Graphic Video: Here's What this "Noble Officer" and his Men did to a lady for obstructing their convoy. Their destination: A drinking Joint.

Follow discussions on this thread on how you can help get justice for this lady. At the very least, Rear Admiral Harry Arogundade should leave the Force.


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Re: Meanwhile, in Nigeria: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
Tonsoyo posted on 11-07-2008, 10:19:52 AM

Let me first thank those who have been discussing this issue and acting on it already. Obviously, I'm joining this discussion for the first time, but I'm still reading the contributions that follow the original post. Nonetheless, I wish to make a brief comment and one or two suggestions seeing that the focus seems now to be on what we need to do from here. To me, if this is a case of what we can do, let us begin by acknowledging what people have done already, look at the larger picture and act in that regard. We cannot reinvent the wheel. With the Senate acting, it is now obvious that the lady's father is pulling strings. More importantly, Nigerians and civil society organizations are making their voices heard as well. We can add to the chorus of these voices if we choose and leave it at that or we can begin to fashion a programme that will take these into consideration while at the same time providing a wider solution to the problem. What am I talking about?

We already have an organization named Respect Nigerians Coalition (RNC)complete with a website, which we have used to fight injustice meted out to Nigerians by foreigners. There is nothing that says we cannot use the same vehicle to fight local oppression by members of our Armed Forces. All we need to do is to get in more members who shall be very involved with this new project and designate them as an arm of Respect Nigerians Coalition (RNC). We can call this group \\"Citizens Watchdog Against Armed Forces Brutality\\", with a mandate to:

(1) Expose brutality meted out to Nigerians by members of the Armed Forces

(2) Work with victims of such brutality for redress

(3) Educate members of the Armed Forces on their constitutional role and civilian-military relationship

(4) Liaise with other civil society organizations to pursue cases of brutality

(5) Liaise with the National Assembly to make laws that severely punish such brutality in civil courts, irrespective of provisions of the Armed Forces Act (1993) and court-martials

The above list is not exhaustive, but I'm sure we all get the idea.

Once we have established this, we can then take up this very issue as a test case of our participation. But first, let us understand that what has been done is a public wrong which only the police and the Nigerian criminal justice system can prosecute. Of course, we can bring pressure on them to prosecute the officers involved, but there are obvious obstacles we may not be able to tackle. For instance, the Navy can decide to court-martial them away from public view and hand out token punishments or none that will not be adequate or the police may actually choose to prosecute them, but do it in a deliberately shabby manner so as to let them off the hook \\"legally\\". I do not see the chance of a civil action pursued by people who are themselves not victims. The locus standi rule will strike that down even before the court can hear the substance of the case. More importantly, there is no civil legal action that can proceed without the victim being the initiator.

Thus, to me, our focus should be on using the instrument of social and political pressure to force a change in the attitude of these military men by making the campaign broader along the lines I suggested above. First, we can rework Ajimoh's letter in the form of a Statement highlighting applicable civil and military laws and calling on the ‘rule of law'-enamoured Yar'Adua regime to act immediately. We can do this in the form of an open letter to Yar'Adua or a Press statement to be published in the national press, either as an advertorial or just as a news report. Secondly, we can document in a video interview form or just direct talk format the experiences of people who have suffered brutality of this nature in their own words with as much detail as they can provide. This can then be posted on Youtube as evidence of what is going on in a supposed democracy. You can only imagine how much that can do for our cause internationally.

In any case, I suggest that whatever we do should be presented as an effort to stop this attitude once and for all, rather than an attempt to only fight for Ms Okere or punish only Arogundade and his men. Let's take a holistic view of the issue and put machinery in place to address it as such. This is not the first case of military brutality against defenceless civilians and it possibly won't be the last. It just happens to be the one captured and presently making waves. The problem is near endemic and we must address it from that perspective and in a systematic manner.

Just a thought for now, because, as I said, I'm still reading through these pages.


Good job Kenn1, I like your perspective it is robust.
Re: Meanwhile, in Nigeria: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
Somebody posted on 11-07-2008, 10:21:30 AM
This David Naibada should be terminated along with Arogundade.

My thoughts exactly, Naibada and the Director of Information that said the men must have been provoked should be SACKED!!
Re: Meanwhile, in Nigeria: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
Fxo posted on 11-07-2008, 10:23:21 AM
Mr David Nabaida is a liar, the video is there for us to see.
Even without the audio, it is clear what went on.
This guys will never learn.
"The Navy lost people", so they are taking it out on her.
So this are the people we pay their salaries. What a retarded defence.
Re: Meanwhile, in Nigeria: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
Olamide posted on 11-07-2008, 10:28:05 AM
Thanks for your effort. However if you read through many posts before yours, you will notice that very robust actions, much more potent, had been taken by respectable villagers, the lawyers amongst us, and to my upliftment the honorable governor of lagos State, the human righths group, our indefatagable Wole Soyinka and many more.

