful and happy. Without love what else is there to live for, anyway? The pursuit of knowledge (science) for the sake of it for a while satisfies but after a while even scientists learn that knowledge is for human beings good and one must love people to want to improve their level of physics, chemistry, biology and the other sciences that many of us find fascinating and engrossing.

Physics and Metaphysics

Let me say a few words about physics and metaphysics. Physics, aka science has a view of human beings. It believes that they are the product of the events in the environment. Nature determined people. As it sees it, events that began 13.7 billion years ago (Big Bang) produced human beings. People are not independent of matter. In so far that they seem to have the capacity to think it is the accidental configuration of nitrogen, carbon, oxygen and hydrogen (and trace elements such as magnesium potassium, calcium, sodium, iron, zinc, copper etc.) in their bodies that produce that thinking. Thinking is epiphenomenal, is the product of the permutations of matter (elements, particles) in the human brain. If you alter how electrons, protons and neutrons are arranged in elements and the brain thinking would stop in people.

This scientific epistemology seems empirically true. There is no doubt in my mind that our bodies are the product of physical evolution. Our bodies are made of matter and are material; our bodies obey the laws of matter, space and time. Physics four forces: gravity, electromagnetism, strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force, operate on our bodies.

Metaphysics, on the other hand, posits that whereas our bodies are the product of physical evolution that we have a mind that though is affected by the concatenation of matter is not entirely material. Metaphysics, in effect, rejects aspects of the philosophy of materialism. Metaphysics postulates that there is something in us that is more than our physics, more than our bodies. That something none of us understands fully but some call it consciousness, spirit, soul etc.

I accept both physics (hence study physics, science) and metaphysics (hence study what teaches that we transcend physics). I believe that our bodies are the product of physical evolution and that our brains are the product of material evolution but I also accept that there is a force that is beyond matter that operates in us. I have no name for that force but if it pleases you to call it soul, spirit etc. that is fine with me. Because I accept aspects metaphysics I accept that we do play a role in our lives.

In my philosophy (idealism) I accept that we do make choices and take the consequences of our choices. I am not a pure scientist, a pure physicist, a pure materialist who sees us as totally determined by matter. Because I reject total material determinism of man I have room for religion. I then choose a religion that resonates with my essence; I choose what makes sense to me. That religion is Gnosticism.

Gnosticism says that we are the ones who chose to separate from the entirety of spirit called God. According to Gnosticism we are not victims of the environment; whereas our bodies are victims of the environment we have a mind that makes choices as to what it does regarding the environment.

My philosophy is non-dualism, not even Cartesian dualism. I see the seeming external world as in our minds (the world is the projection of our thoughts; the external world mirrors our thoughts, our desires and wishes; we are not victims of what seems to be happening to us; we are active creators of our world). Now that you know where I am coming from consider the following gnostic metaphysics of love.

Gnostics Metaphysics of Love

My intention is not to escape into metaphysics but no talk about love can avoid talking about God. Love cannot really be based on pure secular understanding of human beings. Therefore, I must talk about God a bit.

If you accept the secular perspective on life, especially evolution biology’s hypothesis that we evolved from the Big bang to the present as a variety of animals; and that we are animals competing for food and the strongest among us survive and weakest die out, then to you there is no such thing as God and love.

I understand the purely scientific perspective on reality but reject it. If you accept it then you and I do not have any basis for further communication.If you are operating from Denis Diderot French enlightenment perspective that only reason exist, that what Laplace derisively called the “God hypothesis” is superfluous you must part ways from me. Stop reading and move on to where you belong. I do not address myself to unrepentant egotists, folks seeking rationalization to justify being unloving persons; I am interested in returning us to Christ, which is love.

As I see it, our true self is love. This philosophy is rooted in Gnosticism. Agnosticism means that the individual does not know if God exists or not but has not completely ruled him out. Atheism means that one believes that there is no God. Theism means that one believes, has faith in God but does not know for sure that there is God.

Gnosticism means that the individual knows from direct experience that God exists. (See Evelyn Underhill, Mysticism; William James, Varieties of Religion Experience; Richard Morris Bucke, Cosmic Consciousness.)

What is that experience that convinces the individual that God is real? That experience cannot be explicated in words for God transcends words; speech evolved to enable those who live in the world of separation to communicate with one another; in God all are one and therefore there are no other people for them to talk to in words; God and his infinite children share one self and one mind and know what each is thinking and thus commune with each other without words.

The God experience means that one knows that in the world of forms we are different. We see space, time and matter between us. You are over there and I am over here; there is space between us and it takes time to traverse the distance between us. We live in bodies and are therefore not one.

Despite these apparent differences Gnosticism and mystical experience teaches that at a different level we are one. We are unified. We have a different self, a formless self not in body, a self that folk’s call spirit but that has no name.

Let us just say that that our real self, unified self cannot be described in words. That one self has no name but religionists call it God. That one- self, God, extended itself to infinite selves.

In religious language one God created his infinite children. God and his infinite children are one, literally, not figuratively. Where God ends and his son begin is nowhere?

God is in his son and his son is in him; they share one self; there is no space between them. There is no gap between God and his son and one son and other sons.

In eternity God and his sons are joined, connected. This is their eternal state. That state is immortal, permanent, timeless and changeless.

While remaining in this unified state (state of eternity and perfect union) the children of God desired to separate from God and from each other. They cannot separate from God and from each other. Since their mind is God’s mind they can do whatever they want, except separate from each other, such as dream that they are separated. Unable to separate from God and from each other they, as it were,they cast a magical spell on them (Hinduism calls it Maya), went to sleep and in their sleep dream that they are separated from God and from each other.

Thus, while still remaining eternally unified with their creator and with each other they seem to have separated from God and from each other.

(Those who have experienced what Catholics call mystical union with God, Hindus call Samadhi, Buddhists call Nirvana and Zen calls Satori say that in it they know that even though they had lived in our world of separation that they were always in the world of union even when they thought that they were in the world of separation; the Hindu philosopher, Shankara addressed the issue of how we could be in union and yet feel separated; also see the writings of Ramanuja, Ramakrishna and Ramana Maharshi).

