Catholic Bishops to Buhari: You've failed to fulfill your promises to Nigerians/ Buhari

Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria (CBCN) says President Muhammadu Buhari has failed to fulfill his promises to Nigerians. 

In a statement issued through its president, Augustine Obiora, on Tuesday, the bishops said Buhari has not lived up to expectations in areas such as fighting corruption, insecurity and revamping the economy.

 Citing the ongoing killings in Southern Kaduna as an instance, they called on Buhari to intensify efforts into addressing the various challenges affecting the nation's development.

The clerics also asked Catholics nationwide to observe 40-day fasting and “participate fully in this prayer for God to save Nigeria”.

The statement read: “The perpetrators of the killings must be brought to justice. Where there is no justice or justice is not seen to be done, there cannot be peace. Where there is no peace, there cannot be development.

“Any Government, State or Federal that wants peace must work for justice for everyone. There will never be sustained development built upon the bloodshed of innocent people brutally murdered by religious fundamentalists without any recourse to justice for the victims.

“We need not remind Nigerians that the present Federal Government came to power, promising Nigerians, the eradication of corruption, a guarantee of security to life and property, and rapid growth in the economy.

“The creation of jobs, and an enabling environment that engenders growth of the private sector; a significant increase in the supply of electricity to Nigerians, affordable and quality health care to Nigerians, and the revamping of the educational sector were the promises the Government continues to make.

“Many Nigerians, irrespective of political party affiliation, will affirm that these promises have remained a far cry. We strongly appeal to Nigerians to unite together in calling the Federal Government to give priority to these areas of our lives.

“To all Catholics, we request that you join in praying for forty days, starting from 22 August 2020 and ending 30 September 2020, the eve of Nigeria’s Independence Day.”