Okagbare sparkle in time for London


Nigerian sprinter Blessing Okagbare shows she is in prime form and a real threat to the big-name favourites at the London Olympics. 

In the final warmup event before the Games, which begin in seven days, Okagbare chalked up a second succcessive sub-11 second run to beat another clutch of Olympic hopefuls in the women’s 100 metres.

Okagbare is looking to gatecrash the party at London and she underlined her potential to become Nigeria’s first Olympic 100 metres medalist with another personal best victory. 

Having broken 11 seconds for the first time last week en route to taking the scalps of world champion Carmelita Jetter and Olympic champion Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce in London she improved again in more favourable conditions to post 10.96.  Tianna Madison, who will also run in London, was second in 10.99 with fellow American Jeneba Tarmoh third in 11.09.



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Re: Olympics - Okagbare peaking at the right time
Bode Eluyera posted on 07-21-2012, 22:39:00 PM


Up Nigeria!!! One Nation!!! Up Naijeria!!! Won Nietscon!!! One Nigeria!!!! One Nation!!! One Naijeria!!! Wonu Neston!!!

Nigeria Forever!!! Naijeria Foreba!!! Go Go Nigeria!!! Go go Naijeria!!!

BTW, how many descenfants of Othman Dan Fodio are in Nigeria's Olypic team? I was just wondering if NVS would be kind enough to provide us with this information. It would have been great if all these Boko Haram and Almajeri have engaged themselves in some tangible activities(like sports) which will also be of benefit to the country rather than murdering innocent Southern Nigerians and destabilizing the country. Sorry, I have forgotten that they are not capable of doing anything else apart from carrying out coup, embezzlement and pogrom.
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