Biafra, they say thy flag has fallen,

That Okigbo of Itodo is a saga

And yet, after you, they failed to fix their problem

Now, I ask you, where did you fall so I can wake you,

On the desert plains, or at Olumo rock?

Odumegwu may be sallow and calm but he's not shallow.


Biafra, you lost a war and then, what?

They erected a road to lead to a General's home

While their infants study under Mango tree, baked by the sun, eyes peppered with sand,

For more than 38 years, they treated their own with disregard,

So, who lost the war Biafra? You?

This is not true!

We know that absence of gun shots never mean peace!

That British Nigeria is an ongoing process!

That people that blinds out dirts must later gather to pack same dirt!

Let them define you using optical illusions,

Let Agidi & Tuwoshinkafi find all 'reasonable excuses' on why Biafra should die,

Elele, that Okigbo of Itodo used to eat before he assumed nakedness is still a meal in the East.


What course would an apology serve if it's handed to me?

I need none. I have done my best to comfront that evil and progress.

Have I not more than trippled property seized?

I'm I still talking about 20 pounds per head?

If I loathe progress, then, who owns Gwarimpa?

If I hate my neighbors, why I thrive in New site, Badagry express way?

Or I'm I a simpleton?

They fear hegemony and eventually got demonized!

Look at the evidence: Araba screams is no longer popular

Because, they woke up yesterday

And I consider that yesterday, early enough.

I niether need an apology nor a recompense.

Away with your tributes!

For the odds do not stock against I.

Even infants whose bloods plastered their boots underbelly knows we've not disappointed.


The wind is juice to "Whispering palms",

Smokes from barbecue with reckless abandon,

Such that the whole world may perceive that this hen is not shamed,

What for?

Show me a gentleman in 'maza-maza',

Take me to Ojuelegba and point at him,

There, an accident will not help the corpse,

The living goes for the wrist watch, hand bangles, forth-coming wedding ring, and where is the briefcase?

Should Canary like "the moonman go under the sea; the singer....under the shade?"

Who asked you to pity me?

Do you think I'm nursing for your empathy?

That would be sallivating, re-murdering those gone...this time, by my hack.


Biafra challenge the status quo,

It is loudest when it's silent.