Nigeria needs to throw away military imposed constitution to get it right, says Ohaneze/ Nwodo

The President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Chief John Nnia Nwodo, says Nigeria needs to do away with its present military imposed constitution to get it right.

Nwodo stated this on Wednesday while speaking at the stopover of the remains of late Justice Ezebuilo Ozobu at its secretariat in Enugu.

Noting the country has failed in several ways, he canvassed a national conference to address the deficiencies in the country’s present structure, noting the nation cannot continue to pretend all was well.

His words: “Nigeria is failing as a state that guarantees equal treatment for all her people. Nigeria is failing as a state that can conduct transparent elections. Nigeria is failing economically. We need a national conference to throw away the constitution imposed on us and to restructure our political system otherwise, we should agree to disagree and go our separate ways.

“Our country Nigeria no longer guarantees equal treatment  for all her citizens. If you are Fulani herdsmen, you can carry fire arms without license. If you are Hisba police in Kano, you can carry firearms without reproach.

“If you belong to the civilian Joint Task Force in the North East, you can carry firearms. If you are a Northern Fulani, you can exceed your term of office as Chief of Army Staff or Chief of Air Staff in violation of our establishment rules and laws.

“If you are Amotekun or neighbourhood watch in the Middle Belt or Eastern Nigeria, the Attorney General will turn himself into a court and declare it illegal for you to operate let alone carry arms.

“If you are from the South East, and you are elected a governor, the Supreme Court can reallocate votes and take away your victory even when your opponent who was voted for the same day as the state legislators could not win a single state assembly seat for his party.

“If the legislators abandon their party in the currency of their tenure and in violation of the extant court decisions, the attorney general goes to sleep.”

He went on to restate Ohaneze’s commitment to championing the course of the Igbo nation, promising to uphold the daring legacies of the late Justice Ozobu.

He said: “What would Ozobu do in a circumstance like this? He will condemn them. He will condemn the treatment of IPOB as a terrorist organization and the arming of herdsmen. I will also condemn this discriminatory treatment of our people.”