Our world is that world of seeming separation from God and from each other. In our world we seem separated and there is space between us. Each of us is housed in flesh and his body gives him a sense of boundary between him and other selves. It is therefore difficult for the individual to believe that he is one with other people.

(The idea that our world is an illusion and is in our minds is called solipsism; solipsism is part of the philosophy of idealism, as opposed to the philosophy of realism. Realism also called materialism says that the world is objective and is outside us. Solipsism says that even though the world seems objective and outside us that it is actually in our minds. At night we sleep and dream and in our dream see a world that seems real but when we wake up we do not see that world. Solipsism says that our day world is also a dream in our minds. George Berkeley is associated with solipsism. See his book, Three Dialogues Between Hylas and Philonous. Hinduism is also solipsistic. In our time this philosophy is majorly articulated by Helen Schucman in her classic book, A course in miracles. Here is the classic question asked by idealists: if a tree fell and there is no human being to observe it, hear its sound did a tree fall? If it takes us to know that a tree fell does a tree exist apart from us? Does the world exist apart from the observer, us? But we came into being only a few million years ago; the universe, astrophysics tells us, has been around for 13.7 billion years, so the universe would seem to exist apart from us, the observer? Really? Did it not take us to observe that the universe has existed for fourteen billion years? Haven’t quantum physicists such as Warner Heisenberg told us that the observer influences what he observes? Ponder that question and do not proffer spurious answer to it!)

Talk of union seem lunatic to those in the world of apparent separation, the world of egos. But when you have experienced the mystical union of God and his creation you would know that union is reality and that separation is illusion.

Separated state is characterized by each of us having a separated self-called ego. Each of us has an ego and defends his ego with the various ego defense mechanisms (repression, suppression, denial, projection, displacement, dissociation, rationalization, justification, sublimation, reaction-formation, fantasy, avoidance, pride, shame, guilt, fear, anger, etc.). We employ those to defend our egos and in defense make them seem real to us.

The ego self, the separated self (what you currently see yourself as) believes itself to be different from other selves. It believes that it has different interests from other people. Some egos seem better than others; some seem smart whereas others seem dumb. The ego is belief in inequality and differences, belief in specialness, superiority and inferiority.

The world of forms seems real to us. This is our world; one has to believe in its reality to be in it. We all believe that it is real otherwise we would not be init.

The ego is the opposite of God. God is union; ego is separation. God is love, the ego is hate. The ego is the opposite of love. In ego state we do not love our real selves and do not love other people. In ego we defend our separated selves housed in body.

For the sake of intellectual considerations, since our lives must be defended to seem real and to exist inform we must defend forms, have you ever wondered what would happen if for a split second you did not defend your ego and body?

I have pondered that question. My ego reasoning tells me that if I do not defend my ego and body that I would die. The ego and its body need to be defended to live, that is the logic of our world. We live in bodies and must feed our bodies with food, use medications to heal our physical illnesses, wear clothes and live inhouses to ward off the deleterious effects of inclement weather on our bodies. If we did not do so we would die.

I live in Alaska. As I type it is minus twenty degrees Fahrenheit outside my house. If you did not wear thick clothes and stepped outside you would freeze to deathin few minutes. Simply stated, we must defend our bodies for our bodies to live in our world of space, time and matter.

Be that apparent reality as it may, have you wondered what would happen if you did not defend your ego and body with the ego defense mechanisms and physical defenses? Some of us have wondered. If our egos and bodies live because they are defended, so some of us wonder what would happen if we did not defend our egos and bodies?


Why not find out. In meditation we try to stop defending our egos. In meditation one denies that one is ones ego and body; one tries to stop thinking in ego rational categories. One negates all ego based knowledge, science included. One tries to attain empty mind, void, or as Buddhists call it no ego self, no human personality.

Of course thoughts would enter your mind, but as one of the Hindu Upanishad’s recommends, say Neti, neti; that is, whatever thought that your ego mind can come up with is not the truth of who you are. If you are not the ego (what Hinduism calls Ahankara) and the ego thoughts you have are false, so who are you?

If one succeeds and attains no ego state of mind, one finds out that the ego is a puff of smoke that, in fact, it does not exist. That is true; the ego is an imaginary self we made up and use to replace our true self. The ego is a substitute self, a replacement self, a false self.

Our true self is unified self, unified spirit, a self that we share with other selves. In that self-there is no you and I, all of us share one joined mind. There is no seer and no seen, no subject and object; there is no space, no time, no matter.

I am not motivated to convince you what you may not be ready to learn about. You cannot run until you have learned to walk.People are at different stages in their passage on planet earth. Besides, some folks are carrying too much negative baggage, samsara, and karma from their evil behaviors in past lives to be able to know something about spiritual matters in this life time.

In whatever state you are in your journeythrough planet earth you can pause and ponder whether you have a different self, a self that is the opposite of your current self.

At present you have a separated self; ponder if you have an opposite self, a unified self? Just think about it. If it does not resonate with you, drop it and move on. But if it makes sense to you, well you are ready for enlightenment to your real self, a self-joined to all selves and our creator.

Our real self, unified self (also called holy self or Christ self) is formless; it does not live in body, and does not live in space-time. It is permanent, changeless and eternal.

In the meantime we are in the phenomenal world, the world of space, time and matter, the world of illusion. We live in body and see space, time between us. So be it.

In our world there are many of us. There is a me and a you; we are separated from God and each other. We are housed in bodies.

The deal is that while in separation for us to remember that we in eternity share one self and one mind. If while on earth you remember that you and all people share one self and you love all people you would feel peaceful and joyous.

Do you want to be happy? If so, love the person around you. Love him as you understand love to mean for you.

Most people believe that to love is to care for people. Then do that. Love all people; that is, care for all people’s welfare. Work for the good of all people around you. If you do that you would generate peace and happiness around you.