The actions would be on many fronts. One of these is litigation. In which case we might need a lot of GRAMMAR in and out of the courts.

Another action might be through Legislation. Another set of grammar would be needed.

We might need to look again into our legislation to see what lapses are there and tighten it so that no one is left in doubt that all brutalities by anybody, no matter, how highly placed would end in the the strongest penalties gainst the perpetrators.

Public sensitisation is also needed so that the public knows that they do not have to accept an assault on themselves just because their tomentor is in a military or poilce uniform.

Talking about 'big grammar' in my post , that was used to get attention of people. We need to be sending millions of letters to the CDS as we are making the effort to write these posts. I know the big grammar would still need to be blown when the legal fireworks commenced. I admire all the efforts being made by various persons and groups, including the efforts of the Lagos State Governor, Raji Fashola. has anyone noticed that he was the only Governor who has spoken up because he has nothing to fear?

The issue of brutality by military personnel is attributable to the type of training they are given which is bereft of any civic studies. They are truly not aware that they are subjected to civil authorities or that they are in service to protect the same people they are brutalising. It is part of the education and sensitization we need to embark upon. Sorry if my reference to 'big grammar' grated on nerves.
Re: Meanwhile, in Nigeria: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
OverLoad posted on 11-07-2008, 10:28:46 AM
Wasnt it the same way they manipulated that other woman's story and said ridiculous things about what happened, how she didnt stop on time blah blah...the only difference here is , theres a Video, theres just no way around this for them.....

I cant belee this was his comeback....this david of a guy needs to be shot in the balls.....what effontery...I was just LMAO...I cant belee he came back with that...that is seriously weak.....

Abeg sister easy...while we are angry at Arogundade, lets make sure its him that suffers for his poor decision , his children or relatives might not be a reflection of him and have no control over what decisions he makes.....

This David Naibada should be terminated along with Arogundade. On one hand, he says they are conducting an investigation. On the other he tells the story of the event as if he was there. Where do we get these kinds of third rate idiots from? Who the hell are these people? What an idiot! He says that it is in the process of taking her to the Admiral that her shirt got torn. Has this fool seen the video? Has he seen how her shirt came off while they were beating her? Has it occured to this Naibada of a senseless cow that her shirt could have been torn during the beating? And, pray you, who the hell is this Admiral that a Nigerian citizen must be taken to him by fire or by force? What an idiot! Who breeds these goats?

You know what, we should get the home towns and churches/mosques of these goats and ensure that a copy of our letter gets into the hands of their traditional rulers and pastors/imams as well. Which schools do their children go? Yes, the principals of those schools too should get the letters. Who are their bank managers? Yes, they too should get the letters. And, including this Naibada that is running his mouth. What an idiot!

Please where is this Arogundade from? Which Yoruba town are the Arogundades from? I am serious, we should take the shame right to his town too.

Soul Sista a/k/a Soul Sizzling
Re: Meanwhile, in Nigeria: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
Big-k posted on 11-07-2008, 10:29:01 AM
their defense is ridiculous.

What right does the cretin called arogundade has to summon his men to bring the girl? is he living in biblical times or what? does he have a police warrant? even if he does - are his ratings the ones to serve the warrant? why are they carrying horsewhips? why are they clearing traffic for him? do these people even understand their roles in society - that they are supposed to be our maiguards?
Re: Meanwhile, in Nigeria: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
Foxcatcher posted on 11-07-2008, 10:31:49 AM
Director of Naval Information, Commodore David Nabaida
\"We have set up machinery to fully investigate the matter. A board of inquiry with the naval police involved is looking into the matter.

About time too

He gave the navy account of the incident:
\"What really happened is that there was a traffic problem usually associated with Lagos and the escorts of the Admiral jumped down to go clear the traffic in front. Along the way, a rating used his whip to hit the car, urging the lady to move.

\"Instead, she jumped out of her car, switched it off, and forcefully took the whip from him (rating), telling him that we are in a democracy, that he (rating) had no right to hit her car.

A colleague of the rating then followed the lady and collected the whip from her. When the Admiral learnt that there was altercation between a lady and a rating in front, he asked that the lady be brought to him.

\"She resisted and in the process of taking her to the Admiral, her shirt got torn. When the Admiral asked her what happened, she owned up to forcefully taking the whip from the rating and apologised for the behaviour, saying she was stressed up, that was why she behaved that way,\" he said.

