Uganda shock Nigeria


Two second half penalties earned Uganda an upset 2-1 win over Nigeria in their 2008 African Cup of Nations Group Three qualifier in Kampala on Saturday.

Striker Geoffrey Massa won both penalties, the first controversial but the second more legitimate-looking, as Uganda came from a goal down at halftime to revive their hopes of qualifying for the finals in Ghana next January.

David Obua converted the first penalty in the 52nd minute when Egyptian referee Essam Abdelfattah punished Rabiu Afolabi for a legitimate looking challenge on Massa.

Uganda captain Ibrahim Sekagya scored the winner from the spot in the 65th minute after Massa had been brought down by Nigeria goalkeeper Austin Ejide.

The Super Eagles, who lost their 100 percent record and conceded their first goal in the qualifiers, had taken a 25th minute lead through striker John Utaka after he ran onto a perfect pass from captain Nwankwo Kanu.

Striker Yakubu Aiyegbeni had several half chances in the closing stages after Uganda midfielder Noel Kasule was sent off in the 73rd minute for a second caution.

Nigeria's German coach Berti Vogts blamed the loss on poor officiating by the Egyptian referee.

A furious Vogts told BBC Sport: "There was nothing to warrant the first penalty."

"We shall now try to win our next two games against Niger and Lesotho and qualify."

Uganda's coach Laszlo Csaba was all smiles and thanked his team and the 42,000 Ugandan fans for a job well done.

"We gave away a cheap goal in the first half, but responded positively in the second half," he said.

Nigeria play away next in Niamey against neighbours Niger on 17 June when Uganda are away to Lesotho.


Utaka's goal: 1-0

Uganda's first penalty 1-1

Uganda's second penalty 2-1


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Re: Nations Cup qualifier: Uganda 2 Nigeria`s Super Egos 1 [With Videos]
Auspicious posted on 06-02-2007, 19:46:51 PM

Super-Ego's - whoever came up with that name?

Funny as Hell - especially when it is somewhat true of some of the players!

Re: Nations Cup qualifier: Uganda 2 Nigeria`s Super Egos 1 [With Videos]
Palamedes posted on 06-02-2007, 19:48:25 PM
>>>The Super Eagles, who lost their 100 percent record and conceded their first goal in the qualifiers┬ů

We had a good Nigerian coach, but some imbecile, corrupt, lesser humans thought he was no good simply because he is a Nigerian. And so they went off to Europe (with inflated travelling allowances to claim) to employ a Pinkman - likened to our politicians "Medical Treatment Abroad" (MTA).

There are many Germans living and working in Nigeria except that this German thinks Nigeria is not a good enough place of residence. Where else in the world except in Nigeria would you find a full-time (foreign) coach who decides to make himself a visiting coach. We employ and pay through the nose for him, and yet he turns up his nose at us.

Those who employ Berte Vogts should be placed against the wall and shot. My view would NOT change even if the Super Eagle won the World Cup under his stewardship.
Re: Nations Cup qualifier: Uganda 2 Nigeria`s Super Egos 1 [With Videos]
Son of the Delta posted on 06-02-2007, 20:04:09 PM
I can see Nigeria tumbling!!!
Re: Nations Cup qualifier: Uganda 2 Nigeria`s Super Egos 1 [With Videos]
Knightofdelta posted on 06-02-2007, 20:26:09 PM
They have started again ooo. The Football Association can see the day of damnation coming. They have started with their fire brigade approach to every thing they do.

Who says Nigeria is a football giant in Africa? We lost it to Angola before Germany 2006 and we are about to fall yakata to Uganda again. It is just as well, the average Nigerian will remain optimistic that we are two points ahead of Uganda. All we need is a draw at home against Lesotho at home or away to Niger and we will start chasing the wind.

Aluta continua... keep the flag flying even when the overfed eagles refuse to fly.

The Knight of Delta.
Re: Nations Cup qualifier: Uganda 2 Nigeria`s Super Egos 1 [With Videos]
Omaks posted on 06-02-2007, 22:41:42 PM
@ Son of the Delta: that's not totally surpring then, 'SODD'
Re: Nations Cup qualifier: Uganda 2 Nigeria`s Super Egos 1 [With Videos]
Odinaka posted on 06-02-2007, 23:15:32 PM
It's not a bad thing to lose a game, but the way it is happening these days call for
concern. I have not been following Nigerian football news lately because I got tired of the whole mess/lack of direction, but if what Palamedes said (about the coach residing abroad) is true, then some persons should be charged to court for fraud or deceit or such like. Nonsense.
Re: Nations Cup qualifier: Uganda 2 Nigeria`s Super Egos 1 [With Videos]
SOC Okenwa posted on 06-03-2007, 05:53:57 AM
Fellow football-loving Villagers,

I think what Palamedes said was right. I watched the match live on Skysports and one could see the desperation of Amin's Uganda boys to 'demobilise' the "Super Egos" from flying or landing.

The problem with NFA and the Nigerian football authorities is estacode corruption. Instead of employing a Nigerian good coach like Amodu they always go for a foreign one who is ready to 'play ball' by surrendering monthly 10 percent of his official salary to the 'football contractors'.

I have never liked the idea of a foreign coach for the Super Eagles least of all a superiority-complexed German who collects his dollar-based salary at home but resident abroad. What arrogance! Nonsense!!

To hell with Lulu's NFA, bunch of incompetent folks.
Re: Nations Cup qualifier: Uganda 2 Nigeria`s Super Egos 1 [With Videos]
Godwin posted on 06-03-2007, 08:02:48 AM
You win some and lose some is the spirit of the game.

Nigeria will qualify for Nations Cup either as Group winners or 1 of 3 Second best placed teams. Don't forget that in case of a tie between Nigeria & Uganda on points, Nigeria will be tops because of Head-Head rule i.e 2-2 but we have away goal and better overall goal difference as at today.

Uganda has never been easy for Nigeria to play against just like Angola. Uganda beat Nigeria 2-1 in 1978 Nations Cup Semi-final and we could only manage 0-0 draw the last time we played in Kampala in 1993 with Peter Rufai saving a last minute penalty to send us through to play in the 1994 Nations cup which we later won.

Administration is the bane of Nigeria football (and the Nation) and not coaching. Amodu, Chukwu, Eguavon could not have done worse than Vogts, but we need to give Vogts all the support needed for him to excell with the Super Eagles. The hotel the team stayed in was so bad that some of the players only got rooms to stay in after checking 3 rooms with some having dirty bedsheets and faulty AC.

Berti Vogts is not the only foreign-based coach in Africa. There are many of them and the reason usually claimed is the fact that over 90% of some of the teams are based in Europe and also the terms of contract in relation to organizing friendly matches usually in Europe. If Nigeria wants Berti Vogts to stay in Nigeria most of the time inspite of the fact that our team is almost predominantly europe-based then we will pay more than the 50,000 Euros he recieves now and pay him about 150,000 euros or more.
Re: Nations Cup qualifier: Uganda 2 Nigeria`s Super Egos 1 [With Videos]
Omaks posted on 06-03-2007, 08:08:32 AM
A bit funny that the Super Eagles are slated for losing the game yesterday. That lose is their first in the group, and away to Uganda. There are no more 'MINNOWS' in world football, and every team has a very good chance of winning games. Moreover, the Super Eagles have lost to the second best team in their group. Let's back them all the way, and encourage them so that their morale and convidence will not be dented as a consequence of this lose. Brazil almost lost to England on friday (England are struggling to qualify for the 2008 European championships - 3rd in their group).
Re: Nations Cup qualifier: Uganda 2 Nigeria`s Super Egos 1 [With Videos]
Felix posted on 06-03-2007, 13:19:53 PM
Within the last ten years or so, members of the Super Eagles(ego) seem to approach every match with a carefree attitude. ..The reason is simple; Players are slowly loosing that emotional connection with the national cause, yet every national team needs that fighting spirit essential to win games.

The days of an Okwaraji paying for his flight tickets to fly thousands of miles to play and then die while doing so are gone...An Emmanuel Amuneke or Daniel Amokatchie wont fly into those tackles that ruined their cariers while playing for Nigeria any more.The simple reason is that Nigeria forgets you when you get those injuries and they read and see all the corruption flying around in the sports ministry. Then there is the fact that national squads of different African countries are almost of the same equal strenght with profeesional footballers scattered all over Europe, the result is starting to show like the one here.

Corrupt officials, wrong decisions and inept managers helped to bring down the Super Eagles to this sorry state.
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