altA prominent member of the NVS forum, Mr Ogugua Charles Ikocha,  also known as SHINYCOIN, has died at the age of 40 after being pulled from the water at an Outdoor Centre. 

According to News reports,  Ikocha was swimming with colleagues at the centre on Monday July 31 when he started "experiencing difficulties while swimming". 

Ikocha was transported to hospital by Haliburton's Emergency Medical Services, where he was pronounced deceased.

Mr Ikocha, who recently lost his mother, is survived by an Aged Father and siblings.


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Re: RIP Shinycoin
Katampe posted on 08-01-2012, 14:03:22 PM
I got the chills reading this. He was a complete gentleman. May God grant him eternal rest and also comfort his family and friends. We have lost a gem.
Re: RIP Shinycoin
Auspicious posted on 08-01-2012, 14:45:45 PM

Dear Shinycoin.

Hearing about this yesterday was like being dealt a blow in the face. My eyes stung with instant tears and I felt suffocated by the emotion of it all. First thing I thought was, you just lost your mom a couple years before, when you shared the news with us here! I asked, why, after working so hard, leaving Nigeria to be here - to work and further your education again - did this have to happen? You had dreams!

Of course I never met you, but I got to know enough about you. You were inquisitive. You reached out in your friendly and unassuming way to know who I was and along the way, I misunderstood your harmless inquisitiveness and took things too personal. And you knew I did. Yet, when I did a rethink and got on friendly terms with you again, you gave no airs. You joked with me like nothing ever happened.

That is the Shinycoin that I choose to remember you by. How or why your sudden departure happened, I can't and won't try to fathom. The brutal truth is that you're gone, never to be seen again. I may not have met you in person while you lived and breathed their air around us all, but it was a privilege knowing you.

You were a good man who was not faultless like the best of us. You joked; you laughed; you lived - and dreamed big dreams, including the dream to own a house like the one on your Facebook page.

I may mourn your untimely death now, but whatever I feel can never be compared to that of those closer to you than I. Their grief, no doubt about it, is more searing! It is for them I grief, more than I do over you..because you are at peace now, unperturbed by the worries and yearnings that the rest of us bear.

For your close ones I pray; for them to find comfort at this horrible news; for them I pray for strength to go on - that they will find the will, the way and the understanding to live through the moment, and remember you more for the light and joy you brought to their lives while you were alive. Yes you're gone too soon, but it is still possible to feel gratitude to know you and hear your voice on NVS podcast. To joke with you only a few days ago. As tough and near-impossible as it reads, that is what I choose to do. I miss you man.
Re: RIP Shinycoin
Obi posted on 08-01-2012, 15:32:34 PM
It's hard to imagine that anyone of us in this forum could pass away
Once again, my attention was drawn to how close we all are to this inevitable end
May his soul rest in peace

Na wa oo! hmmmmm
Re: RIP Shinycoin
Anwulika posted on 08-01-2012, 15:52:16 PM
''Sometimes.. no, most times, am simply overwhelmed and amazed at how good the lord has been to me. Am being blessed exceedingly, abundantly, over and above my expectations every day. Again, thank you, Lord!!'' Shinycoin- FB July 26, 2012

Dearest Shiny,

You were a friend on/offline and it was an honor knowing you. Thanks for all the laughs, encouragement and happy memories I will cherish forever...they are too many to start mentioning in this letter and I hold them all in my heart.

I will miss your were so wise, balanced, logical and full of life and energy. You were always willing to lend a helping hand when one was needed; you were a dedicated man with lots of great ideas and passion.

I will miss your voice and laugh. You always lifted my spirits. I remember our last conversation when we discovered that we were even closer than we thought and how we just kept on saying 'amazing' 'what a small World'...

I never imagined it would be our last...

I am devastated that I have lost you and I am overwhelmed with sadness but I console myself in my grief and find peace and gratitude in our paths ever crossing, getting to know you, partaking in your awesomeness and becoming friends.

It was such an honor and a great privilege knowing you. I cannot say it enough...I will really miss our banter.

Rest in Peace, my dear friend and brother.

Love always. Your partner in crime,

Re: RIP Shinycoin
MsMak posted on 08-01-2012, 16:01:38 PM
Can't say i knew him personally, but this is very sad. May he rest in peace.
Re: RIP Shinycoin
Namio posted on 08-01-2012, 16:31:08 PM
I remember that quote from him by Ulika.

It is such a small world and we are privileged to know and feel one another for better or worse as part of our experiences. We are here today, this hour and may be gone the next. So why take life so seriously and hold on as if we are going to be the last to leave. He made his contribution in his own way, may our contributions be remembered.
Re: RIP Shinycoin
Emj posted on 08-01-2012, 16:47:17 PM
Like I told a friend am still in shock and can't wrap my head around this.
I spoke to him last week in respect of a huge project he was excited about and was so looking forward to seeing him when I get to TO this month for an event.

I still can't believe that he's no

I remember setting my eyes on him for the very first time on one of my visits for a family event and he had come in the company of Picato ....I later blogged about him.......he was like a son to me....Hmmmm.

I remember when his mum was sick and later passed on and his pain....was deep.....

Oh I remember his sense of duty......I remember how he cared for others .....slow to anger and never want to offend even when he's not on the same page with him.

I remember him as a gentleman and this is one death I cant come to terms with.

May his father, siblings, family and friends be comforted ........
This is way too much for me to bear.......can't....
Re: RIP Shinycoin
Olamide posted on 08-01-2012, 16:48:27 PM
RIP. It is sad when people die but doubly sad when good people die. Why should people like OBJ, IBB, Atiku and Ogbuagu Nzeribe still be alive with their records while young, honest and hardworking people die? Someone should explain this irony to me.
Re: RIP Shinycoin
Atayo posted on 08-01-2012, 17:23:22 PM
This is truly shocking!
I didn't know him personally, but I mostly agreed with, and enjoyed reading his posts.
May his soul rest in peace, and may God comfort his family and give them the fortitude to carry on.
He will be missed.
Re: RIP Shinycoin
HolyPagan posted on 08-01-2012, 18:00:25 PM
This life is so so fleeting.
I am having a hard time wrapping my head round this sad sad news.

Shiny, Rest In Perfect Peace.
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