49 attorneys at Abuja under the motion of Yahaya Mohammed pressed for EFCC intervention on a matter between Obasanjo, the former president of Nigeria, and Halliburton. These 50 attorneys are said to be acting with ‘exparte mandate' which can only mean that they have absolute evidence to seek direct executive intervention in their prosecution of Obasanjo. Nigerians need to know that the preliminary motion goes back to 2009 under President Yarduwa, that it was filled in Abuja High Court by certain persons concerned. The process was largely interrupted for reasons which are not very clear and was left in the courts until dust settled after the Yarduwa's years.

From the growing nature of the business, it is perhaps safe to conclude that serious attempts are being made by the Federal government to question allegations of misconduct and public mistrust by Obasanjo. We might however indicate that allegations of this kind, with extra mandate as described above usually have other ingredients in the motive. With Nigerian SSS, Nigerian Intelligence Agency, and EFFC representatives, deliberating on so huge a challenge, we can begin to believe that these men have taken corruption seriously in Nigeria. If this is true, then we can also believe that these men perhaps have something quite incriminating; Actionable Intelligence from reliable sources.

Actionable Intelligence involving an ex officio of Nigerian oval office makes a different kind of point. The point may yet mislead as the legality of 50 attorneys seeking expeditionary force in Obasanjo's affair with Halliburton is undeniable. Given the decisive sweep of the case and the authorized exposition of the agenda, we are compelled to reason that these 50 attorneys are not normal in their knowledge of the case and may therefore conceal additional information on the LNG than what we have seen.

The issue of TSKJ of the four companies Obasanjo referred to in his letter to Jonathan does not in many ways contain adequate information. The four firms involved in the Federal Government in LNG, Liquefied Natural Gas, include (1) Technip of France (2) Snampregetti of Milan Italy (3) Kellog Brown of Houston, Texas (4) JGC corporate of Japan. The details of their business in Nigerian LNG saving for displaced information about the people by a certain Jeffrey Tesler.

There is no special interest or strategic interest of the country at stake, they are not working for any arm of the government known to us, and therefore we bargain, that these attorneys are working for reasons which are entirely theirs. But the NSA, the Attorney general, Minister of Finance, Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, seem to have collectively and simultaneously taken interest in the legal prodding. However, the conditions of the case and the uncertain nature of the allegations could not have been based on any of files discovered from Kellog Brown office.

But did the government hire them? Did the Nigerian government authorize the legal prosecution of Obasanjo? Such action is not likely to be the case, for how could the Presidency lower its eminence by ordering Obasanjo's prosecution. In reality, the Presidency could have directly ordered Obasanjo's incarceration if needed be. But who cares about the new developments on the case and whether or not Obasanjo goes to jail?

Nigeria as a country still believe in truth and fairness, and still believe in combating corruption the right way if not the hard way, Nigeria still believe that the law can apply to all classes of respect and decorum, therefore many Nigeria give a rat's sense about the case. But who gives a rat's bottom about Nigerian politicians stained with corruption, these people can go ahead with their efforts.

But we cannot be blinded to the probability that a significant third party is probably in the shadow pulling the strings. Perhaps and most perhaps, this third party is the engine behind the decided information on the ex-president. The matter concerning Kellog Brown of Houston, an outfit that officially represented Halliburton is not enough to grant ammunitions of damages on the ex officio.  

This does not mean that Obasanjo is beyond interrogation by a collage of dedicated lawyers, either does it mean that we are completely sure about the hands pulling the strings of these lawyers. But we can present a trial of the very motion and mandate on the verity of the parties involved in the legal initiations. The legal brewing is based on matters arising in Obasanjo's administration and the LNG deal took place in those years as well.

This was entirely Dick Cheney years as former Vice President of US and former Exxon Mobile Boss. And it was in Cheney and Obasanjo's interregnum that these businesses took place. These men are not ordinary. The legal deposition is not ordinary. The absolute evidence is not ordinary and there is perhaps no ordinary third party involved.

This legal issue is supposed to be about LNG but it is truly about Exxon Mobile and their deals with Nigeria. In Nigeria, they made the deals about old oil wells, but it was made at the displacement of another crude oil company, Shell. Shell's mischievous activities in the Niger Delta led to accusations of molestation and destruction of the environment by International Body. Then there was Gazprom and then there are new rounds of auction in August.

The silence of Shell over the many areas of Nigerian crude oil is not to be taken for granted, either should a recent comment by Remi Babalola the State Finance Minister, that NNPC owes Shell 450 Billion Naira considered untrue. In fact NNPC owes Shell 3.8 Billion from indigent efforts of Nigerian Government to discharge these attachments from Exxon Mobile strategic displacement of lousy Shell activity in many areas of Nigeria Crude oil.

We may not blame Gazprom on the other hand for navigating between Exxon Mobile and Shell but given their vested effort at Liquefied Natural Gas from Nigeria, and how they were not mentioned in the deals surrounding LNG, then the allegation is really about Halliburton and Obasanjo and not about LNG businesses. Gazprom pipe line is expected to run to deeper reaches of the continent to places in Europe and estimated at the primary cost 21 billion dollars and would end in 2016. Why Obasanjo and Yarduwa cannot be judged from these deals, means that we are not being completely objective about this legal case.