True love cannot be described in words for it is of God; it is the perfect union of God and all his creation. But we are not in the awareness of spirit right now; we must love as we understand love to be. To us we feel loved if other people care for us and if we care for people. So care for all people.

As Jesus Christ said: do unto other people as you want them to do to you. You want other people to love and care for you; so, love and care for all people.

Do this and your life would approximate the life we share in God, in heaven, in eternity; it would be characterized by peace and joy. In metaphysical language, you would be at the gate of heaven.

Heaven’s gate, however, is not heaven. In heaven there is no separation and folks do not live in forms, bodies; they live in spirit and are unified.

You are still on earth hence still in body, in form; you still see space, time and matter around you. But because you have somewhat met the condition of heaven, love, you now enjoy the gift of God, peace and joy.

In sum, in time we seem separated. So be it. If in time you work for the good of society you approximate our true state in eternity.

What this means is that Africans, like other people, are in time; they are separated from God and from each other, as all people are. If, while in time, Africans love and care for all people around them they would approximate their eternal state, formless love (but not be in it, for in eternitytheyare not informs, not in space and time).

The world is the opposite of heaven. Heaven is perfect love; we separated from that perfect love. If while on earth we remember to love and love one another we begin to live as we live in heaven and are rewarded with the gifts of God: peace and happiness.

In Africa folks currently live as pure egos; they are separated from God and from each other. They believe that they are their separated selves housed in bodies. Each of them believes that he has different interests. Each works for his own good and does not care for other peoples good. In other words, Africans, like all people live as egos, as separated selves hence live in psychological pain, suffer and die (the wages of sin is death; sin is belief in separation; that belief must die as one resurrects to one’s reality, union with God and all creation).

What needs to happen is for Africans to remember that their true selves is love, is part of perfect union and begin the journey of returning to love, aka unified state.

Love and you will be happy and peaceful. Love and you approximate the self that God created you as, not the self you made yourself as, the ego housed in body.

What I briefly explicated above is Gnosticism, knowledge of God, knowledge of truth (it is the core of all religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and African religions;those who have experienced God, no matter where they live on planet earth describe the experience in the manner I described it above).

First, you learn about the truth (union of all creation and its creator); second you practice what truth asks of you: love all creation and its creator; third, you experience oneness. If you are one with all people to experience oneness with all people, it follows that you must love all people.

God is love, heaven is love; therefore, no one comes to God and his heaven without loving God and his creation. The condition for entering heaven is to love all people. When you return to love you return to God, to heaven.

The journey without distance, journey to nowhere for everywhere we go we go in God, is a journey to the opposite of love, opposite of union. We must reverse the journey, do what the prodigal son did, return to union, to love, to his real self, to his father; we must end the journey to the opposite of love, the journey to go experience independence from God. God is everywhere so it is an illusion to believe that one can go outside him.

We are always in God, but while in him place blocks to the awareness of God by not loving one another. When we love one another we have removed the veil on the awareness of God and his son, our real self.

Love is the glue that joins God and his children into one shared self and one shared mind.

Those who have experienced oneness are called enlightened persons by Hinduism and Buddhism; they are called Christ by Gnostic Christianity. (See the Gospel of Thomas; also see the Nag Hammadi Gospels.)

When you experience oneness you would be pleasantly surprised (suddenly the phenomenal world disappears and you know, not believe that all is one).

I am not figuring on getting every person to be an illuminated, enlightened person. It is good enough that you believe in your oneness with all creation and its creator and try to love all people. If you do so you would experience what Bahaullah called the lesser peace, imperfect peace (be at the metaphoric gate of heaven, be near God), not the perfect peace of God that Saint Paul said is beyond ego understanding.

If you are in ego state, it will scare you to tell you that what you call your body and self are illusions that do not exist, that your real self is formless spirit. But we are not here interested in talking about a subject that you may not be ready for (not every person is ready to learn that the seeming solid world they seem to live in does not exist; that their mind dream it).

All that is asked of you is to ponder the possibility that you and all people share a unified spirit self and a unified mind; you are asked to follow the realization that you and all are one self with the logical behavior of loving all selves, for if all selves are part of you it makes sense to love all people to love your whole self, your holy self, your complete self.

If you love other people, since they are part of you, you love you. If you hate other people since they are part of you, you hate aspects of you.

You can only love you when you say that you love other people and can only hate you when you think that you hate other people. What you do to other people you have done to you. Giving is receiving; what you give you receive.

In this light, if Africans love each other they love their whole self; if Africans hate each other they hate their whole self.If Africans work for allAfricans good they work for their selves; if Africans refuse to work for the African community and instead steal from it, asthey currently do, they make their African house a chaotic house.

Africans sleep on the beds of thorns they have made. They have no one else to blame for their pained continent. Blamingwhite folks for their chaos while they sow chaos is self- deception.

The Intermediate World

The above discussion of mystical union of God and his son is not accessible to most of us in the world of space, time and matter. There is another world that is more accessible. That intermediate world has been called many names, such as purgatory, gate of heaven, astral world, and world of light forms, bridge between heaven and earth, happy dream, real world. It has no name but you can call it whatever you please. What needs to be done is to understand what the various metaphors you call it mean.

As noted, in eternity we are unified with God and each other. We wished to separate from God and from each other. In truth we cannot separate from God and each other, for God willed that he and his creation be unified and no power can disobey the will of God.

We cannot disobey the will of God. What we can do is while still in God dream that we are separated from it. We are currently dreaming that we are apart from God and from each other.

When we accomplished this impossible reality, separation, God created another self and as it entered the world his children made (if you like, you could say that God is in us and when we came to the world we entered the world with him).

The new self that God created has been called many names, including Holy Spirit, Christ, Holy self, higher self (n Hindu categories, Atman…God is called Brahman, his son is called Atman; Brahman and Atman are one; it is Atman that dreams this world and since Atman is in Brahman and Brahmin is in him he brought Brahman to his dream) It has no name so call it whatever you like.

The salient point is that when we seem to have separated from God and evolved our present separated selves in bodies, God evolved another self for us, the Holy Spirit, aka Christ self. The Holy Spirit is God in the temporal universe.

