Jesus Christ: A Black Man or White Man?

Since the discovery of Christianity, several publications, if not all of them, depict Jesus Christ as a ‘white man'. It is really nothing new to the people of Africa, by trying to diffuse themselves with the thoughts of being so inferior to white people, which is undeniable. As a matter of fact, Jesus was apparently born a Nazarene, of a town that never exists. And there has being a recent debate about Jesus Christ and the Hindu god, Lord Krishna having similarities.

Jesus Christ was said to have being born in a manger in a farm (in Bethlehem), while Lord Krishna was born in a wrap in a prison (near Jammu River). Both births were terrorized by different tyrannical rulers, like Herod and Krishna's Uncle, who tried repressing Krishna's family. Some skeptics believe that Jesus is an incarnation of Zarathrusta and Krishna, that of Vishnu. So many people use the word ‘Chrishna' for the most popular Hindu god.

Nevertheless, the two have things in common, but I do not suggest that they are the same; therefore, I suggest that their life-stories are but, plagiarized to help nurture the lives of their followers, who will never surprise non-Christians by dismissing the fact that Jesus' story in particular and Krishna's, are ‘myths'.

Regrettably, Hindus believe that Hinduism is full of mythology, but Christians are as adamant and unbeatable as ants, when it comes to righting religions. Without much ado, Christianity is, as every other religion, a fabrication, mounded out by the temperaments of people who are believed to have being saviours, linking the Islamic Mohammad and Christianity's Jesus. Then, Christian Rosenkrutz's the Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC), who have gone on and on digressing Jesus Christ as to against what Christians believe are the truth. Normally, every fanatic clings unto their so-called Holy Books, which infact, were written by famous authors and poets.

In Igbo mythology, we have Amadiora, whose story is so relative to that of Jesus Christ. Filled with mysteries and fantasies. But as Christians see it, anyone who doesn't believe in Jesus is a pagan and anyone who bows down in prayers before a sculpture is an idol-worshipper. It actually doesn't make any sense, because in Catholicism, there is so much idol-worshipping, where sculptures depicting Jesus Christ on the Cross are being bowed to and honoured as the so-called pagans do to Amadiora (who for all I care has been forgotten to roost before the cock).

Children of a Retired God is the title of a work by a Nigerian in the US, and simply, I have decided to decode some stuff out from that breath taking title, which unmistakably suggests that Africans are worshipping a God that is not theirs. Therefore, one tends to take in the fact that Amadiora and the other different gods are very irritated and must have Africans punished.

Jesus as a matter of fact, is never depicted for ever visiting any part of Black Africa, Mohammad never came to Nigeria. How do we actually know what we are bowing down to? We don't know that. It must be made clear that whatever religion a man belongs, he mustn't jeer at others or criticize, regarding the doctrines of the religions, because as Hindus worship the said idols of Krishna, Ganesha, so do Christians (mostly Catholics) cherish the idols of Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary.