The Farce of a ‘Mega Protest’

· Nigeria’s Moral Majority Want Ugwonye, Olubufunmi Prosecuted

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The advertized ‘mega protest’ of the hitherto unknown group, International Human Rights Monitors, turned out a major flop on Thursday.

What was falsely promoted through Leadership newspapers in Nigeria by a separatist website,, along with, as the perspectives of the bulk of Nigerians in the United States failed to fly as only three people, Carlisle Umunnah and two others made up the “mega crowd.”

The two other individuals who joined Carl Umunnah were successfully identified by journalists at the scene as Jason Carter, who presented himself as an ‘Occupy Wall Street’ activist, and a homeless American who said he was recruited with booze and pizza.

Carl Umunnah led the two foreigners in his ‘mega’ train to host the flag of Biafra in front of the Nigerian embassy in Washington, D.C.

The protesters said they were protesting what they called the corruption of the Ambassador to the United States, whom they accuse of corruption.

Ambassador Adefuye had rejected all the “wrongful and malicious” allegations made about him, saying that the sponsors of the protest, a Maryland lawyer whose professional license has been revoked, Mr. Emeka Ugwonye, and who had allegedly defrauded the embassy of N1.5 million and another individual, and Mrs. Carol Olubufunmi, who deceived Mrs. Amina Sambo, wife of Nigeria’s vice-president, for a fake conference through which she had hoped to reap a windfall of over half a million dollars, orchestrated the fraudulent ‘mega protest’.

The organizers had also dubiously tried to use the name of notable Nigerian human rights lawyer and Senior Advocated of Nigeria, Mr. Femi Falana, to gain legitimacy. Mr. Falana, in a Sunday interview with distanced himself from the group and instructed his attorneys in the US to sue Ugwonye, Umunna and Olubufunmi. The prominent lawyer also strongly vouched for the integrity of Ambassador Adefuye.

It was the elixir for representatives of Nigeria’s moral majority to come out in their numbers to counter those marching in solidarity with the alleged fugitive fraudsters who floated the amorphous International Human Rights Monitors, believed to have been cunningly named in order to be confused with the well-known Human Rights Watch.

Nigerians who came out in their numbers to counter the three-people ‘mega protest’ (who flew the flag of Biafra) said that majority of Nigerians had never been so insulted.

“This is how low it gets. Somebody defrauded his country, and thereafter went to hire foreigners to protect him from the wrath of the law. If this is what they call human rights, to walk free after committing a crime, then human rights has a problem. Emeka Ugwonye, must drop the $1.5 million he stole”, said a pro-embassy Nigerian protester.

Other protesters in his group carried various placards showing their disapproval of the ‘mega protest’ organizers, some of which read: A Liar Can KILL; STOP Lying About Our Ambassador!” “PRESS FREEDOM: Stop Abuse of Media Privileges!” “Emeka Ugwonye: Lawyer or Liar?”So Where Is The ‘Mega Protest’?

A source familiar with the elaborate scheme instigated by Ugwonye said that the fallen lawyer had wanted to use the opportunity of the protest to press a court summons on the ambassador. Ugwonye was said to have come back into the United States with exaggerated tales of Adefuye causing him to be “arrested and tortured” by the operatives of Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission in Nigeria.

Those familiar with EFCC’s modus operandi said that this may not be true, because of the integrity and professional standards involved in the Commission’s interrogations. Having bragged around town, allegedly in the hope that he has fulfilled mission to pull down Adefuye, he sucked-up to Olubufunmi and an allegedly mentally challenged Umunnah to float the ‘mega protest’ that has been proven to be a major hoax.

The journalists on the ground were able to unveil the identity of Carol Olubufunmi as she was openly quarrelsome and unaccompanied this time around by any member of her own family, unlike the case with her faked women conference where she had appeared with her daughter and a friend.

It turned out that she and her husband were military contractors who amassed huge fortunes from supplies to ECOMOG and squandered it all.

“They were part of the cabal that ruined the Nigerian system. After their fortune evaporated, she became desperate and decided to blackmail and conned VIPs in Abuja,” said a source that not want o be named in print.

Jason Carter, the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ activist who had come with them in solidarity, after admitting that he was deceived to come, disappeared into thin air, saying “men, I’m a sucker,” – that is, Mugu in Nigerian street parlance.

Apart from Carol Olubufunmi who fought everyone and insisted she must be called “mummy,” there was another person who refused to identify himself.

The two opposing protesting groups sat in a 110-degree afternoon heat. The pro-ambassador group however reached across to serve drinks and food to the four protesters.

The embassy which said it closed for the day opened to normal business later. Nigerians were seen coming and going to dtop and pick passports and visas.


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