In Christian categories we say that there are three persons in one God: God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit.

God the father is in heaven (is transcendent God, is above this world). God the son (you and I) is now sleeping and sees himself as us in the world, is now identified as the ego. God the Holy Spirit is God that entered the world that the son of God made (immanent God).

The Holy Spirit is not a person; it is the idea of oneness, the idea of unified spirit in our minds. In our temporal minds are three parts: Unified mind, the part we share with God and all people. We on earth do not remember it. The ego mind (the part each of us is currently aware of, the separated mind). The Holy Spirit mind, the part that is aware of our unified state.

In your mind, in my mind are unified mind, separated mind (the ego) and Holy Spirit or Christ mind. At any point in time you are aware of only one of the three minds.

You cannot be aware of all three of them at the same time. If you are in ego mind you cannot be aware of the existence of Christ mind. If you are in Christ mind you cannot be aware of ego mind. If you are in unified mind you are in heaven and are not aware of our earth (you can be aware of the Holy Spirit or Christ mind).

The Unified self is formless. In it we do not have forms, do not have bodies; it is the idea of son of God and God, part and whole in a unified state.

In ego mind we are in form, the form you know yourself to be (in body, in space and time).

In Christ mind, Holy Spirit you are in purified form. The Christ form is like the body self you have on earth except that it is made of pure light. This is the form that folks who have experienced out of body, near death or visions see their selves as.

Try meditation and you would suddenly see yourself in light form standing right in front of you! For our present purposes each of us has a light form, right now. When we invented the ego body self-God remade it into the light form, the Christ self. However, as long as we identify with the ego self we cannot see the light form, the Christ self, the Holy Spirit in us.

Where is Jesus, Buddha, Bahaullah and other enlightened persons (those are called world teachers of God for they totally identify with the Holy Spirit and his gospel of love and teach it)? They are in the world of light forms. This is literal, not figurative. They exist and you can see them if that is what you want to do. But to see them you have to shift your awareness away from the ego to loving self.

If you have not seen Jesus Christ you are not a loving and forgiving person, you are not a Christian although you may call yourself one! Try loving and forgiving all people and you would see the son of man who knew that he is the son of God in his glorified body, light body.

Jesus is not the only person in the world of light form. All people are there, you included. But when you identify with the separated self, ego you lose awareness of the light self (but it is still there).

When we think that we are dead in body we merely shift our perception to the world of light forms. Those on earth who die in body see themselves in light forms.

Upon our physical death we go through judgment. People review their lives on earth (they do the review with the assistance of enlightened persons such as Jesus Christ, with whoever they accept as their guide back to God.). If they were loving persons they do not return to earth (unless they choose to return as the teachers of God). Those who were evil in the immediate life they just left return to earth. They return to live in body form to try again until they learn that love is their true self and live loving lives. When they have lived loving lives they no longer return to earth (in Buddhist terms, they break the wheel of rebirth into the abode of suffering).

From the intermediate state, the way station, folks evolve back to formlessness. Folks like Jesus evolved back to God but returned to the way station so that they may continue to teach those of us still in the world of forms, on earth. If you call on these world teachers of God they will help you. They are the intercessors between God and his sleeping children; they mediate between the earth and heaven, God and man.

If you are still attracted by form you can stay on the world of light forms until you learn that your true self is formless, that you are one with God. When you let go of any desire to be in form you then return to heaven, to the state of formlessness where you have no individuated self, where you are one with God and all people.

Where is heaven? Heaven is not a place; heaven is a state of mind, a mind that knows that it is joined with all minds and is one with all minds. Heaven is inside you, right now. If you love all and forgive all the wrongs people did to you hence forgive you the sins you did to other people you experience mystical union, that Is, heaven. You momentarily transcend matter, space and time and experience eternity. Suddenly you experience yourself as an idea, an idea in other ideas.

God is the idea of the whole; each of us is the idea of a part of the whole; in Christological terms, the son of God.

I cannot explain heaven, unified spirit state for you; it is foolish and a waste of time trying to explain to you what you cannot understand.

If you have experienced heaven you do not need explanation to know what it is. If you have not experienced it, no one can explain it to you.

Suffice it to say that in the experience union, Holy Instant, you feel one with all and feel eternal; you experience perfect peace and joy, bliss.

People separated from God, state of union. Each of us is at a different state in our journey away from our real self and journey back to our real self. If you are still attracted by the ego you are in ego. If you have seen through the ego and its world of appearance and want to return to Christ you are doing what you have to do to return and do not need any one to tell you to do it. From the moment of your birth on earth you would recognize that this world is an illusion and not feel attracted it its transient and ephemeral things. You would gravitate to spiritual matters, and eventually love all and experience eternity. When you do no one can tell you that it is not real (you would only smile at the blandishments of silly atheists).

For our present purposes, there are no accidents and chance in heaven and on earth. On earth, you are where you need to be to learn what you need to learn to move to higher states of being.

On earth all of us are in ego body state, a loveless state. Some of us, however, are beginning to remember our true self as love and begin to love all people albeit hesitantly. When we succeed in loving all people we return to where we came from, perfect love.

You are where you are and cannot not be there. You are not other people. No matter what you do you cannot be enlightened in this life time if your past life was extremely evil. There are those whose past lives were loving and with some effort those experience their reality, oneness with God and all creation.

Africans sold their people; they were evil. They are in this life time to pay off the crime they committed in past life times. Those who bought Africans are also in this world to pay off their own past evil.

The most primary law in this universe is the law of cause and effect, aka karma. No one gets away from evil without paying a price for it.

Wherever you are right now all that is asked of you is for you to remember that love is our nature and try to love all people, yourself included. If you know that love is our truth you cannot not love.

I cannot not love all people. I remember when I saw folks from my temporal ethnic group, Igbos hating other Nigerians and freaked out. How dare they hate sons of God, for all Nigerians, Africans, all people, black and white are children of God? Every child of God deserves only one thing, love. Love all people. If some children of God do wrong to you (usually because you did wrong to them) forgive them and work to correct their behaviors.

Some people from the get go of their existence on earth know that their true state is love and love all people (and occasionally relapse to hate, to ego).

Do me a favor, will you; remember that you are love and love all people. That is all that matters; the above metaphoric expression of what God, son of God, Holy Spirit, Brahman and atman are, are just words. Words are not what they represent. Love and you know peace and joy, the gifts of God.

No one returns to God who does not love his sons, for God is not apart from his sons. Where you see the sons of God (ego, body) is God (in spirit). Hate people and you hate God. Love people and you love God.

To love all, which means to forgive all is the meaning of salvation. How simple is salvation! Stop making life unnecessarily complicated for you.

Why Do Africans Find it Very Easy to Kill One Another?

Have you ever wondered why Africans in Africa and the Americas find it very easy to kill one another? When black folks have disagreements they easily resort to violence; they go get their guns and shoot and kill each other.

African politicians, instead of seeking ways to develop their backward countries, import guns to equip their militaries (their goon squads) and with the military kill whoever opposes them. These people kill each other as if they have no regard for human life.

Many Africans actually do not feel guilty or remorseful upon killing their people. It is as if their people are flies and they merely swat them to death and it is no big deal.

Have you wondered why they do these dreadful things? I have. I know that we can consider complex psychological, sociological and economic hypotheses why they do what they do; here is a simple answer for you.

Africans think that their fellow Africans are literally, not figuratively shit, feces. They therefore have no respect for them.

Now, why would Africans see their people as nothing significant? It is because Africans sold their people into slavery. Those who sold their brothers and sisters into slavery must be sub human beings; they must be lesser than dogs.

True human beings love and protect their people but Africans sold their people and give us cockamamie reasons why they did it; indeed, they blame white folks for their heinous crime against God and man.

I believe that the act of selling human beings, short of murder, is the worst crime a human being can commit and those who did it are less than human beings. And since Africans did it no one has respect for Africans.

I will give it to you in simple language. When I see an African I ask: would this blustering creature sell me into slavery if he could? What do you think?

Are the leaders of Africa not selling their people into slavery by not working on their behalf? My answer is that any African is capable of selling me into slavery if he could and use the money he got to buy alcohol and hopefully die of liver cirrhosis and the scrambling of his brain (assuming that he has one). Since I believe that the African can sell me into slavery I do not have respect for him. In my eyes Africans are like sub human beings. I want to help turn them into human beings but I do not make the mistake of assuming that they already are human beings.

Human beings are those who love one another, not those who abuse one another.

(If you are psychologically savvy you speculate that what a person thinks of other people is what he thinks of himself. In effect, I could be projecting my self-disregard to disregard for Africans. This may be so or may not be so; who can refute psychoanalytic conjectures? Thehypothesis of denied self- hatred and projection of self-hatred to others, notwithstanding, I still see Africans as described here!)

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Paranoia in Africans

I suspect that the slavery experience left a psychiatric disorder in Africans. Africans, for over one thousand years,ran around capturing their people and selling them to Arabs, Europeans and to each other. This incidence must have affected those Africans who were not kidnapped by Africans and sold into slavery. It left the people fearful, stressed and paranoid.

Most Africans probably have post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD as well as paranoia (from anticipation of being captured and sold and not knowing who to trust).

Generally, Africans are very fearful people. One could diagnose them as having PTSD (which is a fear response) and paranoia, which is also a fear response (see the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, fourth Edition for definition of these mental disorders).

However, one hesitates in seeing Africans as suffering from PTSD and Paranoia for that would give them another excuse to see themselves as victims and ask the world to help them. I do not want to see Africans as victims; I do not want them to blame white men for their fate. I want to see them as adults who are responsible for their actions.


If you are an African, please doyourself a favor andgrow up. Being an adult means quitting the African bad habit of always pointing accusing fingers at white people. I do not want to hear an African ever again talk about what white folks did to us.

I know about what white folks did to us. White folks are egos and, as such, separated from God (from union). Those in separation do not love. I therefore do not expect white folks to love; I expect them to practice hate for that is what all of us came to this world to do.

White folk will use you in a minute to make life pleasant for themselves. We are here trying to find salvation for the African (and all people).

Salvation lies in love and working for social good. Please desist from talking about white folk’s lovelessness, their evil nature. That is true but your job is to save yourself for you cannot save white folks.

Only white folks can save themselves, just as only Africans can save Africans. In the final analysis no other person can save you; only you can save you. Only the individual can save his self. To save you, redeem you, deliver you (from the ego, lovelessness) you have to love you and all people.

To be a saved person is to love one’s self and all people. As Jesus said, instead of talking about the sand in other people’s eyes (talking about white folks faults) remove the mountain in your own eyes, so that you can see better, love all people.

Remove what prevents you from seeing clearly and stop worrying about other people not seeing clearly. Remove the obstacles to your awareness of love. You, all of us live in the presence of love but cover it with a veil hence do not experience it.

Your function is to become saved. To be saved is to love all people (and forgive the wicked, which does not mean tolerating their wickedness but working to correct it even if it is at the risk to your earthly life).

It is childish to always talk about what other people did to you, what white folks did to you. What they did to black folks is empirical and does not need to be talked about; we all can see it without your telling us about it. Just do the right thing, love all and see what difference it would make in your life.

At present Africans do not love one another (see how each tribe kills members of other tribes). Those who do not love other people are at a sub human state of evolution.

I know that it probably would make you feel angry to be seen as a sub human being but that is exactly what those who do not love their fellow human beings are.

Because Africans do not love one another they are sub human beings hence the world treats them without respect. How else would you treat a person who takes bribe before he does anything for his people, respect him?

As long Africans are corrupt and do not work to serve their society they are not fully human beings;they are mere animals.Those who do not love and care for other people are not different from predatory animals, such as tigers and lions.