This prejudges the outcome of any 'investigations'. You have already concluded that Arogundade's account is correct. What of the video footages? Have you watched them?

Commodore Nabaida said:
\"That does not mean we would let it die like that. In Lagos area where the incident happened, the Flag Officer Commanding is looking into the matter. The fact that we didn't say anything before now is because we needed to know what happened. It is not that we are covering anybody or that somebody is above the law. We don't condone our boys beating up anybody or harassing anybody.

\"We are very sensitive to how the public perceive us as a service. The general thrust of the armed forces is centred on building public confidence. We cannot be seen to be doing this and go against it. Individuals should be held accountable for their actions.

\"It is wrong for anybody to assume that the Navy is lawless or they go about beating people. The impression was wrongly given that Admiral Arogundade was part of the altercation whereas he is a complete gentleman an amiable officer who even sought to resolve the matter as an elder.

\"It (incident) should not be used as a basis to run a complete service down. This is a service where officers and men are deployed to very dangerous trouble spots, dying to protect the territorial integrity of the nation.

In fact, if you know the casualty the Navy has suffered this year alone in the Niger Delta, you will appreciate what I am talking about. So, for anybody to say the Navy is lawless or we are wasting tax payers money is way off the mark because we also pay taxes. So, Nigerians should learn not to jump to conclusions without hearing the other side,\" he said.

Pls tell that to the Marines.
Re: Meanwhile, in Nigeria: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
Somebody posted on 11-07-2008, 10:37:32 AM

\"The impression was wrongly given that Admiral Arogundade was part of the altercation whereas he is a complete gentleman an amiable officer who even sought to resolve the matter as an elder.\"

Surely this means that the Navy have concluded an investigation before it even began.
Re: Meanwhile, in Nigeria: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
EezeeBee posted on 11-07-2008, 10:37:34 AM
That Navy spokesperson is depriving a village somewhere of an idi0t and missing the point in so many ways one doesn't know where to start, but start one must!

First why are these IMBECILIC people carrying whips in the first place? In civilian peacetime V.I.?

Next what gives them the right to use the whips on ANYBODY'S car?

Does this moronic spokesperson even recognize he has effectively admitted culpability of the retarded ratings and corroborated Ms Uzoma's story that they 'drew first blood'?

Next what gives them the right to assault ANYBODY with the whips?

Additionally why did they destroy other passers by cameras? Doesn't that amount to destruction of evidence? Surely some of the people who had their phones destroyed could also be found to testify as witnesses.

Do these degenerate uninformed navy personel ACTUALLY know, like Ms. Okere asked, that this is a democracy? Do they know ANYTHING to justify the money 'wasted' housing, feeding and clothing them?

Do they understand that they are supposed to DEFEND and not DEBASE Nigerian and other citizens?

Imagine the moronic spokesperson trying a play for sympathy by attempting to invoke 'all the officers killed in the Niger delta' as if they are supposed to be there in the first place? Its akin to G W Bush asking the long-suffering Iraqis to cry him a river over the 4000-plus (tragically) killed us military personnel. Fat chance!
Re: Meanwhile, in Nigeria: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
Soul Sista posted on 11-07-2008, 10:42:50 AM

* * *

Abeg sister easy...while we are angry at Arogundade, lets make sure its him that suffers for his poor decision , his children or relatives might not be a reflection of him and have no control over what decisions he makes.....


You are right, I am pissed! How can you look at 150 million people (or how many did they say we are sef) and start telling them that a dog is a monkey just because they are both hairy? I wish David Nobody had shut his trap and stopped at saying they are setting up a (biased) investigation. Instead, he proceeded to treat us with the same disdain that is evident in Arogundade's conduct. Are there no decent wo/men in the Navy?

I am not suggesting that we do anything to his children or relatives, far from it. But, at this stage it is entirely appropriate to embarass him in any forum in which he may be found. Knowing Nigeria, he is probably highly regarded at PTA meetings, church, bank, and his town just because he is a big man. The essence is to rubbish him in every place in which he may have respect; to shame him and bring ridicule to his name. In the process, his children and relatives may be shamed. But, they are not the target and they will never be. It is misfortune enough to be related to a beast in human skin like Arogundade! There is no need to compound that.

Did he give a moment's thought to the shame Col Okere's daughter felt when his goons exposed her underwear for all to see on the streets of Lagos? Taking her to his den of inquity and throwing her shirt back at her? Did he think of shame then?

Soul Sista a/k/a Soul Sizzling
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