Since the discovery of Christianity, several publications, if not all of them, depict Jesus Christ as a ‘white man'. It is really nothing new to the people of Africa, by trying to diffuse themselves with the thoughts of being so inferior to white people, which is undeniable. As a matter of fact, Jesus was apparently born a Nazarene, of a town that never exists. And there has being a recent debate about Jesus Christ and the Hindu god, Lord Krishna having similarities.

Jesus Christ was said to have being born in a manger in a farm (in Bethlehem), while Lord Krishna was born in a wrap in a prison (near Jammu River). Both births were terrorized by different tyrannical rulers, like Herod and Krishna's Uncle, who tried repressing Krishna's family. Some skeptics believe that Jesus is an incarnation of Zarathrusta and Krishna, that of Vishnu. So many people use the word ‘Chrishna' for the most popular Hindu god.

Nevertheless, the two have things in common, but I do not suggest that they are the same; therefore, I suggest that their life-stories are but, plagiarized to help nurture the lives of their followers, who will never surprise non-Christians by dismissing the fact that Jesus' story in particular and Krishna's, are ‘myths'.

Regrettably, Hindus believe that Hinduism is full of mythology, but Christians are as adamant and unbeatable as ants, when it comes to righting religions. Without much ado, Christianity is, as every other religion, a fabrication, mounded out by the temperaments of people who are believed to have being saviours, linking the Islamic Mohammad and Christianity's Jesus. Then, Christian Rosenkrutz's the Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC), who have gone on and on digressing Jesus Christ as to against what Christians believe are the truth. Normally, every fanatic clings unto their so-called Holy Books, which infact, were written by famous authors and poets.

In Igbo mythology, we have Amadiora, whose story is so relative to that of Jesus Christ. Filled with mysteries and fantasies. But as Christians see it, anyone who doesn't believe in Jesus is a pagan and anyone who bows down in prayers before a sculpture is an idol-worshipper. It actually doesn't make any sense, because in Catholicism, there is so much idol-worshipping, where sculptures depicting Jesus Christ on the Cross are being bowed to and honoured as the so-called pagans do to Amadiora (who for all I care has been forgotten to roost before the cock).

Children of a Retired God is the title of a work by a Nigerian in the US, and simply, I have decided to decode some stuff out from that breath taking title, which unmistakably suggests that Africans are worshipping a God that is not theirs. Therefore, one tends to take in the fact that Amadiora and the other different gods are very irritated and must have Africans punished.

Jesus as a matter of fact, is never depicted for ever visiting any part of Black Africa, Mohammad never came to Nigeria. How do we actually know what we are bowing down to? We don't know that. It must be made clear that whatever religion a man belongs, he mustn't jeer at others or criticize, regarding the doctrines of the religions, because as Hindus worship the said idols of Krishna, Ganesha, so do Christians (mostly Catholics) cherish the idols of Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary.


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Re: .Jesus Christ: A Black Man or White Man?
Oluye posted on 07-26-2006, 13:01:30 PM
"Another parable put he forth unto them, saying, The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in his field:
But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.
But when the blade was sprung up, and brought forth fruit, then appeared the tares also.
So the servants of the householder came and said unto him, Sir, didst not thou sow good seed in thy field? from whence then hath it tares?
He said unto them, An enemy hath done this. The servants said unto him, Wilt thou then that we go and gather them up?
But he said, Nay; lest while ye gather up the tares, ye root up also the wheat with them.
Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn." -Matt. 13:24-29

The above gives us a CHRISTIAN basis for the plurality in religious truth and conviction. Every man owes himself the duties of seeking the truth and trying to follow it (irrespective of whatever he concludes to be the truth.) Every man owes his neighbour the debt of trying to lead him to the truth, he would not be a good neighbour if he finds a "good deal" and fails to invite his neighbour to take advantage of it. By posting this, you have been a good neighbour.
My advice to all is that you walk by the light you have found and be open minded if a truly greater light beams upon you otherwise you will be doing yourself a dis-service.

To base one's salvation and eternal destiny on the colour of the source's skin is the highest form of ethicity. We might as well merely vote in our politicians simply because they speak our language and have our skin colour! It therefore becomes irrelevant what Jesus' skin colour was, as irrelevant as it is whether the next president of Nigeria is Igbo, Hausa or Yoruba. "African" gods have had their days. We all know about the sacrifices, the killing of twins etc. which accompanied such, are we then to embrace them again merely because they originated on "black" man's soil?
Re: .Jesus Christ: A Black Man or White Man?
Celebr8 posted on 07-26-2006, 15:04:53 PM
"It actually doesn't make any sense, because in Catholicism, there is so much idol-worshipping..."

" do Christians (mostly Catholics) cherish the idols of Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary."

Dear Mr. Nwelue, a couple of days ago, you chided someone for stating that Hindus were heathens, stating that a certain part of their anatomy would be 'screwed' if that sentence were said to the hearing of a Hindu.

Pray, do tell...what part of your body do you think that Christians/Catholics should screw for the above statements which you made in all your wisdom?
Re: .Jesus Christ: A Black Man or White Man?
Techsista posted on 07-26-2006, 16:36:41 PM
Nwokem, ji brake! If Christ came from a region that's historically in the middle east,
it stands to reason that he looks like people from the middle east. But what does that have to do with his philosophy and teachings?

The fact is that Europeans choose to depict him in their image. Ethiopians (the one group of Africans whose Christianity predates many European societies' and who were never colonised) choose to depict him as an Ethiopian. Nigerians with our colonised minds have decided to adopt the European image of Jesus over the Ethiopian one. But that is neither here nor there. Jesus was emphatically not about divisions (by race, nationality, gender, etc.) but about harmony, peace and love. The beauty of that message can be understood even by non-Christians.
Re: .Jesus Christ: A Black Man or White Man?
Ben Idris Alooma posted on 07-26-2006, 19:03:15 PM
I would have minimally supported your argument because I can understand what you are trying to say but somehow you didnot get your fact(s) in place before writing this article. Your last staement betrayed the validity of your argument. Let me thereforefore briefly enlighten your "closed" mind:

It is written that Christ was taken to Africa (Egypt) by his "earthly" parents to escape King Herod's massacre of children of two years and below. Logically, there would have been no Christianity today without Africa (the land of escape), because Christ would have been beheaded as a child. Therefore Africa (and/or Africans) played a significant role in Christ's life. Christ could not have been white from the description of his external morphology as written in the Bible combined with the geographical location of his birth and ministry. Mary from whom Christ took his human form was not white and also assuming that the holy spirit involved in the conception has no known human color/complexion . [Let's agree to accept that assumption afterall there are six (6) basic acceptable assumptions made in Quatum Physics]. Please research the chronology of Jesus.

You somehow insinuated in the initial part of your article that whites are superior to blacks. Nothing can be more fallacious than that hazy generalization of yours. I am not a psychologist but I use statistics extensively in my profession. I thought statistics at university level in a white dominated western world country for over a decade. Take it from me, brother, there are more stupid whites than blacks worldwide, my population sample were taken from Nigeria, Ghana, Finland, Germany, UK and USA. However, I will give it to the whites for their strong-bond arrow-head unity. Unity is directly proportional to Progress and Strength. I can show you the prove mathematically, my dear brother(s) (and siters out there). I am an authority in mathematics. No wonder the whites applied the divide and rule principle in Africa, think about it!

Finally I studied the History of Science, do you realize that science originated in Africa? Do you know that a black slave invented Coca Cola? Do you realize that Watson is black but the invention of telephone was created to Alexander Bell (white)? Do you know that the traffic light was invented by a black sientist? Have you ever tasted peanut butter? Well that was a black man's invention. Do you know that numerology was started in Africa? In USA, for example, there are more African professors impacting knowledge into the white world than any other race.

I do not intend to write a sub-article to your aricle but simly to open your mind to researching for proven facts. Meanwhile keep that thought you have, hopefully someday (preferably soon), Africans would wake up and start serving their living God. May your God be with you!. Peace! Unity!! Progress!!!
Don't Worry..Be Happy..
Auspicious posted on 07-26-2006, 19:21:56 PM
I dont remember thinking, during those years when I used to pray a
lot, that Jesus was white, black, mulatto or an afin (albino). I simply
prayed and thanked him for whatever the latest I needed or got and
got on with it. Your God or Jesus is whatever you make of Him..just
as life is whatever you make of it. Some think life is a b*tch and
hence choose to f*ck while others think life is an adventure they
have to live and experience with all decency. Just don't worry about
all the questions you cannot answer; just live your life the way you
want and be happy.
Re: .Jesus Christ: A Black Man or White Man?
Exxcuzme posted on 07-26-2006, 19:28:30 PM
The fact is that Europeans choose to depict him in their image. Ethiopians (the one group of Africans whose Christianity predates many European societies' and who were never colonised) choose to depict him as an Ethiopian

Techsis, you got any link? I need to know more about this.
Re: .Jesus Christ: A Black Man or White Man?
Ajibs posted on 07-27-2006, 00:11:52 AM
Nigerians with our colonised minds have decided to adopt the European image of Jesus over the Ethiopian one. But that is neither here nor there.

GREAT! hear, hear on that particular note!
Re: .Jesus Christ: A Black Man or White Man?
Techsista posted on 07-27-2006, 02:02:09 AM
Start with the info on the Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Wikipedia and follow some of the links.

For other info on Ethiopia and religion, you can also try flipping through the Kebra Nagast and Graham Hancock's The Sign and the Seal (which investigates Ethiopians' claim that they hold the ark of the covenant). Both are available on Henry Louis Gates explored a little bit of Ethiopian religious history in his PBS series Wonders of the African World (his condescension is annoying but I still learned a lot). Fascinating stuff.
Re: .Jesus Christ: A Black Man or White Man?
Techsista posted on 07-27-2006, 02:21:58 AM
See one Ethiopian Christ image attached (hope it works). In case it doesn't the URI
Re: .Jesus Christ: A Black Man or White Man?
Akanimo Uwan posted on 07-27-2006, 06:14:05 AM
The Holy Book of Christians, the Holy Bible is the Bestseller of all bestsellers. Christianity is the most popular religions in the world with more than 2 billion adherents. Jesus Christ did exist, as documented in the Holy Bible. If He did not exist, you can bet that by now, the 'cover up' of his death and resurrection would have been exposed sucessfully to the whole world. For those who question the veracity and authenticity of the Christian religion, I should ask, "How come this religion has waxed stronger and stronger as the years have gone by? In the 90's, new age, especially buddhism was projected as the fastest growing religion in the USA. Deepak Chopra who was once a bold face guest in the media, where is he now? What has happened to other religions?

I thank God for the missionaries for coming to Africa in saving lost souls. Were it not for them, I probably would have been damned in all eternity for worshipping idols made from stone and sticks. Thank God for His Mercies, Amen.
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