A lion takes and eats but does not think in terms of what is good for the entire community. Until a person thinks in terms of the entire community he is not a human being. He is an animal and he would be treated as an animal, as the rest of the world treats Africans. Do other people respect Africans…do people care when they hear of Africans killing each other in Sudan, Congo, Somalia, Biafra? The world intervened when white folks were killing white folks in Bosnia, but what did they do when Africans were killing Africans in Rwanda?

I treat white racists as animals and make no bones about that. If you want to be treated as a person do what persons do, love and care for all people. Until you love and care for people you may eat and grow fat and die from heart attack and stroke or give yourself uselesstitles such as Dr Professor chief idiot and that would not make you a very important person. What would give you worth is if you love all and work for all selflessly.

Contemporary Africans are exposed to Western social sciences, especially sociology. Sociology was devised by French men (such as Saint Simon, Auguste Comte, Emil Durkheim and such Germans as Karl Mannheim). The epistemology of sociology is that society, the external world affects, in fact, determines the individual. The family, peer groups, ministers, schools, teachers, work places, in short the external world influences the individual’s behavior.

Instead of asking one why one did what one did,sociologists look at the external world and tell us the factors that influenced one to do what one did. In effect, the individual is no longer responsible for his choices but his choices, as it were, are made for him by other persons in his world; he is a victim of the external world; he is innocent.

Even if he joins Fascists such as Hitler’s Nazis and trains and goes and kills six million Jews in gas chambers his behavior is explained away as s product of his circumstances, his environment made him do it.

Then add the Marxists. These tell us how everything is determined by economics. The economic relationship of the social classes determines class behavior. Why do the poor behave as they do? They do so because of their class upbringing and culture?

The bourgeoisie behave as they were socialized to behave; they internalized certain bourgeois values and those influence their behaviors.

No one has independent choice; we all do what we are programmed to do. Man is a robot that his environment programs to do what he does.

The social scientists have made people things rather than choice making persons. In the context of Africa we are told that Africans economic relationship with Europeans determines their behavior. African leaders are the agents of the neocolonialists exploiting Africans; they are the comprador class Samira Amin and Walter Rodney tell us (the metropolis exploits the periphery).

You read all these rubbish and ask yourself: is this how I behave? No. I reflect on why I do what I do. Clearly, I live in a system and I am responding to events in all parts of the system. Everything in the universal system is affecting me as I am affecting them. Be that as it may, if I picked up a wallet with money in it something tells me not to take that money that does not belong to me and for me to find out who the owner is and return it to him (or give it to the police or church to find out who owns it).

IfI am poor I could use the few dollars in the wallet I found to buy food or whatever, yet something in me, the decision maker, the choice maker, tells me not to take what does not belong to me.

Of course, I may choose to take what does not belong to me (and rationalize it by telling me that the bourgeoisie is stealing from the poor, so it is not a big deal to steal), but that does not mean that I am not the one making the choice to do the wrong or right thing.

Simply stated, I am not a robot, I am participating in my life. Sociology is therefore loads of rubbish that ought to be thrown to the garbed heap.

Yes, the external world affects me: my parents affected me, my inherited body affected me, my teachers affected me, my peer groups affected me, every person I meet is affecting me as I am affecting them but in the final analysis there is something in me that is participating in this social dance.

I am not independent; I am interdependent with other agents in my world. The point here is that I do not want to hear Africans use sociology and social sciences to rationalize their thieving behaviors. Why did you steal from your ministry, government? I do not want to hear that it is the culture of corruption of Nigeria that made you do it.

If your culture is corrupt, work to change it; do not choose toconform to a sick culture. Be a change agent.

In the meantime be scrupulously honest with yourself. If you have travelled around the world and seen how other people behave, do you think that relative to other people Africans are a loving people? If you are a man do you remember much love from your father? You were probably loved by your mother but your father probably did not love you.

Here is my perception of Africans and their weird sense of love. African men have sex, impregnate women and they produce children. If they have good income they generally support their children materially, paytheir school fees but beyond that they seldom have anything else to do with their sons. African boys are essentially abandoned and left to fend for their selves.

African girls’ faire a little better than the boys for their mothers take them around and they tend to bond with their mothers hence tend to turn out better than the boys. The boys are essentially left to shift for themselves. They do things with their peers and have very little to do with their fathers. Their fathers do not take them to sports, say, to soccer matches, to boy’s scouts meetings etc. There is no emotional bonding between African boys and their fathers. The boys are not nurtured and grow up not attached to their fathers.

I suspect that African boys grow upangry at their fathers while loving their mothers. Because they are angry at their fathers and since men represent society they are angry at society.

The absurd level of criminality (corruption) in Africa probably is partially rooted in Africans emotional abandonment of their boy children.

I seldom see African men telling their boys that they love them or hug them or do things with them, spend time with them. African boys have nothing to do with their fathers.

Of course, there are always few exceptions to every general rule.

The word love is seldom employed by Africans, men and women. I believe that Africa’s slavery made the people not wanting to be attached to their children for the children could be captured at any moment and sold onto slavery. To minimize the emotional hurt of not seeing their stolen children Africans learned not to be attached to their children.

Africans detach from their children and essentially treat them as strangers.

These days many African men ship their children away to their grandparents to go live with them for years and do not actually understand the emotional trauma they are causing the children by the extended period of separation. It is as if they are animals and do not understand that children want to be with their parents until their teenage years when they naturally grow away and want to be with their peers.

The excuse given by African parents who send their children away is that they want them to go learn African culture. What exactly is the good of African culture? Wasn’t it the same culture that sold Africans into slavery?

Something happened to the African psyche to denude it of love. We have to systematically teach Africans how to love one another, for at the moment they do not even know what you are talking about when you talk about love.

In man-woman relationships the men just want to have sex with the women and that is just about the extent of their relationship, no emotional bonding, and no caring for the women’s emotional state. Romantic relationship is not part of Africans inter-gender behavior repertoire.

Something seriously is wrong with Africans. It is about time that we recognized this problem and sought ways to solve it rather than pretend that all is well in the land for it is not well in the land of black folk.


