Charly Boy's group protests Libyan slave trade in chains... told 3000 Nigerians repatriated/ Charly Boy's OurMumuDonDo Movement
The Federal Government has told the Charly Boy-led #OurMumuDonDo Movement protesting against the reported slave trade going on in Libya, where Nigerians are said to be among the thousand of victims auctioned, that 3000 Nigerians have so far been repatriated from Libya. 
On Monday, Charly Boy and his members took their protest to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ head office in Abuja with hands chained and mouths sealed. They tasked the government to act quickly in order to save the lives of Nigerians trapped in Libya.
Addressing the group, Charge d’Affaires of Nigeria in Libya, Mr Illiya Danladi Fachano, added that 250 Nigerians are being repatriated from Libya every week. He was specific that on December 5, 2017, 250 Nigerian migrants would be repatriated home.
His words, “Good morning everybody. Like the man introducing me, I am the Charge d’Affaires. In other words, the Nigerian Head of Mission to that country. 
“I exist there to serve the interest of Nigerians. I am here by this opportunity you have created to tell you that the mission repatriates migrant Nigerians; every week, 250. 
“Tomorrow, being December 5, 2017, 250 Nigerian migrants are coming.. They are going to arrive Lagos at 7pm. If it is not 7pm, it is because the plane is delayed for one reason or the other."
On what the embassy had been doing, Fachano said the mission usually visits every week, the detention camps where illegal Nigerian migrants are detained. 
He added that other nationalities such as Ghanaians and Gambians, were also detained at the camps, saying that the mission visits the camps to identify Nigerian citizens and get them registered.
The envoy stated that about 2000 Nigerians have so far been registered, even as he said that they were being conveyed to Nigeria in a batch of 250.
In an earlier remark, Charly Boy lamented that Nigeria is a country that offered so little in spite of its abundant human and natural resources.
He added that it was a sad day because President Muhammadu Buhari had not shown leadership, declaring that the giant of Africa suddenly became the rat of Africa.
The maverick entertainer said,  “It is a shame. I am here in solidarity with my comrades, my children, my grandchildren and this is the life I have chosen from henceforth to live, to be that facilitating factor, to be the ginger, to encourage young, exceptional Nigerian youths, for them to know, for them to finally realise that the future of this country lies in their hands and unless they are proactive, unless they take charge of their future, they won’t have a future in this country".


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