Civil war tragedy will neither be forgotten nor repeated, says Presidency/ Buhari

The Presidency has stated Nigeria would neither forget nor repeat the tragedy that rocked the nation during its 30-month civil war.

Senior Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, stated this on Wednesday at an event held to commemorate 50 years of the end of the civil war.

The event comes about the same time the Armed Forces Remembrance Day— an annual event by the Ministry of Defence to honour fallen heroes who laid down their lives during the First and Second World Wars, Nigerian civil war, peace support and various internal security operations in the country—was observed.

 “We remember the victims of the conflict and honour those on both sides that lost their lives. Their tragedy shall be neither forgotten nor repeated,” Shehu said in a statement.

He however, stated the country cannot afford to forget the inherent lessons the war brought, stating such should serve as a warning to those fanning embers of sectionalism.  

He said: “In it, we must forge common memory that can serve as a bridge to a future free from the ravages of sectarianism.

“We remember the past to draw its lessons; on how we move forward together and live in peace. Unfortunately, there are some who fail to recognise them and instead repeat its mistakes, preaching inflammatory rhetoric meant only to divide. We call on all leaders and parties to moderate their language.

“There were no victors in this war. Yet in rejecting division and embracing unity, we ensure those lives lost were not in vain.”

Highlight of the day’s event was leading of top government functionaries, including service chiefs and members of the diplomatic corps to honour the nation’s fallen and living heroes by President Muhammadu Buhari.