The perspective presented in this paper probably would strike manypersons as strange. Most of us were trained in modern Western academia with itsepistemology that that the external world is real and determine us. The West’s approach to knowledge is scientific, not meta-scientific. The West takes the empirical world very seriously; in fact, despite their religion they think that all they are is matter, space and time hence study it, study science. They then devised technologies to adapt to the realities of the world and make the most of the world.

The East, on the other hand, sees the world as an illusion and wants to transcend it and do not study it hence did not come up with science and technology to make the most of this world.

The West tries to understand people from the perspective of matter, space and time and society. Most people have embraced this methodological approach to people.

What they have forgotten is that that approach to people is recent, only actually about a hundred years old. Human beings have lived in their present forms for at least fifty thousand years and have looked at their problems in a different way.

The approach to human affairs that is only a century old cannot possibly be the best way to solving human problems. For one thing, it has not stood the test of time. The jury is still out on social science.

Social sciences have not proven themselves to be a useful manner of solving human problems and would not do so during the next hundreds of years. If that is the case why not consider time honored ways of solving problems.

Human beings that survived tended to take responsibility for their actions. They tended to see themselves as having freedom to choose and generally believed that they are responsible for their fate. Of course this may not be completely true for we all know that the environment does limit what we can do. No one actually takes the concept of perfect freedom and liberty seriously. For example, you can choose to fly but in as much as you do not have wings you cannot fly (until you study the physics of aerodynamics and have the technology to construct airplanes). That is to say that any notion of perfect freedom may be an illusion.

Nevertheless, people survived by having the illusion that they are free and choose what happens to them. With that illusion men took responsibility for organizing their society.

(Africans are at the mythopoeic stage of human development; they see things from a religious perspective, not rational religion, as in Hinduism but in primitive religion that has not differentiated man from God and is seeking its way back to God. In other words, Africans do not think rationally and do not have a clear cut perspective on life, as Europeans and Asians do. Africans do not have a rational philosophical perspective to anything.)

Africans are told by idiotic Western social scientists that other people are responsible for what happened to them, that white men determine their lives and they swallowed this emasculating bunk.

Psychology broadly categorizes people into two groups: those with external locus of controland those with internal locus of control. Those who see the external world as determining them generally tend to be failures in life; those who believe that they determine what happens to them tend to take action and do what contributes to their success and succeed.

Africans who call themselves scholars embraced external locus of authority and see Africa as controlled by external others, Europeans; they do not even bother accusing Arabs who enslaved Africans perhaps from around 900 AD, way before Europeans came on the slavery scene, of sins against Africa; Africans know that Islam and its Arabs do not feel guilty for their crimes so they do not blame Muslims; they know that Christians are prone to guilt feeling hence they blame Christian Europeans. These African pseudo scholars write trash about how the West determined Africa’s fate. Everything that is wrong with Africa is attributed to European causation.

These childish African scholars, such as Walter Rodney (How Europe Underdeveloped Africa) made white men out as gods and made Africans out as children. The white gods determined what happened to the children of Ham. All that the weak children of a lesser god do is cry out hoping that their cries would make their papa white man feel guilty and come do things that improved their lives. Of course the rulers of the white world ignored them hence Africa is a fallen house.

Some of the confused Africans who have bought into the social science paradigm would see this paper is blaming the victim, Africans. They love to blame those they call the victimizers, white folks.

If one may ask such Africans: why did they allow themselves to be victimized, why didn’t they have the military technology to fight off white men, why did they remain primitive so that a platoon of white soldiers defeated their world and colonized them.

I do not accept that Africans are victims of white men. Of course Isee how the political and economic arrangement of the contemporary world works to the advantage of white men. Nevertheless, I refuse to see myself as a victim of white men.

If you feel like saying that it is an illusion or even delusion to say that the poor and weak are responsible for their fate, please be my guest. That is not how I choose to see things.

The way Africans saw things, themselves as victims has not worked out well for them and it is now time for them to see things differently, my way, adult way, realistic not their sentimental way.

I do not see Africans as victims at all. In fact, I see Africans as criminals for selling their brothers and sisters and for misgoverning extant Africa. I believe that contemporary Africans ought to pay monetary reparation to the children of those they sold into slavery (black Arabs and black Americans).

I believe that the world has given Africans too much pass, treated them as irresponsible children, and understood their foolish behavior too much. Africans have been understood to death. As long as they are understood and not allowed to pay a price for their bad behaviors they would continue engaging in bad behaviors. Africans too easily slide into criminal behaviors, as they are currently doing in Africa and rationalizing their evil with sociology and Marxist economics.

I am not in the mood to forgive Africans their past and present crimes; I am angry at them and want to punish them for their criminal activities. We need draconian rule in Africa that tried, jailed or killed corrupt persons for they are refuse and are better off dead.

People have made too many excuses for Africans evil and I cannot stand one more excuse why Africans are evil.

You sold your brothers and see yourself as innocent? What travesty of justice! You are evil for selling your brothers and ought to be punished.

I believe that human beings are made of spirit, mind and body. All three are operating in people. We do not understand the nature of spirit but that is no reason not to assume it. As I see it, there is a driver (spirit) driving the car called our bodies? The state of the body, like the state of a car affects how well the driver drives. If you like, this is a dualistic approach to people, sort of like Rene Descartes and Henri Bergson’s philosophy.

I do not root my perspective onEuropean or Eastern perspective on anything. I examine both Western and Eastern approaches to phenomena and accept what makes sense to me and reinterpret it in my own way. I articulate reality as I see it, which, of course, may not be the ultimate truth. What is the truth, do you know?

The Gnosticism presented in this paper makes sense to me; that gnostic spirituality is borrowed from Western, Eastern and my own thinking. Make of it what you like. My only obligation is to state reality as I honestly understand it to be, accepting that I may be wrong? I have intellectual integrity, which does not make what I say true (nor do what other persons say constitute the truth, either).

I am not motivated to make Africans ideal, perfect people. Ideals exist only in our minds, they are ideational. At best ideals are standards that we try to attain but they are mental models, constructs not reality. In reality people are always imperfect and as long as they live in bodies will be limited by the realities of their bodies. People cannot be perfect. Their behaviors cannot be perfect. I am therefore not expecting Africans to become perfect in their behaviors.

At present over 90% of Africans engage incorrupt behaviors; many of them are thieves. This is intolerable. In normal society only about five percent of the people have antisocial personalities and engage in criminal behavior.

Ninety percent of the people committing crimes are unsustainable. If we can reverse the situation and get ninety percent of Africans to engage in pro-social behavior that would go a long way in improving Africa.

Love is what makes people work for the good of those around them. In this paper, I made a case for love. I provided metaphysics of love. Metaphysics is not truth; it is metaphor for unknown truth.

Make of my metaphysics what you like. What you cannot say is that nobody told you that there are other ways of looking at the world. There are those who like me look at Africans as apes, monkeys and baboons who have no conscience and behave as animals do.

To people like me only love characterizes human behavior. Love and you are truly a human being. If you do not love, in my book you are not a human being.

As long as you are not a loving person I do not respect you or take you seriously. It is now time for Africans to return to love and stop selling their people down the river and stealing from their people instead of working on their behalf.

It is now time Africans grew up and stopped blaming other people for the results of their criminal behaviors. Africans must now take responsibility for their actions, even if it can be shown that other factors caused them to engage in those actions.

We need the illusion of freedom and responsibility for organized society to work out well; blaming others for our actions is correlated with disorganized society, for the chaos and anarchythat is current Africa.

Love is what will correct the perceived ills in Africa.

  • Dr Osuji is ready to talk to persons who think out of the box. He can be reached at:(907) 440-4317/


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Re: Love Will Heal Africans and their Societies
DeepThought posted on 12-23-2012, 08:17:30 AM
Twinkle, twinkle little loon

How I wonder why you're mad.

High on mushrooms all the time

Like a lunatic in the wild.

x 3
Re: Love Will Heal Africans and their Societies
Auspicious posted on 12-23-2012, 20:42:04 PM


Africans...roundly chastised.
Re: Love Will Heal Africans and their Societies
GreatPot posted on 12-24-2012, 01:23:54 AM
Osuji said una be APES
Re: Love Will Heal Africans and their Societies
Benjani posted on 12-25-2012, 02:15:29 AM

Here you go bro. Osuji heard your complaints.
Showing us African (you and me inclusive) how to love one another.
Here is how to do it. Love conquers all.
Re: Love Will Heal Africans and their Societies
Lol posted on 12-25-2012, 09:48:50 AM
writer, you went too far.
All Africans need is commonsense.

I did not see much love of "each other" in Finland, infact the citizens of most successful countries I have visited are very impersonal towards each other. It is normal to find no love there but you will find infrastructure, food, acceptable number of children per family, and responsibility.

All because of commonsense! Something 99.9% of Africans do not possess.

If 60% of the Africans in church waiting for a god that does not exist to come and transport them to heaven, use that time to do charitable causes that will help family planning, community development, credit unions, good health practices, eradicate juju and other primitive practices, stop killing each other and elect credible representatives they will not need LOVE.

When advanced societies chastise Africans and call them monkeys, they are not talking about love, they are referring to brain development AKA commonsense!
Re: Love Will Heal Africans and their Societies
Sirone posted on 12-25-2012, 11:47:50 AM
writer, you went too far.
All Africans need is commonsense.

I did not see much love of \"each other\" in Finland, infact the citizens of most successful countries I have visited are very impersonal towards each other. It is normal to find no love there but you will find infrastructure, food, acceptable number of children per family, and responsibility.

All because of commonsense! Something 99.9% of Africans do not possess.

If 60% of the Africans in church waiting for a god that does not exist to come and transport them to heaven, use that time to do charitable causes that will help family planning, community development, credit unions, good health practices, eradicate juju and other primitive practices, stop killing each other and elect credible representatives they will not need LOVE.

When advanced societies chastise Africans and call them monkeys, they are not talking about love, they are referring to brain development AKA commonsense!

what africans need is respect. that is more important than love. when you respect yourself and respect your fellow person you will not kill them, or to steal and destroy their life.
Re: Love Will Heal Africans and their Societies
Enyi posted on 12-25-2012, 13:15:59 PM

Here you go bro. Osuji heard your complaints.
Showing us African (you and me inclusive) how to love one another.
Here is how to do it. Love conquers all.

Did I really complain? I guess that Europeans had so much love for each other that they fought two World Wars, gassed people in concentration camps, massacred Srbenica inhabitants and attempted to wipe off Lidice from the face of the earth. Sure, The Roman Empire that enslaved a lot of people was established on love. FYI, Dr. Samuel Johnson once wrote:

The shepherd in Virgil grew at last acquainted with Love, and found him a native of the rocks.

Maybe our off-shore messiah should figure this out.

History records that development of nations was achieved, not because of love, but because they had visionary leaders and a populace that knew when to say enough is enough. Magna Carta was not born out of love. The French Revolution was not born out of love. USA was not founded out of love. China did not achieve its current status out of love. Time and space do not permit me to mention others-Japan, the Asian Tigers and a host of others.
History also records that slavery has been as old as mankind and was neither invented in, nor limited to, Africa.
Re: Love Will Heal Africans and their Societies
Ewuro posted on 12-25-2012, 15:34:32 PM
I have not read everything, but the little I have read makes sense to me. African sold africans as slaves. Very true. You cannot get by in Nigeria without bribing someone. True.
If you love someone, you will respect him or her. Love and respect go together. So your position and Osuji's are similar.

Africans are endowed like all humans with intelligence. The problem with Africans is we tend to use individual intelligence for personal gains. The developed world use collective intelligence. In collective intelligence, individuals intelligence are deployed for common or community good. maybe this is what Osuji means by love. You love your community to the ectent that you sacrifice your own interests for the promotion of common good.
Re: Love Will Heal Africans and their Societies
NecroCyneptic posted on 12-25-2012, 20:42:20 PM
Africans...roundly chastised.

Heh, )

Nice Subject on thread though.
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